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Night sky photography
Mar 4, 2024
Shooting night sky is no longer fun of professional photographers. High-quality images today can also be made using more low-cost digital devices or mirrorless...
Beach Photography Ideas and Tips
Mar 3, 2024
Even if you are an amateur and your images are not published in glossy magazines, it does not mean that you cannot get good results with fascinating frames. One...
Autumn Photography Ideas
Mar 3, 2024
The first thing that comes to mind thinking about an autumn landscape photographyis a beautiful park, picturesque forest, romantic bridge and even sad rain.Howe...
Snow Photography
Mar 2, 2024
If you were born and live in temperate latitudes, then you are lucky enough to observe all seasons. Not every photographer can boast of this luxury. Snow is act...
Sunset photography
Mar 2, 2024
Who doesn't like beautiful sunset photography? There is something bright and magic at this time of day that catches the attention of almost every person. But be...
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How to find places to take pictures near me?
Feb 28, 2024
Collect information online Start with an idea of a photography near me Spot a good place to shoot and the idea will be born by itself Use common ti...
Underwater Photography Tips
Feb 26, 2024
Underwater photography is an art that allows you to show an interaction of a human and various elements, water and light, harmony and chaos in nature. In recent...
Family Photo Ideas & Tips for Spring Season
Feb 26, 2024
Only a starting photographer can be sure that a natural photo is possible only in summer, but not in other seasons. Professionals do not complain about unfavora...
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Happy Halloween Party Photography Ideas
Mar 2, 2024
Happy Halloween photography is a great option for shooting both couples, friends, families, kids and everyone who wants to show the mystical mood of this day wi...
Family beach photo ideas
Mar 2, 2024
Getting prepared for an inspiring summer vacation, do not forget about a great occasion to plan memorable family beach pictures with a nice fresh tan and happy...
Northern Light Photography - How to Photograph Aurora Borealis
Mar 1, 2024
Photographing Northern Lights is a dance between you with your camera and the Northern lights. It is important to be prepared both in terms of gear and theory a...
10 Landscape Photography Tips and Techniques
Mar 1, 2024
We will never stop surprising ourselves with our planet and its secrets. There is no better way to remember the perfect moment, but making shots with your camer...
TOP-5 best Summer Photo Ideas
Feb 29, 2024
Most people love summer, as it is the best time to rest from work, relax and take amazing photos. No matter where you go on vacation, there are always many poss...
Sunflower photoshoot: ideas, tips, outfit
Feb 28, 2024
Modern photoshoots are of different kinds and approaches. Studio, urban, indoor, outdoor, all those kinds of photoshoots we are familiar with. But the more spec...
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