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Blue hour photography
03 Jun 2023
The term "blue hour" means the time just before sunrise or just after sunset. Blue Hour is usually associated with romantic mood, and dramatic scenes filmed at...
Golden hour photography
03 Jun 2023
To fully reveal creative intentions in the picture, photographers use not only professional techniques and weather conditions, but even a specific time of day w...
Tattoo Photography Ideas
03 Jun 2023
In the modern world, tattoos have changed their meaning: these are no longer signs of rebellious spirit. Nowadays such creative art is a way of self-expression,...
How to photograph jewelry
03 Jun 2023
Here are some common tips to remember: Make shots from every angle to satisfy the needs of the most demanding client.Plan every sparkle and control the light.Ea...
Glamour Photography Tips
02 Jun 2023
The art of photography is developing very rapidly and has many areas: portrait, wedding, fashion, glamour, and others. Fashion and glamour photography seem to b...
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3 Techniques for Professional Photo Retouching
01 Jun 2023
Besides high-definition monitors for digital photography, photoshop is known to be one of the most effective tools to perfect images. Performing simple manipula...
How to take vintage photography
31 May 2023
Vintage photography emerged after the publication of the first professional colour photography. Today, vintage photography is reborn in a nostalgic search for a...
TOP-11 Double Exposure Photography Ideas
31 May 2023
Usually a double exposure effect is used by photographers, using nothing else than a camera, which is able to combine two different photos. This technique is co...
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Photo manipulation ideas
02 Jun 2023
Photo manipulation is a creative process of editing images in order to create some graphic effect of optical illusion. This operation can be done both with the...
Watermark for Photography
02 Jun 2023
Who needs to learn how to make your own watermark? What is a watermark advantage for individual users? How to watermark photos at home with a si...
Photography for Beginners: A Complete Guide
02 Jun 2023
Most of us look at the world with two eyes. But whenever a person takes a picture, one of them has to be closed. With a few exceptions, cameras do not have two...
Difference Between JPEG and PNG
01 Jun 2023
Do you like Photoshop? Or, maybe you are a photographer? A designer? Even being an average computer user, you might run into a problem of how is better to sa...
Solar eclipse photography tips
01 Jun 2023
The main astronomical event is considered to be a Total Solar Eclipse. It is a shadow of the moon on the surface of Earth. This contour in diameter is about 200...
TOP-10 Unique Holiday Photo Cards Ideas
01 Jun 2023
From day to day we have various events and memorable moments we enjoy to spend together with our family. Some of these events are captured by digital cameras an...
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