Weddings are one of the brightest and the most beautiful events in our lives. We plan it in advance, think of every detail, choose a wonderful dress, a perfect place, the best photographer, order a beautiful cake and enjoy every minute of this magical day. There is no detail without attention, which is going to stay in our memory forever. After the festive day, every couple is looking forward to getting those memorable images.

When we get pictures and start looking at them, again and again lovely moments pop up in our minds, its adorable atmosphere and assurance that it was the best day in the world. Everytime you look through photos, only positive emotions should arise with heart melting feelings. That is why it is so important to create a wedding album, which is going to be worth seeing.

A photo album can be either a classic option with images embedded in a transparent film, or a book with sheets of thick paper. Each page may contain not only a picture, but a story, poem or unique design. Recently, professional books have become very popular among people of every age and nation. The difference is that photos are printed on a special quality paper, covering the whole page or even two pages.

 In this way, there is a possibility to enlarge the image and add various accessories and effects before sewing the book. Such options look great as a gift not only for a couple, but for parents and family as well. That is why it is always better to pay attention to every detail, which will be included and to use only high quality materials.

Mostly, professional offices offer such an option included into video- and photo service. Still, if you consider yourself to be a creative and organized person, there is no reason to wait for a certain result from others, when you can try a diy item. Online tutorials permit every user to become a professional designer with the help of examples and ideas, available on the internet.

Creating a photobook yourself will allow you to control the entire process from selecting images, colors, effects, covers, bounds, fonts and paper type. It is a great way to reduce expenses, because no professional designer will be needed. It will be a new and interesting experience creating something beautiful and unique, which will provide you with pleasant emotions every time you look at it.

Everything you need is to start with choosing the right time for doing it. The first advice to be made is not to wait long, because there can be always something else to do after marriage. As soon as you get your pictures, just plan your time and start this creative process.

How not to get lost when choosing the layout and create your own, unique, personal style? There is a huge number of templates in order to make it individual and eye catching, so that it reflects the idea of ​​your wedding.

Here are several wedding album types to use

  1. Classic wedding album maker. This option is perfect for a traditional, religious or official event. It is usually made in an elegant leather style with old fashioned and traditional fonts, matte paper and luxurious suede cover. This is a great choice for people who prefer simple things, reflecting their personality. It is going to become an essential part of the interior and a great present.
  2. Modern digital style. This option is appropriate for young ambitious couples who think creatively and out of box. Such an album provides a complex framework, excellent printing techniques and original design. This creation will become a perfect final touch for a modern fashionable holiday.
  3. Watercolor illustrations and bridal stories. This style is considered to be one of the most gentle and beautiful for its beautiful pattern. Decorated with watercolors and nice lovely stories, told by a bride, using antique fonts, leather soft cover, and unique technique – this book will conquer hearts of even the most sophisticated guests. Because this is a perfect choice for nice and romantic couples.

After the confirmation of a specific layout and basic concept, you will need much work and patience to create the item you dream of, but the layout is a big and important part of the process.

Simple steps to make your own wedding album professional

1. Think well on page style and size

The book should correspond to the event itself. For example, if your festive day was small and included only several close friends and relatives, then 50 medium pages would be more than enough. If the celebration lasted two or three days with a huge variety of locations, styles and moods, then you may need to make two or three items of 70 pages each.

2. Select a unique cover

The choice of covers is quite varied: a hard cover with a glossy finish, soft silky cover, leather cover. Think of the one, which suits your style best. It is recommended to stay close to classic leather options, but creativity is always a good idea for such an event. Spectacular and individual approach will become another memorable feature of a holiday. Pay attention to protection of the book from water and dirt. Use soft cases if it is appropriate.

3. Do not start working before you get all the photos

Wait for all pictures to arrive and only after that you may start creation of an album. Sometimes photographers require a few weeks to process every image. Other experts may choose to send you results in several parts, because of the long post-processing time, which is essential for such a significant event. But having received all your photographs, you will definitely realize that they were worth waiting.

4. Choose your favorites

When choosing better shots it is better to be guided by emotions, and not just to choose the one which has to be printed. There will be plenty of staged pictures with touching moments that were caught by photographers. Listen to your inner reaction to every image and choose the one that speaks to you. Thematic accessories and interiors will also decorate the album and give integrity to overall perception of the ceremony. Remember that it has to be designed in the same style as the celebration itself (style, cover, color scheme).

5. Choose help of virtual layout software

Nowadays many of us use applications and software online, when creating a unique layout. Such an option helps to determine the overall style and decorate every page with a sophisticated taste. Couples who want to control the process of creation by themselves and make the layout corresponding to their requests, choose virtual programs to get a ready-made version, which is immediately ready to be printed.

6. Use available templates

Experiment with various options. One page may contain just one significant shot, and others may include several small pictures. Place a vertical image on one page, and a horizontal one, which can be stretched into two pages. Start with uploading photos and get the final result in a few seconds.

Print the book and add final touch. After completing all previous steps, print it and order a dust jacket or a gift box. An excellent idea would be a small pocket for souvenirs and gifts from a wedding itself. This detail can be located in the beginning or on the last page. Such a design will definitely decorate every bookshelf.

Above mentioned steps are easy to complete and remember. Still, there are several general tips to keep in mind, when completing such an important task. Most professional photographers and design experts have shared their experience and list of DOs and DON'Ts, for such an artistic personalized item.

Following professional wedding album tricks are among the most important:

Be clear, when you decide on a specific style

There are many different ways to group and print photos: in a form of traditional wedding album, a picture book, silk based album, magazine style or digital hi-tech approach. Choose exactly the type that reflects your celebration and do not change it with every page. Mixed item look overloaded and difficult to perceive.

Pay attention to the quality

Depending on paper type, chosen by you, the book will be printed on glossy or matte material. Glossy paper looks elegant, but there are fingerprints of everyone who touches it. Matte paper looks simple but has many advantages. It is not so sensitive to prints, dirt and has a velvet texture.

Do not postpone the production

There are individuals who order a book immediately after receiving all the festive shots, and there are couples who wait even several years after celebration to order an album. But the sooner you do it, the better it will be. After a few years, you may have other priorities, a new home or children. Therefore, the crucial advice is to create a book sooner after the wedding to keep your most vivid and pleasant memories in it.

Do not get lost in images printed on 1000 pages

First of all select items that you like most of all, then select the best of the best and as a result you will be at 50-100 perfect shots. Feel free to ask your family to help with a choice, but keep your word final anyway.

Must have images

Exchange of rings, bride/groom walking down the aisle in a church, the first kiss, the first dance, a group picture – all these photos should not be missing. As for others, make a choice in favor of your pictures together, but avoid too many group shots. After all, this book is dedicated to the history of your family.

Group by categories

A wedding consists of several important parts; do not forget to add pictures of each of them, for example: morning of a bride, festive preparations of groom, solemn ceremony, cocktails, special moments (cutting cake, speech, dancing) and etc.

For a bright, colorful wedding, most images should be in color

For a classic style celebration, you can add black and white pictures, which will add dynamics. The ideal combination of black and white and color photographs, according to professional photographers, is a 1:3 ratio.

Be sure to keep the chronology

Pictures with dancing can not be placed before the ceremony. But the album should start with a favorite photo, so you should carefully select the first and last picture of the book.

Think about harmony

All pages should be related to each other in content and style.

Make logical steps between sections

A photograph of a bride and groom walking down the aisle from the church and holding hands will be an excellent step to the next section. A picture with a name sign can open a section with cocktails and reception.

Remember details

Close-ups rings, flower decorations, food and beverages will give depth and elegance. Such an approach will convey the atmosphere of a holiday. But these pictures should be significantly less used than shots with people.

Include staged shots and sincere frames by professional photographer

Gentle hugs, father leading the bride to the altar, congratulations from friends – use these significant moments to capture the mood. All bright and warm elements of the ceremony should be published.

Add fun by putting pictures of funny situations or people

The bride/groom who had got dirty with the cake, the bride having fun with children – all these will give the book a note of sincere joy.

Tell the whole story

Try to choose images that will convey the atmosphere of every minute of your wedding, starting with the very festive morning until your departure after the dinner.

Decorate some pages with text and stories about you, or make interesting captions

When choosing fonts and colors, you should consider the overall style of your book and its color scheme so that inscriptions look harmonious.

Before you give a book to a publishing office, visualize it

Print and share pictures in order you have chosen. It is easy to do with the help of simple computer programs (even MS Word) for visualization. You will be able to see the final result and complete it with additional details.

Add an envelope at the end.

Where you can put a wedding invitation, flower petals from a bouquet or a napkin from the restaurant where the festive reception was held.

Do not forget to demonstrate it to relatives and friends

After all the efforts, you just need to show it to everyone and catch their admiring exclamations.

Protect it from direct sunlight

Avoid color fading, as well as from small children and pets

When you decide to do all the work by yourself, remember the very important thing: this is your creation and everything will be as you wish. Therefore, if you want to make it three years later, or place a picture of the first dance, or make it completely black and white – this is your choice and your decision.

We wish you to find your own style and inspiration for this fascinating process. Break rules and invent new trends. Let it be as beautiful and unforgettable as your imagination can permit. Enjoy everything you do without hesitation. Everyone is able to answer a simple question: if I am able to make my own wedding album. Not all of us can finish such an emotive project.