Modern wedding photography offers a plethora of settings to choose from. As a couple, you may often find yourself struggling to find uniqueness in your wedding reception photo shoot. The good thing about photographers is that you can find one with whom you can easily establish a good rapport and explain the vision of your wedding. One such photographer is Benjamin Clifford - a photographer who puts a lot of attention to details that transforms your photoshoot into offbeat wedding photography.

Benjamin Clifford Bio and Establishment

Benjamin Clifford started his journey into wedding photography by association with Joy Clifford - his wife. Before getting into wedding photography, they decided to set their own wedding day in the best way possible.

Unlike most photographers, neither of them grew up in a photographer’s household. They have just decided to not have someone to document their wedding day, which is the most important day of any couple, and just do it on their own. Their photography inspiration was taken from their friend, who was at the time a novice portrait photographer who depicted their relationship at the beginning. The couple have lost their 2-year-old son Kyan diagnosed with rare liver cancer. After getting through harsh treatments their son eventually passed away after 6 months. The friend has offered them a family session capturing the couple’s raw love and how they are getting through their sorrow together. This had a big impact on their lives and became a base for their vision of photography.

“Life doesn’t give you redo—it presents you with opportunities.”

Now they have Ben & Joy photography agency based in Phoenix, Arizona state that helps couples document the most important day of their lives crafting timeless moments of their wedding ceremony.

Crafting Timeless Moments

Based on the mentioned experiences, Ben and Joy realized that there is nothing they love more besides allowing the couple to document their wedding day authentically and genuinely which feels like home to them. They offer a luxury experience focusing on a visual narrative combining beauty with comfort.

Creating Connection and Authenticity

Being a wedding photographer is not just about working with the camera, but also working with a couple. Each couple is two individuals, and establishing a strong connection with the bride and groom and the couple as a whole is essential.

Benjamin Clifford allows the couple to customize wedding by providing a vision for their photoshoot and then applies his professionalism to reflect upon the couple’s uniqueness with all possible photo techniques.

As such Benjamin may offer you to visit venues where you had met for the first time and recreate this moment to capture into your wedding photo album as a part of a pre-wedding photoshoot. The venue has an impact on perception and reveals the story, therefore, mastering composition with the venue features is the key.

Aligning the photoshoot with a specific theme that resonates with the couple’s interests or love story, be it vintage, fantasy, pop culture, or any other theme, can make the photoshoot exceptionally personalized and creative.

Mastering the Art of Composition

Analyzing Benjamin’s Clifford portfolio which includes a lot of wedding photoshoots, you will see how the photographer has mastered the art of composition. He utilizes wedding venues to their full potential allowing the place to focus on the couple's features using many compositional techniques such as leading lines, rule of thirds, and framing techniques.

In terms of wedding photography poses, each venue has a specific geometry that requires a couple to be in place that has the most focus, this could be any lines starting from arcs or any other lines that lead viewer’s attention straight to the subject.

When it gets further to close-ups, Benjamin blurs background with a nice bokeh using a wide-angle lens to distort the image and make sure that his couple gets the most focus by choosing the right background.

The Importance of Storytelling

Stepping away from the traditional posed photographers, Benjamin Clifford provides innovation by capturing moments in a way that reflects the couple’s personality and tells their unique story. Instead of just documenting the day, he approaches wedding shoots like a movie director choosing the right angles, and using natural lighting outdoors to create a narrative that captures the essence of the couple’s love story.

Attention to Every Detail

Capturing small details may add depth to the story. Working with Benjamin Clifford, you will get photos that you won’t expect, where the bride is preparing for the celebration, and the bridesmaid is helping her with her hair or putting on a brooch.

Besides, the ceremony itself is also to be memorized. The festive table, the dishes in detail on the background of the gathering guests - all this also sets the course of events captured on camera, which will allow you in the future to remember how everything happened from start to finish.

Moreover, the most details are in the close-up shots which is the part of each Benjamin’s wedding photoshoot along with wide angle shots to capture guests or the couple on their own.

Embracing Creativity and Innovation

As your wedding day goes by with Benjamin, you may see some innovations incorporated in your shoot. As such first look photos may be applied. This is a relatively recent tradition where couples see each other in their wedding attire before the ceremony. It’s a private moment full of genuine emotion, providing a perfect opportunity for creative shots. Benjamin gets creative with the location, poses, and capturing the spontaneous reactions of the couple.

To capture the joy and energy of your day, Benjamin also incorporates movement into your photos, which is significant during the couple’s dance which is a tradition for weddings. These are dynamic and candid shots that also have attention to detail and may be applied with motion blur in the post.

As your ceremony is getting to the end, the nighttime photos come out. Here it comes to long exposure photos that allow the photographer to play with the artificial light sources to their advantage (sparklers, fairy lights, or neon lights). This can produce magical, whimsical, or dramatic effects.

Innovation in wedding photography is limitless and continuously evolving, as Benjamin Clifford experiments with new technologies, techniques, and concepts to push traditional wedding photography's boundaries and create art as unique as each couple’s love story.


Often, we fall in love with our soulmate because of the very little things or details that are usually not visible in the general view. Benjamin Clifford has a great perception of such little things and always gives enough attention to them.

“When it comes to planning your wedding, it would be silly not to take inspiration from what it is that makes the two of you, well… you. Incorporating personal details that tell your love story will have your guests by the hearts, all while ensuring your day is anything but ordinary.”

Having your wedding photoshoot by Benjamin Clifford, you can be assured, that these details are going to be revealed in the best way possible in a professional setting that is not forcing attention but makes you wish to look at these photos without realizing the among of work has been done in the image and all the thought process of the professional.