Romantic love photography is what every couple needs. It doesn't matter how long you have been together, how old you are or how busy you are. Take your time to prepare a picture album together and you will see how your feelings flare up with renewed vigor.

Take a look at romantic photography ideas that will help you get the necessary dose of inspiration to create a beautiful story.

Get prepared together

Let everyone feel relaxed and friendly. Prepare for shooting together and permit couples to distract from the camera for some time. Start shooting telling them that it is just to adjust a setting. With time they will get used to the process and will not feel pressure to pose or smile after a command. This will help to create the necessary atmosphere and warm up.

Have fun

Offer shooting as a way to laugh and entertain. Do not be strict, but help models to obtain the necessary level of intimacy for a genuine experience. Everyone can feel weird and shy. That is why joke and enjoy the moment with them. Give just some advice of poses to take and face turns, everything else will go naturally.

Talk to each other

It is a good idea to make a feeling of an intimate conversion between models. Like as if a photographer had captured an instant of their private conversation. It is a perfect picture of a portrait. The way they look at each other and react to words said one to another.

Establish a connection

A perfect love story is impossible without eye or hand contact. Forget about classic cliche and concentrate on the interaction between the models. It may be a shy light finger touch or a passionate hug. Let them cuddle or kiss if they feel comfortable. Every contact becomes a beautiful expression of feelings in the photo. Pay attention to such details as they make the frame complete.

Switch on the light

The right lighting can create or destroy the original plot of the frame. Consider this fact when preparing to shoot. Night or beach photography requires different approaches to shadows and lights. Learn crucial rules to obtain the best results and enjoy the process. Window or sunlight is the most appropriate but keeps in mind the golden hour for shooting. As well as the first hours of sunrise and sunset to be on top. If weather conditions do not permit the choice of time, use additional lamps and light boxes or studio lights.

Get a theme of shooting and props

Discuss the topic of shooting the day before so you have time to think through everything and prepare necessary props. You can also ask a couple to look for ideas of photos that they like on Pinterest and show you as an example. Ask your models to bring their props to organize a scene, these can be flowers, plaid, a picnic basket, umbrellas, things that have special significance for them: rings, toys, favorite books.

Capture in unique locations

Everyone has favorite places and locations with which interesting stories and pleasant memories are associated. It can be a luxury restaurant or theater, a campsite on the river bank, a place that is of particular importance for lovers. Shoot in a cafe where the couple had their first date or in their favorite park. If they always dreamed together to go somewhere nearby, you can go there together. New impressions, the realization of a dream and a trip will guarantee genuine natural emotions.

Try dancing

Dance is a kind of manifestation of love, passionate as tango, sensual like flamenco and unpredictable like jazz. Turn on the music while shooting and ask the couple to give each other dance. Shoot how they dance, how they hold hands, have fun and fool around.

Kiss to manifest love

Kisses are considered the most popular manifestation of love. Ask your couple how they express their love, maybe they snuggle their foreheads, rub their noses or specially hold hands. Invite them to show these special manifestations of feelings and get very beautiful special pictures.

Try an “almost kiss” tip

Not everyone likes to be public in the expression of feelings. For such occasions, there is a trick to use making viewers believe that the couple is going to kiss. This pose shows even more romance and can be realized by every type of model. Clients stand close almost touching the lips of each other. It is better to have the eyes closed not to laugh in such a romantic moment during the shooting.

Enjoy a common hobby

Find out about the hobbies of your models, what they like to do on weekends. It can be anything: reading, horse riding, cooking, even watching films on a sofa under a plaid. When shooting a couple, photograph their real lives, without pretending to be on camera.

Break old hopeless cliche

Who said that romance belongs only to young people. Invite people who have been married for many years and you will see that love has no age and duration, a real feeling is forever. Grandparents can also gently hug and dance the tango. When shooting older people, everyone can perceive the meaning of real love.

Look into their eyes

Ask the couple to look into each other's eyes for a long time: this can cause them a fit of laughter or an irresistible desire to kiss, or they will simply look at each other with tenderness. In any case, you get great pictures.

Find adrenalin

If your couple loves adventures, capture while skating or biking, surfing or even archery. You do not have to ask them to pose or smile when they are truly passionate about an exciting adventure.

Play favorite characters

Each of us has a favorite character from movies or books. Give the couple opportunity to try Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde, Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler. They will have fun and represent themselves as their favorite character in a new film season, and you will photograph lovers.

Try a romantic dinner

Candlelight dinner in a luxury place or a cozy little cafe will guarantee a family image of beautiful people in a beautiful place. You can also offer a couple to buy food together, cook dinner and eat it, so you get the whole story that your pictures will tell.

Film in nature

Each season is perfect for romantic couple photography. During hot summer, transfer shooting to the sea or riverside. Capture lovers when they hug at sunset or fly a kite in the park. Spring is just made for photos against a background of fresh green grass and flowering trees. In the fall, you can shoot during a picnic with a background of red and yellow leaves or take a walk through a rainy city under a large bright umbrella. It is good to take pictures of lovers in cheerful hats and gloves surrounded by gloomy trees in cold winter, or during ice skating. Hot chocolate with marshmallows, walking along city streets on the New Year eve can become a ready scene for a perfect shot. Remember about additional details and a waterproof camera case and go outdoors.

Make selfies

Ask models to take a couple of selfies for their Instagram profiles, they will shoot in their style: smile, kiss, grimace. You can take pictures of them while they pose, come up with comments and have fun.

View from the outside

Take a few shots as if you were spying them. For example, go outside and take off coffee houses through the glass, as they drink coffee at a table by the window. Take photos through tree branches as lovers kiss in the garden.

Add joyful pets

If you are shooting in a park or at home of your couple in love, invite their pet to the frame. You will get very cute and touching photographs when they have fun playing in the yard with a dog or watching a movie with a cat in their arms. Photograph how they watch their fish and take care of someone together.

Write a novel

Add a plot to the session for a couple. Make a true story about their lifestyle or engagement. Romantic photography is aimed to arise the sweet feelings of viewers. It does not matter if it is a sexy boudoir style or wedding shooting, make everyone feel in a theatre or cinema, participating in storytelling.

Realize boudoir romantic photography ideas

Be creative and let the viewer think that some pictures are made by a candid camera. Let the couple enjoy themselves being together in a bedroom. Such a location is the most natural and guarantees unique emotions. This is the best way to show their feelings in images.

Learn body language

Portraits are great for all types of photography. Still, faces are not the only sources of information for a successful image, reflecting one's feelings. The body is participating in a scene demonstrating real emotions. Move the camera from face to hands, legs and other curves to show the whole picture.

Remember about the details

A strong relationship is not about big events, but moments and minutes passing one after another. Details create a general image and smart close-ups showing dressing accessories, props and jewelry can tell even more than a face. Include background, add jewelry to your look and other props in a frame to look deeper into the life of a couple.

Use black and white touch

Vintage effect is always a win to win option for all photography types. Visit some antique shops and locations to find the necessary background and accessories. Use imagination and show viewers how the love story of models could look years before. Old fashioned does not mean wrong. Use filters and specialized digital image processing apps to correct lights and shadows.

Try various options and settings

It does not matter if you are a professional or an amateur. Check camera settings and play with a different style to understand which mode suits best the couple. Shoot in RAW format to have more possibilities to retouch and have fun. Practice with poses and ideas to realize a perfect story.

A romantic photo album is love, reflected in a photographer’s lens. We hope that tips will help to create the most beautiful and sensual effect.