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Action photography tips for beginners
Dec 2, 2023
To become a professional photographer, you need to constantly improve your skills, learn new types of shooting, and constantly practice. Perhaps this morning yo...
Milk bath photography
Dec 2, 2023
Let us share an interesting experience with those who want to try a new trend in the world of experiments with milk bath photography. The shooting is so unusual...
16 Best interior photography tips
Dec 2, 2023
Real estate, architecture, interior design, restaurants, and tourism industry, hotels and theaters, exhibitions and galleries – everyone needs great indoor phot...
How to shoot dance photography?
Dec 2, 2023
Dance photography is an expression of the beauty of movements and emotions. Dance can be a source of great shots, but it’s no secret that taking pictures of dan...
How to airbrush a photo in few taps
Dec 1, 2023
Before going any deep into airbrush photography, we would like to discover how it becomes into existence. A bit of history The term airbrushing appeared lon...
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Blue hour photography
Nov 30, 2023
The term "blue hour" means the time just before sunrise or just after sunset. Blue Hour is usually associated with romantic mood, and dramatic scenes filmed at...
Golden hour photography
Nov 30, 2023
To fully reveal creative intentions in the picture, photographers use not only professional techniques and weather conditions, but even a specific time of day w...
10 Landscape Photography Tips and Techniques
Nov 30, 2023
We will never stop surprising ourselves with our planet and its secrets. There is no better way to remember the perfect moment, but making shots with your camer...
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How to 360 Photography
Dec 1, 2023
Shooting panoramas is one of the most commonly used techniques in landscape photography. If you do not limit yourself to the academic definition, then we ca...
Smoke Bomb Photography Guide
Dec 1, 2023
For everyone who loves beautiful special effects, color smoke bomb photography is a popular idea for a portfolio. Perhaps, not everyone knows that the pyrotechn...
What is perspective in photography?
Dec 1, 2023
Photo art is a way to transfer three-dimensional space into 2D using visualization. To keep the picture realistic, you should emphasize the depth and volume. Yo...
Best ways how to improve photography skills
Dec 1, 2023
Photography is the art of painting with light. No professional studio light is required, but the right angle and time of shooting, when natural light will show...
How to capture motion blur in photography
Dec 1, 2023
Some people consider the best image to be absolutely free of any movement. But if you are not one of those, then you know that one of the main tasks is to captu...
Telescope for Astrophotography
Nov 30, 2023
Astrophotography is one of the most exciting and popular trends in modern amateur astronomy. And of course, this type of shooting entails a question about which...
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