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Types of camera lenses
Mar 4, 2024
Sometimes people unfamiliar with photography wonder why an enthusiastic amateur photographer or professional needs not one, but several lenses at once? The answ...
13 Makeup tips for photoshoot
Mar 4, 2024
Get prepared in advance Studio photography includes many different genres and styles of shooting. Masters and professionals most of all appreciate beauty and f...
Facebook Image Sizes in 2022
Mar 3, 2024
What Size for Facebook Profile Picture Cover Image Sizes and Requirements Cover Video Sizes and Requirements Groups Image Sizes and Requireme...
How to change profile picture on instagram
Mar 3, 2024
How to change profile picture on Instagram Instagram is the social media platform where people pay the most careful attention to your posts, especially the p...
Snow Photography
Mar 2, 2024
If you were born and live in temperate latitudes, then you are lucky enough to observe all seasons. Not every photographer can boast of this luxury. Snow is act...
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What is portrait mode on iPhone and how to use it?
Feb 27, 2024
For those who don't know what portrait mode is, it is a camera function that keeps the subject in focus and slightly blurs the background, in photographic ter...
How to Succeed in Black and White Portrait Photography
Feb 27, 2024
Let us admit that our life is full of colors. But is it true that real emotions do not have all these shades and tones? If your response is ‘yes’ then, probably...
Instagram photo ideas
Feb 26, 2024
Instagram is a visual platform, that is why aesthetic and neat photos are gaining popularity. Pictures differ from profile to profile. Interestingly, that pages...
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Street portraiture: how to take pictures of strangers
Mar 2, 2024
There are different views on what street portrait photography is. This type of photography can be seen as a subgenre of street photography, where the lone perso...
Headshot photography tips
Mar 2, 2024
Photography jobs attract personalities of different ages and nationalities. Research articles are written and practical blogs are listed online. The most diffic...
How To Photograph Smoke
Mar 1, 2024
There are many kinds of photography, most of which are well known, but there are also niche areas such as smoke art photography. Such a natural phenomenon as sm...
How to take a good passport photo: 7 Tips and Tricks
Mar 1, 2024
Everyone who has ever applied for a passport can share only regrets about the photo it has. Moreover, sometimes the picture is not just bad, but weird and artif...
TOP-18 Model Photography Tips
Feb 29, 2024
Every photographer is attracted to the world of style, fashion, professional makeup, models and high-quality retouch service. Detailed information in this artic...
Eye Macro Photography
Feb 28, 2024
What is close up eye photography?The human’s eye is an amazing part of a body. In addition to physiological functions and a perfect device, eyes are part of non...
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