Best astrophotography cameras
Dec 2, 2023
The vast expanses beyond our planet called space have always beckoned us with their immensity of unexplored. Astrologists armed with telescopes and еру people w...
Flower Photography tips
Dec 2, 2023
There is a saying that children are the flowers of life, but what makes for such a flower's allure? Plants are all around us and when we go out in nature, surro...
Top 5 Action Cameras like GoPro
Dec 2, 2023
GoPro has a wide range of models from Hero1 to Hero9 and each version has had its updates and improvements. GoPro is known for having unique features as well as...
Best video editing apps
Dec 2, 2023
Photo and video editors have become an integral part of the digital age. But one thing is just to improve 1 frame, and another is when you need to fix the pictu...
Softbox in photography
Dec 2, 2023
Speaking of professional photography and studio work, many different things can come to our minds. And one of those things is the lighting set the right way. A...
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Lighting for filmmaking - equipment, techniques, tips
Dec 2, 2023
Lighting is a very integral part of filmmaking, and it is more than just illumination. The lighting itself plays a massive role in visual storytelling. Lighting...
Photography Prices — How to Create Photography Packages
Dec 2, 2023
Making a new startup is always a headache for a beginner, no matter the area. But when it comes to such popular segments as photography, things become even mo...
2022 Color of the Year: Very Peri
Dec 2, 2023
Today we are going to talk about Pantone’s Very Peri color of the year 2022. But let us talk about what Pantone is and what the Pantone Color Institute does fir...
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TOP-3 travel tripods: everything you need to know
Dec 2, 2023
Before we talk about the best travel tripods, we need to understand what are travel tripods' main features and differences. Whether you are a professional or ju...
Erin Joyce on photography: how to convey mood and atmosphere in photos
Dec 2, 2023
Erin Joyce Photography is the perfect choice for people who want to capture the mood and atmosphere of a scene. Through her unique approach to lighting and comp...
Math in photography
Dec 2, 2023
Photography is an art form that involves mathematics in various aspects. Math is used to calculate the optics, lens design, camera angles, lighting, exposure, a...
Sarah Elise Abramson - surreal spellbinding photography
Dec 2, 2023
Sarah Elise Abramson is a famous photographer from California who shoots in a surrealistic style. She creates unique images of bizarre characters on abandoned o...
How to organize and digitize your old family photos
Dec 2, 2023
From an early age, the older generation tells us stories about their heritage, combining this with looking through old and dusty photo albums that have been in...
Photographer sheds light on the environmental injustice
Dec 2, 2023
Tammy Cromer-Campbell is a multi-faceted person, a woman who not only takes photographs but is also dedicated to fighting environmental injustice. Environmental...
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