When couples want to memorize happy moments of their future family, they seek experts. Photographers and magical sessions of creativity capture the most awesome pictures. Emotions and feelings captured in the pics acquire a different color with each subsequent viewing. Funny engagement photos are possible during a walk outdoors. It will look harmonious if romantic newlyweds choose similar outfits or the same color scheme. These accents emphasize the unique style of images. The location of a photoshoot is completely dependent on your imagination. Choose props, background, or DIY ideas to express the mood of pre-wedding photo sessions. According to a studio or natural environment, engagement poses will differ from each other.

This article is a small tutorial for couples and photography beginners to try the best tips for creative portraits

1. Create a forest fairy tale.

Fluffy Christmas trees, old oaks, carved maples, regardless of the season will fill a casual frame with bright colors and a special mood. Lush greens, snowy whiteness, as well as colorful foliage in the fall, will easily contribute to obtaining a perfect combination of feelings and nature.

2. Use transparent mood of the water.

Take a walk along the sea or riverside, play with water drops and have fun. Watch the sun go down, or you can enter the water in clothes for a beautiful pose with a romantic kiss. Regardless of size, water was always considered a symbol of long and full-flowing life. Use its traditional features for professional posing.

3. Go fishing.

Fishing is not just a hobby. For many, this is a type of outdoor activity, a good way to escape from everyday routine and stress. Great nature, fishing enthusiasm, and at least a small catch will bring genuine emotions in photography. Such an unusual pic can become a real treasure in the album of cute engagement poses.

4. Conquer mountains.

Mountains, with their grandeur and power, inspire confidence in their future and charge with a sense of strength and stability. The energy that comes from them strengthens human relationships. Tops of mountains symbolize the rise above everyday life. And against such a stunning backdrop, light dresses and sportswear will be touching. Especially when guys pose as a couple climbing and holding hands.

5. Pretend to be a marine lifestyle lovers.

Even if you have never tried to go in the sea with a boat, do not feel awkward to try this option. A good dose of healthy suntan is a good prop. Prepare a yacht, cool clothes and accessories. For example, the captain and his young bride will look absolutely stunning near the table with fruits and champagne.

6. Engagement picture poses with rain.

Rain is an ideal low-cost accessory for beautiful images. Use an umbrella, hide together under it. Let photographer shoot raindrops, reflections in puddles on wet asphalt. Guided rain can be created using a spray even indoors.

7. Use city landscape.

Enjoying a walk around the city, the photographer shoots the most beautiful places. These landscapes will create a cool background for your couple, especially with evening lights. Use this prop to add a magic touch to a creative image. If you already get a photo from the city trips, add joy emotions with a smile app.

8. Remember the favorite movie, book or fairy tale.

For such photography, careful preparation is necessary. You need to choose a film which characters you would like to try for a while. Prepare appropriate clothes and images to feel yourself a film star. Such a picture will demonstrate your common interests. Do not neglect it as proof of your relationships.

9. Add beautiful interior.

You can choose a beautiful interior, but you need to match it with stylish clothes and bright makeup. Compose a romantic moment of a first kiss or proposal. Prepare accessories and look for the perfect scenery. Not every luxury place will reflect the inner world of every couple.

10.Try all types of outdoor activity.

If both of you are fond of sports, then you can create a great composition of various sports activities. You can wear your favorite team uniform on the football field and play soccer. At the ice stadium in a style of Snow Queen, Kai and Gerda and red rose. The golf field is a beautiful green location not only for photography but also for relaxation! And of course, there is nothing so fascinating as shooting with animals, especially with graceful ones like horses. You can take a few frames on horseback, and then hold them, feed and stroke.

11. Take a trip with hot air balloon.

An extraordinary adventure will be remembered for a long time. The main thing is the good weather. Do not be afraid and try new options for the fullest expression of feelings. And the whole sky is for you two!

12. Get back home to keep calm.

A uniquely warm atmosphere of home comfort, where you can show yourself as you are in everyday life. It does not require long preparation or special looks. Be natural and try to show your emotions through common items around you: preparing dinner, cleaning the house, washing dishes.

13. Engagement poses ideas at a picnic.

Take food, wine, barbecue, meat and go to a place with beautiful landscapes. It does not matter if it is summer or autumn or even winter. Everything depends on the mood and temperature of the feelings of a couple. More natural props around will give a chance to make better images.

14. Remember your childhood.

Maybe your love story has started a long time ago when you were kids. In this case you free to remember those times together. A photo session can be organized in a kindergarten, on a playground, as well as in a school class. Make yourself think of those first attempts to demonstrate feelings to each other.

15. Get in wedding preparations.

In this case, you do not need to invent anything. Decoration of a hall, choice of the menu and color for the ceremony, as well as invitations, wedding cake - all this requires your direct participation for wedding photos. This is an ideal possibility to create your lifestyle atmosphere. It is better not to argue on details on the shooting moment.

16. Play with colored crayons.

Get together on the asphalt and draw pictures: trees, houses, cars, balls, bicycles, hearts, and then, lying on the asphalt, try to invent a story. This is a funny and creative way to play with mood.

17. Include common hobby.

If you are fond of dancing, then this is a great opportunity to capture this hobby in photographs. Dance movements, costumes will convey the unique atmosphere of your dance. Playing a musical instrument for example guitar, violin, piano or saxophone you will look like a rock band. Simply with a karaoke microphone look straight in the eyes of each other and it will also look romantic.

18. Try a paint battle.

Holi or the Festival of Colors is an Indian folk festival held annually in honor of the arrival of spring, symbolizing the rebirth of life. This will require white shirts, pants, and paints that are washed off the body. The atmosphere is crazy, but most importantly, emotions and feelings will be sincere!

19. Enjoy sunset and backlight.

Pre-sunset time is a beautiful scene for a beautiful shot. Sunset sky at a specific time of the day looks like a stunning backdrop for the very kind of picture. Sunset shots can be a great ending for a love story transforming into a wedding.

20. Use specific color or shade.

For a photo shoot in a certain color scheme, shooting outdoors and in the interior is also suitable. The main thing is to choose a color, and then choose decorative elements and accessories: notes, hearts, balls, umbrellas, scarves. You can hang them on trees, or you can just hold them in your hands. The simplest way is to use a picture color changer for photos.

21. Get into retro style.

You can make a photo session in vintage style and use birdcages, wicker chairs, and delicate colors. You can do all this in brighter, more saturated styles and use bright umbrellas, rugs, sneakers, glasses, and hats. Such background looks great in black and white style.

22. Practice food props.

You can order beautiful cakes, bright fruits, or use fake ones, glasses or painted plastic cups. The main thing is to feel love and unity with each other in a relationship. Try to feed each other and look happy for shooting.

23. Travel and look for new horizons.

You can go abroad or to a neighboring city to shoot a love story in an unusual place. Change scenery, experience romance of long walks in a strange city. This will look exciting and fresh.

24. Pose on the roof.

A romantic rooftop dinner is one of the most unusual options. Take photos at sunset time against the setting sun. Be natural and enjoy the company in each other.

25. Visit local bars.

If you come to the bar before opening, you can get an interesting story with a variety of dishes and beautiful decorations. Shooting through glass gives an original effect and looks curious. Create a picture with extraordinary effect for your couple.

26. Take into account the museum or library.

If someone is looking for an unusual location, then museum exposition or bookshelves can become unique scenery for the photo shoot. You can dress in retro style or in a creative way, but in the spirit of modern bohemia.

27. Get overwhelmed in a park.

In a city park or square, you can just take a walk, sit on a beautiful ice cream parlor, hug each other under a flashlight, feed squirrels or ducks, and skate. Try simple options to get really awesome results.

28. Breathe blooming garden.

Massively blooming cherry, apple, and lilac orchards are a real find, but such shooting is possible only in spring. Photos are gentle and touching. It is a perfect match to match awaking nature with feeling awakening.

29. Take a bus.

The romance of a joint trip regardless of transport type, whether it is a car, motorcycle, plane, tram or metro will be an excellent dynamic plot. This issue is of high importance for a creative love story.

30. Ride your bike or rent it.

If you take bicycles with you for a walk, you can diversify any walk in the park, along the city streets, and outside the city. Imagine a sweet photo of you on a vintage tandem. This picture is a traditional item to frame for every couple.

31. Include pets in poses for engagement photos.

The excellent addition to the plot can be a favorite pet. You need to prepare your pet for shooting. To do this, he can come up with a suit. Let it be just a butterfly, a wreath, glasses, a cap or a hat.

32. Entertain with rides.

Carousels, slides, electric cars, cotton candy, shooting range with big teddy bears as prizes — huge field for creativity. Immerse yourself in childhood and get happy moments with your future wife or husband.

33. Swim in a pool.

 Bathing suits, inflatable figures, a beautiful varied interior with all kinds of slides, fountains and other water attractions and sun loungers will allow you to take beautiful pictures. In the pool you can also organize an underwater photo shoot.

34. Start morning together.

Wake up together, make a pillow fight, jumping on blankets. Try natural activities to demonstrate sincere feelings.

35. Take tango lesson.

The passionate dance will be very handy because this dance consists in the interaction of partners. It is transmitted through hugs, through hands and bodies. A good app idea to show passion between sweethearts.

36. Cook a dish in a kitchen.

Cooking a romantic dinner together is a good idea for a photo shoot. Bright greens of salads, variegation of vegetables and fruits will be a beautiful addition to a tender relationship.

37. Tell a story of 1001 oriental nights.

The oriental theme is always unique, colorful and romantic. Decorate the room, pick up costumes, scented candles, lingering enveloping music, oriental sweets, exotic fruits and go back to the distant times of Scheherazade's tales.

38. Decorate a Christmas tree.

Put toys on each other, play with sparklers, wrap each other with garlands, pack gifts. Enjoy upcoming celebrations and have fun.

39. Read books or try carnival masks.

Together read books, get under the plaid, drink hot tea or chocolate from cups with hearts. Make a sweet atmosphere for a great shot. Or try on carnival masks and costumes, hats, ears, photograph each other and enjoy. Make a skinny face, change hair or eyes color, be different!

There is no need to make this list of engagement poses for couples to bring everywhere with you. But only one or two options can make you discover new places and emotions to capture. A future spouse is a huge source of imagination and admiration.