Modern photoshoots are of different kinds and approaches. Studio, urban, indoor, outdoor, all those kinds of photoshoots we are familiar with. But the more specific and narrowly focused are usually unique and provide outstanding viewer reactions. If you are an amateur photographer and like outdoor and nature photoshoots, today we are going to discuss sunflower photoshoot ideas.

Sunflower field photoshoot ideas

If you have a sunflower field nearby, and it is summer season already, that is a good time to make some fashion sunflower photoshoots. How to do that kind of photoshoot? We are going to give you ideas right away! But 1st, we need to define what kind of photo we want. Is that romantic, portrait, aesthetic landscape of a family photo shoot? Maybe something else? That is up to you, but we are going to give you tips about all the listed themes anyway.

Portrait sunflower photoshoot

A portrait photoshoot is when you are the main actor in the frame, and the surroundings are used as props in any manner. Therefore, we use sunflowers as the prop for this case.

1. Hide and seek

Use a sunflower to cover a part of your face or all the face, as shown in the examples below. You can also partially cover your face and only your eyes appear on top of the flower, looking like you are hiding behind it.

2. Frame yourself with sunflowers.

As we discussed in our previous topic about framing, we can use a sunflower for that. Find a good angle to be able to use sunflowers as the framing reference for your portrait. That way, sunflowers would look like a border around you.

Create a bokeh effect, which acts the best here! It brings up focus determined to the model, blurring background or foreground. This requires you to adjust the aperture and shutter speed settings appropriately. But you can also DIY the bokeh in photoshop if you are not familiar with the settings yet.

3. Be part of nature.

The sunflower as the sun itself is strongly associated with good emotions and smiles. Do any kind of joy while doing sunflower portrait photoshoots, this will fit the best.

4. Sniff the flower.

Flowers smell good, let us show the joy of doing it.

As you can see from the recent examples, you do not have to be in a sunflower field, you can also be at any location and use a single flower to establish some aesthetics in your photograph.

Aesthetic sunflower photoshoot

The aesthetic picture usually contains a set of principles, following which you bring beauty to your images. Beauty is subjective, some people like one thing, others like another. But if you want to achieve a good shot that will draw attention to yourself, you need to follow all the principles of aesthetic photography. So using the rule of thirds, leading lines, and using symmetry in your composition become essential factors. It is important not to confuse aesthetics with style. Style is basically technical execution. That is more about how and what equipment you use and the way the light comes into play. On the other hand, aesthetics goes beyond the technical details. So basically, aesthetics is everything that draws the eye to an image. To understand a term the best way, you can watch any professional photographer’s portfolio, and you will get the hint.

This photo is a good example of an aesthetic image. Here we can see the boy with a flower set in the right spot, considering the rule of thirds. If we apply the grid here, our model will cross its focal points, drawing the eye. Also, we can see the road is used as the leading line towards the point of interest, and the sunflower is used as a fantastically fitting prop here, coming into play with sun glare by all means.

Here is another good example. As we see, the model is literally merging into the scene with that pose, being framed at the same time with flowers around her. The light and post-processing do not the least job here, and the fact that the model’s hair color is pretty much the same as the sunset surroundings draws the eye even more to that image's aesthetics.

Sunflower field photoshoot outfit

We have learned the poses, but you may ask what to wear for a sunflower photoshoot?

The clothes you wear can vary within a lot of factors, but there are two main points to consider: color and simplicity. With the color, you can either match or complement. Speaking differently, you need to find the colors for your outfit that will look natural in the frame, considering what is going on around you. As we saw in the example of aesthetic photoshoots, not just clothes, but even the color of your hair matters here. As we want to emphasize joy and freedom collaborating with summer and sunflowers, we wear something the same simple as nature.

There is a simple strappy sundress with an open-top or back, yellow or close to it complementary shades of colors by nature or close to it (beige blush light pink, violet). Have on a wicker hat, the wood color of which will blend perfectly with both your dress and your surroundings.

The white color and its shades are good too. Even light-cyan color, being sort of an opposite to yellow, will look good. But avoid hard colors like complete red or deep purple, those are poisonous colors that naturally do not fit these kinds of images.

Take a look at this image. Simple colors of nature, light blue top, light pink skirt, and green belt. All the colors are soft, have a beautiful composition complementing each other and the surroundings. Also, the clothes themselves are not the high-end fashion here, beauty is in simplicity. Therefore, some models are going even further and getting rid of all the clothes, but make sure there is nobody around besides you and your photographer!

But that is more about model sunflower photoshoot in a nu-style.

Sunflower couple photoshoot

The sunflower symbolizes a vibrant and productive relationship with your significant other, and the surrounding field will represent how much you still have to go through together.

Your significant other can lead you to a sunflower field holding your arm.

As long as the passion obsesses you, it is good to capture those moments. That way you can remember how it all began and tell your child or grandchildren about it with your photo album.

And if you feel uncomfortable showing your relationship on camera, you can always hide behind a sunflower.

Sunflower family photoshoot

We can apply most of the portrait sunflower photo shoot tips for families as well. But there we have just more variety to use as we can interact with members of our family in different ways. But make sure to have at least one general photo where each of the family members is included.

As a father, you can give your daughter a ride around the field and capture that moment of fun.

But who said that mommy is not strong enough for that?

However, that is the most common interaction within the family, make sure to have at least one photo like this doing a family photo shoot with your kids.

Make sure to pay attention to your beloved too. Set a romantic scene for that, showing that making family is just another step into the future but nothing has changed in your feelings for each other but only fortified.

Do not forget about your infant’s personality and make a personal photoshoot for them.

Children are the flowers of life and our inspiration. Even though you do not have one yet, but waiting to become a mother soon, you can also do a sunflower maternity photoshoot as a part of your family photoshoot.

Always capture these moments, kids will grow up, and they would be interested to see what was going on around when they were just in plans of their parents during pregnancy.

And as being said, children are the flowers of life, you can emphasize that saying even being pregnant with the image like this.

We did a path from personal to a family sunflower photo shoot. We were captured as a couple and kids, but how about newborn toddlers? Sunflower newborn photoshoots can exist too, babies deserve their own session!

If you can not get to the sunflower field, then make your own around your little one. Sat a baby into a basket and set something around to make it his own garden of sunflowers.

Or how about a sunflower bath for our boy in his first birthday celebration?

You can also make a sunflower crown of petals instead of the bow to make the event more festive.

There is a lot more to tell about the sunflower photo shoot, but that is not the way imagination works ;) We gave you just a thumbnail, a template, a guide, therefore you need to force your imagination which allows you to have stunning shots!