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10 Tips For Stunning Photography
Dec 4, 2023
Obtaining a high-quality photo requires a lot of skills from the photographer, such as the ability to adjust their equipment and technical execution with the se...
How to take a wildlife photography: tips for beginners
Dec 4, 2023
What is the actual difference between the types of photography? There could be an endless list, but if we talk about the basics, it is the approach, the knowled...
How to take sharp images?
Dec 4, 2023
Sharpness describes the legibility of a detail image, and it can be used as an important creative tool for highlighting texture. Appropriate photography and p...
How to use ND filters for landscape photos?
Dec 4, 2023
Learn when to use ND filters Add creative techniques with a ND filters guide Prepare the best ND filter for a perfect composition Use neutral densi...
IPhone Photography Tips
Dec 4, 2023
Focus and choose the angle Don't use magnification Work with exposure and HDR mode Keep in mind iPhone camera tips for an image processing Explo...
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What is portrait mode on iPhone and how to use it?
Dec 3, 2023
For those who don't know what portrait mode is, it is a camera function that keeps the subject in focus and slightly blurs the background, in photographic ter...
What is infrared photography: definition, techniques, tips
Dec 3, 2023
How to shoot infrared photography? Modify your cam following the infrared photography tutorial Use a low ISO trying infrared photography techniques...
What is composition in photography?
Dec 3, 2023
Taking a picture is not enough to create a photograph. It is necessary to harmoniously place objects in the picture, filling it with meaning. There are differ...
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Photography tips: what is a "Gobo"?
Dec 4, 2023
Typically, the term "Gobo" is used to define lens filters and templates that are attached to theater spotlights. You can use anything between the light and the...
How to take aesthetic pictures?
Dec 4, 2023
One of the main rules for a photographer is choosing suitable conditions, first of all, lighting. Even a phone with a good camera and powerful flash will not al...
Thanksgiving photography tips
Dec 4, 2023
Capture preparations Use a window for thanksgiving picture ideas Pose for the family picture keeping in mind details Include distraction into the t...
Watermark for Photography
Dec 4, 2023
Watermark for Photography Having mastered this great art and acquired new skills and knowledge in professional photography, there is another issue to conside...
What is Focal Length in Photography
Dec 4, 2023
Sometimes it is not that easy to discover what is the key element of success in every art. Of course, natural talent and skills play a huge role. But there are...
TOP-12 Best Creative Macro Photography Ideas
Dec 4, 2023
It is time to discover a new theme as macro photography, which can be an art itself. Some of the best images are done with this creative caption mode. Usually a...
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