Let us share an interesting experience with those who want to try a new trend in the world of experiments with milk bath photography. The shooting is so unusual that many girls do not even dare to think about it. An ordinary girl can imagine herself in a bathtub filled with milk, surrounded by scarlet rose petals, only in her dreams. And only a truly uninhibited model can feel like a queen in real life. This long-held dream of many girls can be fulfilled if you find a photographer with experience or learn crucial tips by yourself.

Remember key advice

The place for shooting such a photosession can be an ordinary bathroom with a beautiful bathtub. The best bathtub for the milk bath photography concept is acrylic since it has a perfectly white surface and no scratches are visible. In an online plumbing store, an acrylic bathtub is currently being sold at a discount. We recommend you to buy it before filming. There is not much space in the bathroom, but for shooting it is quite enough. You also have to get a stepladder. Find fragrant flower petals and of course milk. These are the key prop details to prepare in advance.

Think well about the technical implementation of your idea

Because there can be many issues to consider before starting.

  • How to make a milk bath for photography in color? Which color?
  • Will the dye wash off from the bathroom?
  • Will the model experience toxic shock or dye allergy?
  • Will you throw grass and flowers into the water?
  • Will the flowers drown?

Do not ignore important safety measures

  • Prepare yourself and a model for a certain time that you need from beginning to the end of a process of shooting. It is important because the water in a bathtub should be of a comfortable temperature during the process. It is essential for great shots and natural poses. This is especially important when it comes to baby photography.
  • Make sure that your model has brought with her various outfits, especially the one to put on after the end of a photo session.
  • Find a towel and make sure that there is no danger of slippery floor. It is also better to dry up the face of a model to avoid extra shine on a picture.
  • Control if accessories you plan to use may cause allergic reactions. Better choose fake flowers if you are not sure of a model’s health. Put flowers and leaves into the bath after the model is in it. It will avoid props drown and keep them floating on the surface.

Set camera mode

To select the best camera mode, you must select manual shooting. It allows you to set any aperture, shutter speed, and ISO according to the location and your needs. You can use the flash as you wish. Using the flash will allow you to achieve various artistic effects in pictures. Automatic mode is easier but can turn on the flash where it is not needed. Natural shadows are killed and only the foreground is highlighted. Portraits and close-ups in automatic mode eliminate the volume and make faces look flat. The image may be blurry due to the camera being unable to determine which shutter speed is required in this case.

Talk to the model to discuss important issues

If you are a photographer, then your main task is to transfer the energy of a model in the photo. You can chat before shooting and discuss what mood you would like to capture: sadness, laughter, anger, resentment, mystery, or something else. The photographer needs to learn to see the successful perspectives of each person and tell how to correct the situation if hands are unnatural or head is turned in the wrong direction. Recently, photographers have relied on natural effects and abandon multilayer subsequent processing of photographs. So, to get the original photo, you do not need special knowledge. Just show your imagination and create an unusual image.

Choose best color and style

A proven and safe way to color the water white is to add milk or cream, and for colored milk bath photography, you will have to look for special non-toxic dyes. Flowers and grass look great in clear water, but only those flowers that do not sink, such as dried flowers, are visible in colored muddy water. All the rest will safely sink to the bottom of the bathroom and you will not see them again.

Before entering the bathroom, put it in the right place. During normal shooting, you can come closer to the light or turn to it with the other side. A cast-iron bathtub with water and a person in it is completely unbearable. Think about camera angles and lighting right away.

Consider the sequence of actions

Do you need frames in both clear and colored water? Is the idea to shoot with dry hair and wet? Plan the right sequence. Once the hair gets wet, it does not return to styling, and water with the cream does not become transparent again. After shooting in the bathroom, you can’t just get up and leave. Do not forget about towels, hairdryers, skin creams and extra time to drain the bath, dry hair, etc.

Use natural dyes and backdrops

There should be no paints or other chemistry in the bath! There are several reasons:

  1. Chemistry is unhealthy, especially for milk bath maternity photography or newborns.
  2. After immersion in water with paints, if the model wants to raise a hand from the water, particles of paint remain on her body, and then the bath will have to be washed for a long time.
  3. Water-based paint is extremely difficult to wash.
  4. Although kefir is harmless, in hot water protein coagulates upon dissolution, and white lumps can appear on the surface.

To create the best portrait shot a girl in a bath with milk, it is best to use natural milk with a fat content of at least 2.5% to 3.5%. This rule is based on lengthy experiments.

Some professionals recommend 10-liter packages of milk for a standard bath, i.e. the total amount of milk is 10-liters per bath in 200 liters. In this proportion, we get white water, but this mixture will look very remotely like milk.

Use all kinds of milk, including powder

It is possible to photography a milk bath with ordinary milk powder because it will not be drunk anyway. Depending on its quantity, it is possible to achieve the minimum required whiteness of water, although it is unlikely to save money.

Experiment with milk bath boudoir photography

It is getting more and more popular for future brides and future mothers. Such a picture is amazingly magical. It is not a standard photoshoot, but an image full of sincerity and sensuality. In such frames, you can see the true love of the future mother for her baby. And sometimes photos do not even require and photoshop editing.

The decor may be different:

  • flowers
  • foam
  • fruits (slices of orange or grapefruit)
  • flowers with milk
  • airy fabric. It is very beautiful and creates volume.

Decide what you want to get as a result

Large buds or petals look good, you can also add green sprigs. More flowers can be combined with slices of grapefruit or orange. Imagine how beautiful it is. Pregnancy photosession can be carried out in a dark or light bath. You can also organize such a photoshoot in a hotel where there is a large and beautiful bath. The water should be always warm. The advantage of the photo shoot in the bathroom, that the main focus is on the face and stomach. Some drawbacks of the figure are perfectly hidden in the water. That is why many future mothers like to pose for such a photo.

Include baby photography into experiments

The same rule works for the milk bath photography baby style. It is essential to have magic photos of your small child when he or she looks like an angel. Warm math with decoration in the bathtub. Of course, sleeping baby provides the best picture effect. Tender skin looks awesome with milk tone without any additional outfit. Make sure not to use allergic ingredients. Use a baby pool for the secure effect and perfect shots. Learn distraction tricks to capture children’s attention or to make them focus on your camera.

Experiment with various props

How to milk bath photography being unique, avoiding cliche? It is already a courageous step to put the model into the milk bath. Add all possible additional backdrops you can find. Every flower, branch, glitter, and color can contribute to a new vision of the same face. Butterflies can help to demonstrate a summer mood. Autumn colored leaves will transform a photo session into a stylish composition. Blue and white glitters create a snow queen image.

Get minimal

Milk bath does not necessarily have to be filled with too many items which will distract attention from the model. Do not overdo with accessories. Start from minimal shots with only a model in the frame. Practice various angles and do not capture only frontal looks from above. Minimal pictures leave space for imagination, especially if the girl is dressed in a lace dress or interesting lingerie. Nude style is considered minimal if the model is ready for such a step.

Concentrate on a natural light

Use natural light sources to avoid too many shadows and negative color distortions. If there is no way to keep natural, use as many lamps as possible to obtain monochrome tones and shades. Use classic applications for editing white balance and sharpness if needed. Software for post-processing has become even more easy and intuitive to be used even by simple smartphones.

Try all milk bath photography tips

Among common tricks to remember is the possibility to fix the model in the position to be able to shoot from different angles. Girls or babies do not have to get tired of shooting, otherwise, the experience will become negative and destroyed. Use some items to put under the head in the bathtub to improve the final result. Avoid copying poses you saw online, created by other people. Use natural movements of a model to find her way to pose. Preset everything necessary for a great look.

Follow basic photography rules

Every type of photography requires preparation and skills. Be sure that this style follows the same rules as others. Decide in advance the color scheme, not to overload the picture with noise and distracting items. In case you see something wrong, do not be afraid to crop it and correct composition afterward. Stay secure by yourself and obligatory use a camera strap not to drop it into the milk bath.

Make as many shots as possible

Do not be afraid to try all possible options with a set for bath photography when it comes to boudoir style. This mode is very popular among brides or girls who want to surprise their loved ones with a sensual image. Try various outfits and watercolor to find the one which helps to represent the model best. Use different props and angles as well as still or waved water. It is better to do more pictures than it is necessary because as soon as the bathtub is drained, there is no way back. More images you have, more options to edit there will be. It is crucial not only for amateurs but for professional shooting as well. There is no way to know in advance which photo will become the one you worked for.