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How to use vanishing points in photography?
Jun 23, 2024
What is vanishing point? What is perspective using two vanishing points? How to get dynamism and movement using the magic of vanishing points? Wo...
What is composition in photography?
Jun 21, 2024
Taking a picture is not enough to create a photograph. It is necessary to harmoniously place objects in the picture, filling it with meaning. There are differ...
Storytelling Photography
Jun 19, 2024
When we watch a movie or series, we rarely think about what makes us so intently watch what is happening on the screen. The interest in the film is taken for...
A Guide to Minimalist Photography
Jun 19, 2024
Today it is fashionable and popular. In art, design, and photography, this trend is becoming more common, especially in visual arts, where nowadays everything i...
TOP-25 Funny Large Group Photo Ideas
Jun 19, 2024
We all love to gather big companies: family, friends, employees. In order to see each other, discuss working moments, organize a team building, share a new expe...
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Best 14 flat lay photography tips
Jun 15, 2024
Many people have more followers online than friends in the real world. Everyone wants to have their own blog about fashion, healthy lifestyles, food, yoga and e...
Light and Shadow Photography Ideas
Jun 15, 2024
We are used to avoiding shadows in photographs: work with professional studio lighting, shoot at golden hour, do everything to minimize the presence of shades i...
What is perspective in photography?
Jun 15, 2024
Photo art is a way to transfer three-dimensional space into 2D using visualization. To keep the picture realistic, you should emphasize the depth and volume. Yo...
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How to take real estate photos: photography tips
Jun 19, 2024
Residential and commercial property market is a big section of advertising photo art. As for all commercial goods, there is an important role of its presentatio...
How to photograph jewelry
Jun 19, 2024
Here are some common tips to remember: Make shots from every angle to satisfy the needs of the most demanding client.Plan every sparkle and control the light.Ea...
Rule of Thirds in Photography
Jun 17, 2024
It is impossible to count all the tutorials and videos, telling how to improve your skill, learn professional techniques or correct common errors. Still, most p...
Best DIY Guide to Product photography
Jun 16, 2024
It is historically considered that static objects in photography are an ideal plot. And even with the development of modern technologies, the attractiveness of...
How to use Lines in Photography
Jun 16, 2024
Nowadays everyone who has a digital camera can consider himself to be a modern expert in this art. There are many rules and standards, which are known and used...
12 Crucial Tips for Street Photography - Street photography tips for beginners
Jun 16, 2024
Once you take a camera in your hand, you may surprisingly discover a strong will to make more pictures than it was expected. Going out sometimes we do not notic...
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