What is close up eye photography?

The human’s eye is an amazing part of a body. In addition to physiological functions and a perfect device, eyes are part of nonverbal communication and self-expression. And they play an important role in an aesthetic appeal of a face. Just think about how many love poems and songs glorify the beauty of this organ. Also, many philosophical statements are devoted to them, being a mirror of one’s soul. The expression is probably a little exaggerated, but apparently very vital. This is due to great attention to facial expressions in the photo. What else can be so important for each portrait photography? It is easy to see that almost always, only eyes are in focus. This is something that many people care about at the post-processing stage. There are many tips, tutorials, plug-ins, scripts and brushes designed to make pictures look better.

But what do we know exactly about this marvelous body part, and how this knowledge can help to enhance its beauty. We know that eyeballs are smooth balls, and the iris can be brown, blue or green (or other similar colors).

If you are not a medical professional but would like to look at a human eye in detail and penetrate its secrets, all you need is to get a macro lens and a volunteer.

This is the most important element of any portrait. Thanks to its beauty eyes, photographing eye close up can enchant you. That is why we are glad to devote this article to such topical issue of secrets to improve every single selfie in your album.

How to take eye pictures

1. Switch on the light

Light is all you might need for beautiful pics. Its absence or presence, power and color usually play a great role in the overall effect. Use it and do not forget to enjoy it. First of all, understand its importance and influence on the photo plot. It can easily change the image from upside down. Learn to understand it, no matter how much it costs and only after that you will succeed in a photoshoot. These were the real thoughts and words of famous George Eastman and we are completely sure that he was more than just right.

Most eyes photography tips include crucial advice to have them well lit and have beautiful highlights. Glare is a magic reflection which can be perfectly captured by every type of camera, whether it is SLR or iPhone. The size, shape, and brightness of the flare depend on the light source used.

Do not worry about the lack of lamps, because natural sunray and open windows will be always at your disposal. A diffuse flash on a camera creates a softer, rectangular flare.

The softbox gives a soft and natural flare. Poorly lit eyes without glare look cold and a bit creepy. Keep in mind, considering which result you want to get.

2. Play with eye expression

Anon once told that you were what you think, everything that arose from your thoughts. With your thoughts, you created your own world. Not all models can boast of natural affection, watching the camera lens. Some of them tend to become frozen and nervous. If the plot is the one which requests the necessary expression of coldness, then it is nice. Otherwise some mental relax is needed to obtain the right mood and feeling. Relaxing tricks always work when it comes to eye macro photography. Even the most confident person in real life can become shy during the shooting process.

The way you communicate, establish a connection with a model and direct actions greatly influences facial expression. If the model smiles but does not feel like doing it, her close up eye photography will demonstrate it, showing her cold and boring. Nervous or distracting emotions will be also be reflected in photos.

3. Remember visualization trick

Model thinking of dreams creates visual images of what is currently not around or does not exist at all. This is one of the most effective methods to use considering how to take eye pictures. As soon as the moment of visualization arrives, gestures and facial expression immediately changed. This is the right moment to capture and be proud of yourself starting own chapter of “My sharp eye photography”.

4. Watch your shot processing level

Do not exaggerate, playing with contrasts and tones. Post-processing will help to make stunning shots from good shots, however, it will take a lot of effort. The secret is not to overdo. Having at your disposal the entire set of editing tools that are offered by modern software, you can get carried away very easily. Try another trick to make more pauses between retouching. Continue your work another day and see if you notice changes in perception of the same pictures. Usually, perception is constantly adapting to adjustments already made, and then it is difficult to realize that it was overdone somewhere. Be careful and stay natural without too many brushes and tools.

5. Make your model rest

The sclera is a very sensitive part of the eyeball. In case you need to include it into your shot, using a macro lens will multiply red sclera if the model is tired and did not sleep well. That is why it is highly recommended to have much rest and do not party all night long between photo shooting. This will guarantee beautiful results will less retouching.

6. Use your zoom, but get closer as well

Talking of how to photograph eyes, it is important to remember to be as close as possible to the model with your lens. Even if it is going to seem awkward and weird, there is no other way to achieve necessary images with less effort. So be patient and catch the moment. It may be also difficult for a model. Still, use relaxing methods and make it look great.

7. Be creative

It is not necessary always to make pics of someone else when you are in love with your own personality. You can easily capture your own eye obtaining a cool photo using only two props: mirror and tripod. These accessories have to be a personal assistant of every photographer. They facilitate every process even if sometimes we do not feel like bringing some props with us in a bag.

8. Control your device settings before the shooting

Every camera has certain settings, which have to be used for various types of pictures. That is why it is necessary to study every button which may help to enhance the model’s look and facial expression. ISO, shutter speed, focal length, aperture and makeup are basic elements to know well, before making new pics. Of course, every error can be carefully removed or canceled with the retouching software, but it is always better to reduce this post-processing period.

Eye photography tips

1. No flash is used for such type of photography

Otherwise, you risk to hurt the pupil and even cause serious health problems.

If you do not have a special glass lens for macro shooting, an alternative can be a reversing adapter that allows you to mount this lens on the camera backward. Or you can also try to play with a fisheye effect.

2. Only macro lens will work best for the unique shot

Regular lens or zooming works well at a certain level and distance, depending on your personal skills and needs.

Natural light is the best choice, whatever your plan is. You and your model should find the perfect angle where the sun hits the eye at the right angle, showing all its details. The flash is usually not recommended due to glare and reflections created by it, as well as very flat lighting.

3. Focus manually

Do not permit technology to decide when and where is the best moment to capture. This is a very specific part to shoot, so try to be patient and choose the instant when you feel it.

Shooting will require patience and speed. Your model will blink and you may have to take several images due to this. Just keep taking pictures, being vigilant you will get the habit of anticipating when you need to take a right shot, without unnecessary eyeshadows.

Start practicing as soon as you can to reach significant levels. There are no famous artists who were born knowing all possible tricks and secrets in their profession. That is why you can be easily one of those who will definitely be able to contribute to a development of this activity, publishing own works and secrets to obtain the 3D effect, deep sensual look, etc.