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Best сamera sling bag
01 Jun 2023
When it comes to choosing how to carry your camera, the first thing that comes to mind is to just let it be on your neck or your shoulder. But sometimes you nee...
Difference between DSLR vs Point-and-Shoot Camera
01 Jun 2023
What is a DSLR camera vs point and shoot? What Is the Difference Between Digital Camera and DSLR? - Benefits of point and shoot cameras - Disad...
Sunset photography
01 Jun 2023
Who doesn't like beautiful sunset photography? There is something bright and magic at this time of day that catches the attention of almost every person. But be...
Abandoned photography
01 Jun 2023
The world around us is full of stories that you can use for your photo experiments, you just need to look around correctly. Someone will turn eyes to garden flo...
Solar eclipse photography tips
01 Jun 2023
The main astronomical event is considered to be a Total Solar Eclipse. It is a shadow of the moon on the surface of Earth. This contour in diameter is about 200...
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Gifts for Photographers
29 May 2023
Subscribe your friend to a licensed software for professionals Choose a backpack for a photo equipment Buy a reflector for a photographer birthday...
How to take pictures of clothes
28 May 2023
Nowadays, there is a huge number of online stores around the world, among which there are excellent examples of perfect visual e-commerce. When viewing a site w...
How to set up a photo studio at home?
27 May 2023
If someone asks what is the most important element of the photo industry, not everyone knows the right answer. It is easy to work without a photographer using a...
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5 things to know if you really want to be a photographer
31 May 2023
Many people wonder how to become a photographer from scratch. In this article, we will try to highlight and go deeper into five nuances that you need to know be...
Time Lapse Photography
30 May 2023
The history of creating an image without the help of paints interested people many centuries ago. The first remaining camera-made image was provided by Nicephor...
How to choose the right reflector for photos?
30 May 2023
Choose your color type. What are reflector's photography frames? Use the top shape and size reflectors What are the reflector size guidelines? L...
Travel Photography Gear: Equipment List
29 May 2023
If you are a full-time photographer, whether it is a professional approach or just a hobby, you have probably wondered, "How to travel with all this stuff?"...
Northern Light Photography - How to Photograph Aurora Borealis
29 May 2023
Photographing Northern Lights is a dance between you with your camera and the Northern lights. It is important to be prepared both in terms of gear and theory a...
Best phone tripods for mobile photography
29 May 2023
When is it better to choose a phone camera tripod. What to consider choosing a tripod for a smartphone camera. Which type of connection is better for...
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