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Lens Flare Photography
01 Jun 2023
Every tool that you have at your disposal as a photographer can contribute to gain a certain position in this market. For example, there is nothing difficult to...
Natural Light Photography
31 May 2023
What is Natural Light Photography? Difference Between Natural Light Photography and Artificial Light Photography The Best Time of Day to Shoot The...
Architecture Photography
31 May 2023
Architecture is one of the most technically complex genres of photography. Architecture photography allows you to travel back in time and follow the development...
What is white balance photography?
30 May 2023
How does white balance work? Remember the difference between light sources How to set white balance without errors? How to adjust white balance man...
How to choose the right reflector for photos?
30 May 2023
Choose your color type. What are reflector's photography frames? Use the top shape and size reflectors What are the reflector size guidelines? L...
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Golden hour photography
25 May 2023
To fully reveal creative intentions in the picture, photographers use not only professional techniques and weather conditions, but even a specific time of day w...
Light and Shadow Photography Ideas
25 May 2023
We are used to avoiding shadows in photographs: work with professional studio lighting, shoot at golden hour, do everything to minimize the presence of shades i...
Beautiful Bokeh Photography - Step by Step Guide
24 May 2023
In the last couple of years, the world of photography was full of new words and meanings. So such term as “bokeh” has become so popular that even smartphones ha...
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Photography tips: what is a "Gobo"?
29 May 2023
Search the gobo. Learn shades of the gobo effect. Prepare for a do-it-yourself creation. What is a gobo lighting scheme? What is gobo technique...
How to take pictures of clothes
28 May 2023
Nowadays, there is a huge number of online stores around the world, among which there are excellent examples of perfect visual e-commerce. When viewing a site w...
How to shoot dance photography?
27 May 2023
Dance photography is an expression of the beauty of movements and emotions. Dance can be a source of great shots, but it’s no secret that taking pictures of dan...
How to photograph jewelry
26 May 2023
Here are some common tips to remember: Make shots from every angle to satisfy the needs of the most demanding client.Plan every sparkle and control the light.Ea...
How to Create a Sparkle Effect
25 May 2023
Have a photo that needs some additional shine effect? Today we are going to break down the best ways to do it! The first thing we need to think about is what...
Blue hour photography
25 May 2023
The term "blue hour" means the time just before sunrise or just after sunset. Blue Hour is usually associated with romantic mood, and dramatic scenes filmed at...
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