Articles: ISO

Shutter Speed Photography
Dec 6, 2023
Many photographers, especially beginners, neglect the variety of opportunities offered by shutter speed settings. This small article will show the importance of...
The Exposure Triangle Understanding: Guide for Beginners
Dec 5, 2023
Most amateur photographers, most likely, have heard the concept of "exposure triangle" at least once. This metaphor carries with it the fundamental concept of...
How to take sharp images?
Dec 4, 2023
Sharpness describes the legibility of a detail image, and it can be used as an important creative tool for highlighting texture. Appropriate photography and p...
Night Time Photography Tips
Dec 4, 2023
Night is an attractive and mysterious time of our lives. And getting new experience is a curious practice. Number of professionals and amateurs publish their wo...
What is infrared photography: definition, techniques, tips
Dec 3, 2023
How to shoot infrared photography? Modify your cam following the infrared photography tutorial Use a low ISO trying infrared photography techniques...
A Guide to Rain Photography
Dec 2, 2023
Most photographers do not like rain photography. There are fears for the camera, and a good photograph in such conditions seems impossible: the sky is gray, wat...
Neon photography: the ultimate guide
Dec 1, 2023
Lights of the night city always look bright and fun, like a holiday which comes after the sunset. Shop signs attract and promise pleasant shopping, the comfort...
What is aperture and ISO in photography?
Nov 30, 2023
Often, people acquire digital SLR cameras searching image quality, but they have no idea about the technical aspects of shooting. Such problems usually appear w...
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