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How to use vanishing points in photography?
Dec 4, 2023
What is vanishing point? What is perspective using two vanishing points? How to get dynamism and movement using the magic of vanishing points? Wo...
How to use ND filters for landscape photos?
Dec 4, 2023
Learn when to use ND filters Add creative techniques with a ND filters guide Prepare the best ND filter for a perfect composition Use neutral densi...
How to use Lines in Photography
Dec 3, 2023
Nowadays everyone who has a digital camera can consider himself to be a modern expert in this art. There are many rules and standards, which are known and used...
How to take panorama on iPhone
Dec 3, 2023
Modern world of technology permits us to travel and memorize every step we do without heavy gadgets and professional equipment. And when common pictures seem to...
Autumn Photography Ideas
Dec 3, 2023
The first thing that comes to mind thinking about an autumn landscape photographyis a beautiful park, picturesque forest, romantic bridge and even sad rain.Howe...
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Types of camera lenses
Nov 29, 2023
Sometimes people unfamiliar with photography wonder why an enthusiastic amateur photographer or professional needs not one, but several lenses at once? The answ...
Sunset photography
Nov 28, 2023
Who doesn't like beautiful sunset photography? There is something bright and magic at this time of day that catches the attention of almost every person. But be...
Snow Photography
Nov 26, 2023
If you were born and live in temperate latitudes, then you are lucky enough to observe all seasons. Not every photographer can boast of this luxury. Snow is act...
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Drones aerial photography
Dec 2, 2023
Practicing aerial photography using drones seems like a great and unusual idea. This can explain the growing popularity of aerial photography and videography us...
Family beach photo ideas
Dec 2, 2023
Getting prepared for an inspiring summer vacation, do not forget about a great occasion to plan memorable family beach pictures with a nice fresh tan and happy...
How to 360 Photography
Dec 1, 2023
Shooting panoramas is one of the most commonly used techniques in landscape photography. If you do not limit yourself to the academic definition, then we ca...
What is perspective in photography?
Dec 1, 2023
Photo art is a way to transfer three-dimensional space into 2D using visualization. To keep the picture realistic, you should emphasize the depth and volume. Yo...
Beach Photography Ideas and Tips
Dec 1, 2023
Even if you are an amateur and your images are not published in glossy magazines, it does not mean that you cannot get good results with fascinating frames. One...
10 Landscape Photography Tips and Techniques
Nov 30, 2023
We will never stop surprising ourselves with our planet and its secrets. There is no better way to remember the perfect moment, but making shots with your camer...
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