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Shooting Candlelight Photography
Sep 30, 2023
Candle light photography is a great way to add some romanticism to your everyday photography. Also, shooting candle photography can convey different moods and e...
Storytelling Photography
Sep 30, 2023
When we watch a movie or series, we rarely think about what makes us so intently watch what is happening on the screen. The interest in the film is taken for...
How to put a picture on glass?
Sep 30, 2023
Every time you drink a glass of water from your painted cup, you may wonder how they transfer images to glass. Probably it is straightforward using brush and in...
39 Engagement Photo Poses Ideas
Sep 30, 2023
When couples want to memorize happy moments of their future family, they seek experts. Photographers and magical sessions of creativity capture the most awesome...
16 lifestyle photography tips
Sep 30, 2023
There is no other better way to tell about your family and important events in your life if not to enjoy lifestyle photography. It helps to share amazing feelin...
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How to pose for pictures
Sep 30, 2023
It happens very often that a pretty girl, making photo, looks weird, with a long nose or a second chin, too short or curved. And instead of a fresh, light makeu...
ТОP 5 Emotional Photography Ideas
Sep 29, 2023
Create Mood With Non-Human Subjects Let The Weather Create The Mood Use Color and Light To Capture the Atmosphere Keep the Conversation Going...
DIY Photography Props Ideas
Sep 29, 2023
Oh what a wonderful time for us, during a photo service with so much laughing and fun. Gathering with friends, colleagues or parents for such an occasion is mor...
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Photography Inspiration Ideas
Sep 30, 2023
Make things you like most of all to get satisfaction. When you do what you love, you become a truly happy person. Love your work, people you work with. This is...
Light and Shadow Photography Ideas
Sep 30, 2023
We are used to avoiding shadows in photographs: work with professional studio lighting, shoot at golden hour, do everything to minimize the presence of shades i...
TOP-28 Professional Car Photography Ideas
Sep 30, 2023
When you become a happy owner of a brand new sports car from the salon that you have dreamed of for a long time, or gave a new life to an old vintage vehicle, h...
9 Ways to Find Photoshoot Locations
Sep 30, 2023
Several ideas to avoid that annoying question: are there new photography spots near me? Change viewing angle and mode of thinking; Examine every corne...
Best Female Portrait Poses
Sep 30, 2023
Basic list of female portrait pose referencesAvoid military posture, just relax, take it easyTry putting only thumbs in pockets, instead of a whole handIf you s...
How to look awesome on every photo
Sep 30, 2023
How many disappointments we face sometimes, watching our bad shots. It may cause low self-esteem, and even depression. A successful photo makes you feel confide...
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