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How to take vintage photography
Dec 7, 2023
Vintage photography emerged after the publication of the first professional colour photography. Today, vintage photography is reborn in a nostalgic search for a...
How to photograph jewelry
Dec 7, 2023
Here are some common tips to remember: Make shots from every angle to satisfy the needs of the most demanding client.Plan every sparkle and control the light.Ea...
What is the difference between basic and professional photo retouching
Dec 7, 2023
The perception of photo retouching and its quality, like the photo itself, is highly subjective. It is obvious that every request is individual, but in general...
How to Understand the Scanography
Dec 6, 2023
We have learned a lot of kinds of different image representations from printing to photographing. We would not say that scanography photography is the next leve...
Time Lapse Photography
Dec 6, 2023
The history of creating an image without the help of paints interested people many centuries ago. The first remaining camera-made image was provided by Nicephor...
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Watermark for Photography
Dec 4, 2023
Watermark for Photography Having mastered this great art and acquired new skills and knowledge in professional photography, there is another issue to conside...
Solar eclipse photography tips
Dec 4, 2023
The main astronomical event is considered to be a Total Solar Eclipse. It is a shadow of the moon on the surface of Earth. This contour in diameter is about 200...
TOP-11 Double Exposure Photography Ideas
Dec 4, 2023
Usually a double exposure effect is used by photographers, using nothing else than a camera, which is able to combine two different photos. This technique is co...
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FaceTime Photoshoot Tips
Dec 6, 2023
The world in lockdown is changing, and the world of photography is changing with it. Now even FaceTime and a webcam can become a tool for professional filming...
3 Techniques for Professional Photo Retouching
Dec 6, 2023
Besides high-definition monitors for digital photography, photoshop is known to be one of the most effective tools to perfect images. Performing simple manipu...
Professional Photo Bikini Model
Dec 6, 2023
Have you ever made an outstanding photo shoot on the seaside? Imagine the summer has come and you are posing as a model wearing a brand-new bikini. After the se...
Glamour Photography Tips
Dec 5, 2023
The art of photography is developing very rapidly and has many areas: portrait, wedding, fashion, glamour, and others. Fashion and glamour photography seem to b...
Photo manipulation ideas
Dec 5, 2023
Photo manipulation is a creative process of editing images in order to create some graphic effect of optical illusion. This operation can be done both with the...
Photography for Beginners: A Complete Guide
Dec 5, 2023
Most of us look at the world with two eyes. But whenever a person takes a picture, one of them has to be closed. With a few exceptions, cameras do not have two...
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