There’s something magical about the photos capturing the memories of the happy moments. Whatever stage of the relationships you and your darling are in, don`t let this moment pass: capture it. Regardless of where or how those photos were taken, often they grow even more valuable over time. In this article, we will share with you 7 couple of photoshoot ideas to take memorable photos to appreciate for years to come.

Having fun

It`s not only about your pose, but it is also rather about creating a moment of fun. Keep it simple to make a photo look more natural. Just talk and laugh with each other, that would be a nice way to get comfortable in front of the camera and take a shot much more playful and lively. When it comes to the portraits bear in mind that it is the expression on the face that makes the image mood. Try playing with different expression and emotions.


You can start posing face to face or holding arms around her or him from behind. It would be also a great option for catching intimate close-up portraits. It is not necessarily for the couple to look in the camera, and the look doesn`t have to be cheesy. Let it be full of light and artistic. Don`t forget about the focus. The picture should highlight exactly what it supposed to, both of you.

Themed couple photoshoot

Try personalizing your photo. Themed photoshoot, based on what your common hobbies and interests are,  will reflect your personalities and make the whole shooting unique and creative. Cooking, painting, dancing, crossfit: any of your hobbies can become a background or props for your photo session. Just keep on experimenting.

Capturing motion

Try adding movement to the photos, for example simply walking hand in hand with your partner. Sometimes body and legs, in particular, may look awkward on photos in movements. Which is why make sure, that you have taken enough shots. That would enable you to choose several with the best body angles or leg movement on the photo.

Facing lighting.

Do not underestimate the power of lighting.  To make the most of the light, make sure that you are facing the light source (directly or indirectly). Even more: facing soft golden sunset lights would add intimacy to your photoshoot. You have an opportunity to catch up golden light only two times a day: an hour after sunrise, and an hour before sunset. Make the most of it!

Appropriate outfit

Another important question that pops up before every couple of photo shooting is what to wear for the session. On your path to the perfect outfit, there are a lot of things to keep in mind: coordinating colors and styles, dressing appropriate to your body type, considering location and so on. Stick to properly fitting clothes. Mostly baggy clothes make you look more messy and bigger on the camera. Even though a location of the photo shooting might be pretty contrasting with your clothing, make sure, that you are wearing clothes matching the overall “feel” of your fiancé/fiancée`s outfit. Don`t overdo it, otherwise, you will be looking too “matchy”: same color family (for example deep blue and light blue) or any combination of pastel colors would be good.

Choosing a location

Choosing a spot significant to both of you as a location for the shooting will make your couple photography even more memorable. Maybe there is a cafe you used to have your first dates in or just a skyline of your home city: just let the background compliment the two of you in a meaningful way.

Finishing touches to your couple photos.

Once you finally got the pictures you were looking for, you may want them to be retouched. Overall image retouch will help to get rid of small imperfections and correct the color of an image.  For this purpose, you may find RetouchMe app helpful.

Anyway, there is no need for an elaborate photo shoot. Stay relaxed, lighthearted and fun. Often the best shots are the candid ones. So pretend it to be candid, enjoy that moment of happiness with your sweetheart. The good thing about it is that nowadays all of those brief but timeless moments can be captured. So, take photos together everywhere and in every way you find suitable. One day you will be glad you did.