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Snow Photography
Mar 2, 2024
If you were born and live in temperate latitudes, then you are lucky enough to observe all seasons. Not every photographer can boast of this luxury. Snow is act...
Architecture Photography
Mar 2, 2024
Architecture is one of the most technically complex genres of photography. Architecture photography allows you to travel back in time and follow the development...
Guide to Smartphone Photography
Mar 2, 2024
They say that the best camera is the one that we always have at hand. Today, this role is played by the smartphone. It will not replace DSLRs, but it is always...
Street portraiture: how to take pictures of strangers
Mar 2, 2024
There are different views on what street portrait photography is. This type of photography can be seen as a subgenre of street photography, where the lone perso...
Sunset photography
Mar 2, 2024
Who doesn't like beautiful sunset photography? There is something bright and magic at this time of day that catches the attention of almost every person. But be...
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How to avoid reflection in glass photography
Mar 1, 2024
If one looks at something for a long time, it seems that it should be of interest. So sooner or later one can find its perfect photo motives. Thinking about how...
Unique wedding photography poses ideas
Mar 1, 2024
A wedding photoshoot is the most anticipated event for many couples. To make the bride and groom feel more confident in front of the cameras, it is recommende...
Time Lapse Photography
Mar 1, 2024
The history of creating an image without the help of paints interested people many centuries ago. The first remaining camera-made image was provided by Nicephor...
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Happy Halloween Party Photography Ideas
Mar 2, 2024
Happy Halloween photography is a great option for shooting both couples, friends, families, kids and everyone who wants to show the mystical mood of this day wi...
Headshot photography tips
Mar 2, 2024
Photography jobs attract personalities of different ages and nationalities. Research articles are written and practical blogs are listed online. The most diffic...
Family beach photo ideas
Mar 2, 2024
Getting prepared for an inspiring summer vacation, do not forget about a great occasion to plan memorable family beach pictures with a nice fresh tan and happy...
Old Photo Restoration Programs
Mar 1, 2024
Photographs serve as historical reflections, capturing both individual and global narratives. Originating in the early 19th century, the initial images emerged...
Try this Hottest photography trends in 2022
Mar 1, 2024
The trends of any kind are based on how good is your craft. The better you control things, the better the outcome. That way, in 2022 photography trends consist...
How to take vintage photography
Mar 1, 2024
Vintage photography emerged after the publication of the first professional colour photography. Today, vintage photography is reborn in a nostalgic search for a...
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