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Photography tips: what is a "Gobo"?
May 29, 2024
Typically, the term "Gobo" is used to define lens filters and templates that are attached to theater spotlights. You can use anything between the light and the...
Gifts for Photographers
May 29, 2024
Subscribe your friend to a licensed software for professionals Choose a backpack for a photo equipment Buy a reflector for a photographer birthday...
How to find places to take pictures near me?
May 29, 2024
Collect information online Start with an idea of a photography near me Spot a good place to shoot and the idea will be born by itself Use common ti...
How to take aesthetic pictures?
May 29, 2024
One of the main rules for a photographer is choosing suitable conditions, first of all, lighting. Even a phone with a good camera and powerful flash will not al...
DIY Photography Props Ideas
May 29, 2024
Oh what a wonderful time for us, during a photo service with so much laughing and fun. Gathering with friends, colleagues or parents for such an occasion is mor...
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Photo manipulation ideas
May 26, 2024
Photo manipulation is a creative process of editing images in order to create some graphic effect of optical illusion. This operation can be done both with the...
TOP-5 best Summer Photo Ideas
May 26, 2024
Most people love summer, as it is the best time to rest from work, relax and take amazing photos. No matter where you go on vacation, there are always many poss...
How to put a picture on glass?
May 25, 2024
Every time you drink a glass of water from your painted cup, you may wonder how they transfer images to glass. Probably it is straightforward using brush and in...
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Abstract Photography for Beginners
May 29, 2024
If there is a direction in photography that allows you to maximize your creativity, then it is better to pay attention to abstract photography ideas. The most i...
Instagram photo ideas
May 28, 2024
Instagram is a visual platform, that is why aesthetic and neat photos are gaining popularity. Pictures differ from profile to profile. Interestingly, that pages...
DIY Backdrop Photography Ideas
May 28, 2024
Many of us like to make photos and to pose for a picture, even if there is no particular reason, even if instead of a professional camera you have a simple phon...
14 Best Friend Photo Ideas
May 28, 2024
Photoshooting is the moment to have fun, that is why pictures in motion will look natural and entertaining. So many other best friend photo ideas will be descri...
Storytelling Photography
May 26, 2024
When we watch a movie or series, we rarely think about what makes us so intently watch what is happening on the screen. The interest in the film is taken for...
Milk bath photography
May 26, 2024
Let us share an interesting experience with those who want to try a new trend in the world of experiments with milk bath photography. The shooting is so unusual...
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