Articles: Urban and Street

Architecture Photography
31 May 2023
Architecture is one of the most technically complex genres of photography. Architecture photography allows you to travel back in time and follow the development...
Street portraiture: how to take pictures of strangers
31 May 2023
There are different views on what street portrait photography is. This type of photography can be seen as a subgenre of street photography, where the lone perso...
How to use Lines in Photography
31 May 2023
Nowadays everyone who has a digital camera can consider himself to be a modern expert in this art. There are many rules and standards, which are known and used...
How to find places to take pictures near me?
29 May 2023
Collect information online Start with an idea of a photography near me Spot a good place to shoot and the idea will be born by itself Use common ti...
What is perspective in photography?
29 May 2023
Photo art is a way to transfer three-dimensional space into 2D using visualization. To keep the picture realistic, you should emphasize the depth and volume. Yo...
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16 lifestyle photography tips
25 May 2023
There is no other better way to tell about your family and important events in your life if not to enjoy lifestyle photography. It helps to share amazing feelin...
Abstract Photography for Beginners
25 May 2023
If there is a direction in photography that allows you to maximize your creativity, then it is better to pay attention to abstract photography ideas. The most i...
Abandoned photography
23 May 2023
The world around us is full of stories that you can use for your photo experiments, you just need to look around correctly. Someone will turn eyes to garden flo...
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12 Crucial Tips for Street Photography - Street photography tips for beginners
29 May 2023
Once you take a camera in your hand, you may surprisingly discover a strong will to make more pictures than it was expected. Going out sometimes we do not notic...
TOP-28 Professional Car Photography Ideas
27 May 2023
When you become a happy owner of a brand new sports car from the salon that you have dreamed of for a long time, or gave a new life to an old vintage vehicle, h...
Smoke Bomb Photography Guide
26 May 2023
For everyone who loves beautiful special effects, color smoke bomb photography is a popular idea for a portfolio. Perhaps, not everyone knows that the pyrotechn...
Neon photography: the ultimate guide
26 May 2023
Lights of the night city always look bright and fun, like a holiday which comes after the sunset. Shop signs attract and promise pleasant shopping, the comfort...
9 Ways to Find Photoshoot Locations
26 May 2023
Several ideas to avoid that annoying question: are there new photography spots near me? Change viewing angle and mode of thinking; Examine every corne...
Urban Exploration Photography
25 May 2023
Surely each of us has enjoyed the footage shot in abandoned buildings or even cities and villages at least once. A certain mystery and at the same time the myst...
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