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TOP-10 Unique Holiday Photo Cards Ideas
Apr 16, 2024
From day to day we have various events and memorable moments we enjoy to spend together with our family. Some of these events are captured by digital cameras an...
How to take vintage photography
Apr 15, 2024
Vintage photography emerged after the publication of the first professional colour photography. Today, vintage photography is reborn in a nostalgic search for a...
Happy Halloween Party Photography Ideas
Apr 15, 2024
Happy Halloween photography is a great option for shooting both couples, friends, families, kids and everyone who wants to show the mystical mood of this day wi...
Top 7 photo retouching mistakes that will destroy your photo
Apr 15, 2024
The art of photography always starts from the right camera, so when it comes to photo editing, it helps you to create the image. Editing is used to improve th...
Time Lapse Photography
Apr 14, 2024
The history of creating an image without the help of paints interested people many centuries ago. The first remaining camera-made image was provided by Nicephor...
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What is infrared photography: definition, techniques, tips
Apr 11, 2024
How to shoot infrared photography? Modify your cam following the infrared photography tutorial Use a low ISO trying infrared photography techniques...
46 Photography Trends 2020
Apr 11, 2024
It's time to figure out which trends are relevant this year! Whether it's wedding photography, stock food digital photography trends. Talking about colors it is...
Wedding Photo Editing Tips
Apr 11, 2024
Here you go with a full disk of images to choose and process, deciding which are the best for printing and promotion of your service.Making pictures in color yo...
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Tattoo Photography Ideas
Apr 14, 2024
In the modern world, tattoos have changed their meaning: these are no longer signs of rebellious spirit. Nowadays such creative art is a way of self-expressio...
How to take a good passport photo: 7 Tips and Tricks
Apr 14, 2024
Everyone who has ever applied for a passport can share only regrets about the photo it has. Moreover, sometimes the picture is not just bad, but weird and artif...
FaceTime Photoshoot Tips
Apr 13, 2024
The world in lockdown is changing, and the world of photography is changing with it. Now even FaceTime and a webcam can become a tool for professional filming...
Fantasy Photoshoot Ideas & Editing Tips
Apr 12, 2024
Who has not dreamed of being in a fairy tale? Dragons, elves, unicorns, waving magic wands and flying on brooms, unattainable fictional worlds captivate us fr...
How to photograph jewelry
Apr 12, 2024
Here are some common tips to remember: Make shots from every angle to satisfy the needs of the most demanding client.Plan every sparkle and control the light.Ea...
How to take good photos with phone
Apr 12, 2024
Did you know that digital cameras are not in fashion anymore? Almost none remembers why it exists, because our smartphones have become the perfect device for ev...
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