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16 Best interior photography tips
Jun 19, 2024
Real estate, architecture, interior design, restaurants, and tourism industry, hotels and theaters, exhibitions and galleries – everyone needs great indoor phot...
How to shoot dance photography?
Jun 19, 2024
Dance photography is an expression of the beauty of movements and emotions. Dance can be a source of great shots, but it’s no secret that taking pictures of dan...
TOP-25 Funny Large Group Photo Ideas
Jun 19, 2024
We all love to gather big companies: family, friends, employees. In order to see each other, discuss working moments, organize a team building, share a new expe...
DX vs FX format. What is better?
Jun 17, 2024
Many of us have heard of a crop factor, DX vs FX cameras, but few understand what that means. In fact, there is nothing complicated about its difference. There...
Types of camera lenses
Jun 17, 2024
Sometimes people unfamiliar with photography wonder why an enthusiastic amateur photographer or professional needs not one, but several lenses at once? The answ...
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Sunset photography
Jun 13, 2024
Who doesn't like beautiful sunset photography? There is something bright and magic at this time of day that catches the attention of almost every person. But be...
TOP-12 Best Creative Macro Photography Ideas
Jun 12, 2024
It is time to discover a new theme as macro photography, which can be an art itself. Some of the best images are done with this creative caption mode. Usually a...
How to use ND filters for landscape photos?
Jun 11, 2024
Learn when to use ND filters Add creative techniques with a ND filters guide Prepare the best ND filter for a perfect composition Use neutral densi...
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What is chromatic aberration?
Jun 17, 2024
To answer the question of what is chromatic aberration (CA) in optics, let's talk about the aberration background itself. Shooting aberrations are a kind of tra...
What is Focal Length in Photography
Jun 17, 2024
Sometimes it is not that easy to discover what is the key element of success in every art. Of course, natural talent and skills play a huge role. But there are...
Lens Flare Photography
Jun 17, 2024
Every tool that you have at your disposal as a photographer can contribute to gain a certain position in this market. For example, there is nothing difficult to...
How to store camera lenses?
Jun 16, 2024
Lenses are a crucial part of any camera allowing you to adjust focal length, have an aperture control, and the depth of field control. You can utilize lenses to...
Fantastic Fisheye Lens Photography
Jun 16, 2024
The bag of a professional photographer, as well as an amateur or newbie, is full of different funny pieces of devices and glass filters. Some of them were put t...
How to avoid reflection in glass photography
Jun 13, 2024
If one looks at something for a long time, it seems that it should be of interest. So sooner or later one can find its perfect photo motives. Thinking about how...
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