Valentine's Day is such a period of year when shops are full of hearts, postcards and teddy bears. Cafes and restaurants are full of kissing couples and love is in the air. Smart girls buy red lipstick, and guys choose beautiful roses and delicious chocolate. The best moment to recall your feelings and say “love” with your soulmate. At this time, photo locations are full of hearts, champagne sparkles in glasses, florists create their best romantic bouquets, and jewelry stores are filled with excited young people.

It is in mid-February that most people decide to make a valentine's day photo shoot to refresh their collection of cool family cards. In February, everything which can be connected to a love story becomes an unusual attribute for a photographer during the session.

In this article, we will consider picture Valentine's Day ideas for experts that will inspire you to organize creative image experiment for couples. Take your camera and practice these tips to find your own style.

Have fun on the first date

Ask the couple that you will be photographing about their first date and try to recreate the atmosphere when their bright emotion was just beginning. Arrange a Valentine's Day photoshoot in the same cozy bar and ask them to dress in similar outfits. Get pictures, as if you were present, advise to feel like it is the first time. Later, it will be possible to make an interesting collage that will delight your friends.

Get inspired with pet pics

Not everyone has a soulmate, but this is absolutely not reason to be sad. Organize a real story of feelings about friends or a pet. Beautiful holiday shots with hearts as a background and garlands enhance a simple photograph of a fluffy domestic cat and a beloved dog, even a parrot. Try the fun of shooting with friends and heart-shaped balloons or cute plush animals. Make a Valentine picture a holiday not only for couples, but for love that everyone can enjoy!

Check random frames

It happens that sometimes, even when everyone is perfectly dressed with the correct background and good light, frames are still not the same as we would like them to be. And it happens the other way around, a randomly taken picture becomes an ideal option, a real shot for a magazine. Do not neglect random photo frame effects for your love heart. Do not be in a hurry to delete them immediately. It can be a masterpiece and the best idea of your shooting.

Take pictures at home

You can plan to capture Valentine's Day photographs anywhere: in a fashion studio with designer interiors or on the ocean, or in the park. But if you organize shooting at home with your models, then they will look more open and relaxed than in any fashionable place.

View unusual angles

Romantic pictures can consist of continuous frames with kisses and hugs, or very creative and interesting. Put the camera too high or too low, take pictures through a glass of champagne, wrap a couple with garlands, or take pictures in reflections of shop windows. You can rent a drone and use it to make many beautiful shots from above. Connect your imagination while shooting, and the result will exceed all your expectations.

Remember that children add magic

If you want to make Valentine Day photography fun and bring a touch of family spirit, invite kids. A good mood and creative mess will be guaranteed as a gift. But besides this, your images will be filled with the special warmth and harmony that a child can give. Capture tenderness in a parent, look at their small boy or girl, how children respond with unconditional love. This free accessory will make your frames invaluable. If you dress kids in cupid costumes, then instead of simple images you get real post cards.

Multiply kisses

Although photographing kisses is a pretty common idea, there is no option that demonstrates this expression of pure love better. The most important rule is that a kiss should not be staged. Choose an interesting place for shooting: take a picture of a kissing couple against the background of noisy city streets or a green forest. It will guarantee that instead of a standard shot you will get an awesome postcard.

Practice bokeh effect

The bokeh effect is one of the most beautiful and fashionable phenomena in Valentine's Day photography in the last few years and it fits perfectly perfectly for such an occasion. Make bokeh using a garland in the background or city lights behind a hugging couple. It will look very beautiful with the help of a bouquet of red roses as a prop, white and pink heart-shaped balloons. Small bubbles of flickering light add some magic to your shots.

Shoot at sunset

The most appropriate time for every kind of photograph on the street is the sunset. It ensures beautiful diffused light that plays with pink highlights. Make your pics fabulous. Choose a great place with open countryside and fascinating scenery. Ensure good natural light to get romantic shadow shots, but keep in mind that February sunsets are short. There is not much time to capture perfect colors, shapes and poses.

Enjoy trying black and white images

It is considered that black and white pictures are better for the mood and make them more sensual, dramatic. It is not necessary to shoot the entire album in black and white. Select several pictures and Valentine's Day photo editor will make them black and white. Make an interesting effect following these steps: during editing, leave a bright accent, for example, a red rose or a plush pink pillow heart, and draw the rest of colors in black and white.

Take pictures not only of young couples

Romantic pictures can be captured with many models. Do not concentrate only on young people. Organize such a shooting as a gift to parents, who have been together for many years and know exactly how to keep love. Children can become heroes of a festive event. Dress them in costumes of cupids and give toy bows and arrows to create Valentine's Day family pictures. Especially great will reflect the idea of a pregnant woman with a baby in a tummy. Try various options to find the most appropriate. Such frames are very cute and creative.

Dance, because it is always a good idea!

Turn on the music and see how the mood changes. Add action and clap hands to add dynamics and fun. Whether it’s cool pop music, passionate tango or slow ballads, your models will surrender to the power of dancing, and you will get beautiful photos. Pay special attention to details: how models look at each other, how they touch their hands, a dress movement. Make it an essential part of a long story in a dance.

Pay attention to details

There are many little things that are invisible at first glance, but they are able to create a mood in a frame. A garland with warm light, a beautiful bouquet of red roses, cute pillows, teddy bears and hearts are things which do not need any retouch. Details create an atmosphere of romance in pictures. Think in advance the Valentine picture background ideas. Take a close-up of wedding rings, a beautiful gift box, champagne glasses, picture book and the sign “I love you!”.

Make gifts

You can ask lovers to bring small presents for each other for shooting and photograph their emotions when they open them. Or simply use the empty beautiful boxes as props and ask couples to imagine that they are opening gifts of their future wedding or anniversary.

Capture proposals

Most fiances are thinking of the best way to propose to their soulmates, It is a very stressful issue. With the help of shooting such moments can be non only memorable but captured by a photo expert, so you can always remember the magic instant of saying “YES”. The emotion is absolutely real as it is a real surprise. Such idas is a win-win option for both photographers and fiancees all over the world.

Show deep love to yourself

Instead of looking for couples, lovers, pets and friends, just organize a magic session for yourself. Create awesome portraits and effects with the help of retouching programs and poses. Take a milk bath to create an even more sensual approach. Have fun and love yourself.

Use retro style or hobby

Do not neglect various activities which can be done indoors and outdoors. Because love is in details and not only in red colors and flowers. Retro cars and outfits can result in a great photo gallery. A common hobby shows how couples care for each other and share activities they enjoy.

We hope you enjoyed the ideas for the Valentine photoshoot ideas, which we tried to describe briefly. In case of small defects and imperfections you are always free to download a good editor. It will be easily installed even on your smartphone. Such comfort permits working on picture processing even in your own bath.

Have a good mood, and let love accompany you everywhere!