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How to make a professional wedding album
Jun 23, 2024
Weddings are one of the brightest and the most beautiful events in our lives. We plan it in advance, think of every detail, choose a wonderful dress, a perfect...
DIY Photography Props Ideas
Jun 22, 2024
Oh what a wonderful time for us, during a photo service with so much laughing and fun. Gathering with friends, colleagues or parents for such an occasion is mor...
7 Couple Photography Tips
Jun 22, 2024
There’s something magical about the photos capturing the memories of the happy moments. Whatever stage of the relationships you and your darling are in, don`t l...
Kisses and hugs: the most intimate moments of a couple's photoshoot
Jun 21, 2024
Hugs and kisses play a pivotal role in a couple’s photoshoot. This could be presented as your pre-wedding photoshoot to put into the family album. It's crucial...
Pre wedding photoshoot
Jun 20, 2024
A pre-wedding photo shoot is usually held a few months before the event. It is usually between two months and six months from the planned date. Most people do n...
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Valentines day photoshoot ideas
Jun 16, 2024
Valentine's Day is such a period of year when shops are full of hearts, postcards and teddy bears. Cafes and restaurants are full of kissing couples and love is...
39 Engagement Photo Poses Ideas
Jun 15, 2024
When couples want to memorize happy moments of their future family, they seek experts. Photographers and magical sessions of creativity capture the most awesome...
Sunflower photoshoot: ideas, tips, outfit
Jun 13, 2024
Modern photoshoots are of different kinds and approaches. Studio, urban, indoor, outdoor, all those kinds of photoshoots we are familiar with. But the more spec...
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Plus size boudoir photography
Jun 20, 2024
Every woman wants a beautiful picture of her body to demonstrate her personality. It does not matter if it is a classic photoshoot or pin up photo style, it is...
Milk bath photography
Jun 19, 2024
Let us share an interesting experience with those who want to try a new trend in the world of experiments with milk bath photography. The shooting is so unusual...
Wedding Photo Editing Tips
Jun 18, 2024
Here you go with a full disk of images to choose and process, deciding which are the best for printing and promotion of your service.Making pictures in color yo...
Boudoir photo ideas and poses
Jun 17, 2024
A few years ago, boudoir photo outfit ideas were popular with brides, on the eve of their main event. Now such photography is in great demand among girls and wo...
Wedding Flat Lay Photography
Jun 16, 2024
A flat lay is a photo composition of objects shot at a 90-degree angle. Strictly vertical shooting is the main feature of flat lay photography. Subjects are pla...
26 Tips How to Shoot Romantic Photography
Jun 16, 2024
Romantic love photography is what every couple needs. It doesn't matter how long you have been together, how old you are or how busy you are. Take your time to...
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Our Romantic and Wedding section of RetouchMe's photography blog is a place where we celebrate the beauty of love and timeless moments captured through the lens! Whether you're planning your dream wedding or simply seeking inspiration for romantic photography, our curated collection of articles is here to guide and inspire you.

Master your Wedding Photography

Discover the artistry of wedding photography as we explore tips and techniques to ensure your special day is beautifully documented. From capturing candid moments to orchestrating stunning portraits, our expert advice will help you create memories to last a lifetime.

Romantic Storytelling

Delve into the world of romantic photography and learn how to infuse your images with passion and emotion. From intimate couples' sessions to dreamy engagement shoots, our articles offer insights to help you convey love and connection through your photography.

Styling and Editing

Explore the importance of makeup in wedding and romantic photography, as we discuss tips for achieving flawless looks that enhance natural beauty and complement your photography style. And when it comes to perfecting your images, trust in the power of professional photo retouching. Learn how to elevate your photos with precision and finesse, ensuring that every detail is polished to perfection.