Dorothea Lange: greatest documentary photographer
Jun 21, 2024
Photography has a long history that dates back to the 19th century. The term was first coined in 1839 and would have made little sense had it not been for the f...
What is Stable Diffusion and how to use it?
Jun 21, 2024
We live in a world where artists are losing their jobs because you can generate whatever piece of art you want with a simple text prompt within a few seconds th...
Different styles and types of photoshoots
Jun 21, 2024
Different types of photo shoots allow both models and photographers to unleash their potential in a career in professional photography. People like diversity, a...
How to make a non-standard photo shoot
Jun 21, 2024
There are plenty of styles and ways to take a photo. If we name them all we probably spend a whole day, but no matter how many types of photoshoots are out ther...
Kisses and hugs: the most intimate moments of a couple's photoshoot
Jun 21, 2024
Hugs and kisses play a pivotal role in a couple’s photoshoot. This could be presented as your pre-wedding photoshoot to put into the family album. It's crucial...
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A famous politician and talented photographer – Howard Baker Jr.
Jun 21, 2024
Today in our article we would like to tell you about such a remarkable man as Howard Baker. The man who went down in history as a famous politician and former A...
Capturing the true beauty of naturalness with Dannie Melissa Wit
Jun 21, 2024
A photographer from Seattle, Washington whose point is to focus on capturing raw and natural beauty around. That is basically a slogan for Dannie Melissa Wit. D...
TOP-5 careers in photography
Jun 21, 2024
In any type of profession, there are components that determine your future success in any endeavor, such as Skill, desire, motivation, and dedication. The same...
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Symmetry in Photography
Jun 21, 2024
How do you frame your shot to make your stories more interesting? How can you draw attention to your subject by using composition? There are a lot of different...
Best Body Editor Apps for iPhone and Android in 2023
Jun 21, 2024
Almost every day we use cell phones for different tasks and the times when such gadgets were needed solely for communication are gone. Today, a smartphone can h...
Depth of field in photography: the ultimate guide
Jun 21, 2024
When we are getting introduced into photography we may become overwhelmed with how many terms and factors are there to consider to have a good shot. There are a...
Sarah Elise Abramson - surreal spellbinding photography
Jun 21, 2024
Sarah Elise Abramson is a famous photographer from California who shoots in a surrealistic style. She creates unique images of bizarre characters on abandoned o...
How to organize and digitize your old family photos
Jun 21, 2024
From an early age, the older generation tells us stories about their heritage, combining this with looking through old and dusty photo albums that have been in...
Photographer sheds light on the environmental injustice
Jun 21, 2024
Tammy Cromer-Campbell is a multi-faceted person, a woman who not only takes photographs but is also dedicated to fighting environmental injustice. Environmental...
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