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What is portrait mode on iPhone and how to use it?
Jun 22, 2024
For those who don't know what portrait mode is, it is a camera function that keeps the subject in focus and slightly blurs the background, in photographic ter...
TOP-18 Model Photography Tips
Jun 22, 2024
Every photographer is attracted to the world of style, fashion, professional makeup, models and high-quality retouch service. Detailed information in this artic...
Different styles and types of photoshoots
Jun 21, 2024
Different types of photo shoots allow both models and photographers to unleash their potential in a career in professional photography. People like diversity, a...
Instagram photo ideas
Jun 21, 2024
Instagram is a visual platform, that is why aesthetic and neat photos are gaining popularity. Pictures differ from profile to profile. Interestingly, that pages...
Eye Macro Photography
Jun 21, 2024
What is close up eye photography?The human’s eye is an amazing part of a body. In addition to physiological functions and a perfect device, eyes are part of non...
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TOP-29 Self Portrait Ideas
Jun 17, 2024
The 21st century gave us social networks, and social networks gave us selfies. Self portrait as a genre always existed in photography, photographer himself set...
Best Female Portrait Poses
Jun 17, 2024
Basic list of female portrait pose referencesAvoid military posture, just relax, take it easyTry putting only thumbs in pockets, instead of a whole handIf you s...
Best Male Portrait Poses
Jun 17, 2024
Usually male portrait requests are a quite rare situation. Men are always satisfied with any photo, made by phone or during the party. But nowadays, social netw...
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Headshot photography tips
Jun 21, 2024
Photography jobs attract personalities of different ages and nationalities. Research articles are written and practical blogs are listed online. The most diffic...
How to take a good passport photo: 7 Tips and Tricks
Jun 21, 2024
Everyone who has ever applied for a passport can share only regrets about the photo it has. Moreover, sometimes the picture is not just bad, but weird and artif...
Shooting Candlelight Photography
Jun 20, 2024
Candle light photography is a great way to add some romanticism to your everyday photography. Also, shooting candle photography can convey different moods and e...
Hairstyle Photography
Jun 19, 2024
The hairstyle is an integral part of any image, because hair is the main decoration that nature presented to us. Each girl loves and takes care of her hair, mak...
Types of camera lenses
Jun 17, 2024
Sometimes people unfamiliar with photography wonder why an enthusiastic amateur photographer or professional needs not one, but several lenses at once? The answ...
Neon photography: the ultimate guide
Jun 17, 2024
Lights of the night city always look bright and fun, like a holiday which comes after the sunset. Shop signs attract and promise pleasant shopping, the comfort...
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