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How to put a picture on glass?
Mar 4, 2024
Every time you drink a glass of water from your painted cup, you may wonder how they transfer images to glass. Probably it is straightforward using brush and in...
39 Engagement Photo Poses Ideas
Mar 4, 2024
When couples want to memorize happy moments of their future family, they seek experts. Photographers and magical sessions of creativity capture the most awesome...
16 lifestyle photography tips
Mar 4, 2024
There is no other better way to tell about your family and important events in your life if not to enjoy lifestyle photography. It helps to share amazing feelin...
Photography Inspiration Ideas
Mar 4, 2024
Make things you like most of all to get satisfaction. When you do what you love, you become a truly happy person. Love your work, people you work with. This is...
Light and Shadow Photography Ideas
Mar 4, 2024
We are used to avoiding shadows in photographs: work with professional studio lighting, shoot at golden hour, do everything to minimize the presence of shades i...
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Beach Photography Ideas and Tips
Mar 3, 2024
Even if you are an amateur and your images are not published in glossy magazines, it does not mean that you cannot get good results with fascinating frames. One...
How to make a professional wedding album
Mar 3, 2024
Weddings are one of the brightest and the most beautiful events in our lives. We plan it in advance, think of every detail, choose a wonderful dress, a perfect...
TOP-20 Creative Travel Photography Tips and Ideas
Mar 3, 2024
There is one thing, you are not going to forget, going for vacation, whether it is a weekend picnic or a business trip. This must-have item in your bag is defin...
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13 Makeup tips for photoshoot
Mar 4, 2024
Get prepared in advance Studio photography includes many different genres and styles of shooting. Masters and professionals most of all appreciate beauty and f...
TOP-11 Double Exposure Photography Ideas
Mar 4, 2024
Usually a double exposure effect is used by photographers, using nothing else than a camera, which is able to combine two different photos. This technique is co...
TOP-9 Christmas Lights Photography Tips
Mar 4, 2024
Shooting can have a lot of approaches, depending on plot and equipment. Night snapshots are interesting for many reasons. First, a variety of illumination would...
7 Couple Photography Tips
Mar 4, 2024
There’s something magical about the photos capturing the memories of the happy moments. Whatever stage of the relationships you and your darling are in, don`t l...
ТОP 5 Emotional Photography Ideas
Mar 3, 2024
Create Mood With Non-Human Subjects Let The Weather Create The Mood Use Color and Light To Capture the Atmosphere Keep the Conversation Going...
TOP-13 Prom Photography Tips and Ideas
Mar 3, 2024
Start preparing your picture album in advance, to have something to show to you children and grant children. There is no other better possibility to get her you...
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