The hairstyle is an integral part of any image, because hair is the main decoration that nature presented to us. Each girl loves and takes care of her hair, makes salon procedures and fashionable haircuts to emphasize her individuality.

When planning a photo shoot and thinking over the images' glamour tricks, you should definitely remember such an important component as hairstyling. You can make romantic curls or a short cut, paint out colored locks or work on a complex modern style, the main thing is that themes correspond to the subject of shooting.

In this article, you will learn the main rules of successful hair photoshoot ideas for beautiful pics, and you can also be inspired by several styling examples.

Key rules by professional stylists and photographers

1. The first rule is healthy, beautiful hair. Dull hair color and split ends will spoil your image and mood. Therefore, on the eve of the shooting, you should make moisturizing and nourishing masks and, if necessary, refresh hair ends in the salon.

2. The second important part is cleanliness and freshness. Dirty heads will not decorate your picture. So do not be lazy to wash and organize yourself better, without expecting miracles from photo editing. Although some styles have waves and a smooth tail is better to do on the second day after washing, otherwise hair will be pushed and hair photoshoot will not work.

3. And that brings us to the third rule: think about your image and outfit in advance.

4. When you plan to capture some pictures, you should consider all details of the model: clothing, makeup and plot. It should fully display the theme and give you the ability to change images quickly.

5. If you are the owner of dyed hair, then you should freshen up the color in the salon so that the frame is not spoiled by ugly tones and shades. Color should be fresh and saturated and then your image will be bright and complete.

6. Best of all, curly or straightened hair will suit for a natural effect. So you will be able to try various options to obtain different outlooks. The ability to transform styling with hairpins or other accessories will help you get more beautiful photos.

7. Hair photography is a reason to use the services of a professional hairstylist. Of course, you will be able to twist curls, make a mask or straighten hair with an iron, but by resorting to the services of professionals in a salon, your look will be more harmonious and you will be sure that you look great without photoshop editors. A skillful expert will professionally select your look and make the styling appropriate for your type and subject of shooting.

8. Avoid complex ideas. The easier the image will be, the more beautiful and harmonious the whole image will be. Except when complex hair is part of the image of models. Then it should be well fixed, so that during the shooting, all the image is not destroyed by a wind if it is outdoors or movements.

9. When choosing a hairstyle make sure that it fits your type of face. Short bangs can make your face wide, and long side strands emphasize the length of your nose, bright colors can make you look older in pictures. You should be attentive and see how well your hair enhances your beauty, not flaws.

Remember: fair-haired girls have more difficult hairstyles, so they are more often chosen by hairdressers at various competitions. Owners of dark hair should choose an easy styling, it will emphasize the health, strength and shine.

10. Getting prepared for photoshoots, grab a few accessories. Invisibles, studs, creative hairpins, hoops, brushes and even pretty caps will help you change the image in a minute and will become a cool accent of your image.

How to take hair pics like a pro

- Light. Nature has provided us with its cheap and efficient effects of lighting. In case you work indoors use studio lighting with reflectors, but without flashes. This will make pictures softer and not so contrasting.

- Background. Use a solid or dim background to not distract attention from the model.

- Posing. If you want to focus on hair in the frame, ask your model to look down or to the side. In this way more attention will be given to hairdressing photography.

It is better to take a few test shots and correct mistakes in the process of work than to pay too much time and attention to retouching photographs.

Top tips for taking better hair pictures

Get romantic curls. The simplest and good idea to show yourself of all times. You can later gather curls in a tail or stab the sides, decorate with a nice hoop or tiara, you can complete the outfit with a wreath of fresh flowers. Absolutely any accessory will be able to transform this image into something new.

Have fun with a hair bow. A fairly simple way to get entertained when the camera shoots your laugh and joy. It will immediately make your look more playful and fun. Colored accessories are usually a great chance to become more girly and pink.

Be sensual with a french braid. This a complex volumetrics for various images and outfits. Some women choose this option for maternity picture albums. It adds tenderness and elegance at the same time. It looks beautiful from any angle and shows the essence of a real woman. Braid can be located on the back of a head or decorated with hairpins and fresh flowers. Many famous celebrity names use this idea for important events.

Practice your own type of bundles. This tip is more suitable for an indoor simple outfit, because it looks cute and cozy. You can make a carefully smoothed bundle, add playfulness to the image and make it slightly casual.

Control bangs all the time. Bang should be put in order to look perfect. Also make sure that your face with a bang does not look too wide in the frame. Perfectly smooth bangs look very beautiful, it will emphasize the thickness and color of your hair. Special effects can be obtained in black and white shooting with high contrasts.

Make free your curly hair. Naturalness is in fashion now and owners of curls should no longer endlessly straighten their hair. Natural curls will look very good in a frame and, if desired, you can slightly change the image with the help of hairpins or hoop.

Enjoy short haircut photography. The main thing in this sphere is naturalness and simplicity. With the help of hair foam, you can add volume and create a flirty, casual look. If the hair is very short, then it is important to set a good texture, so it will look stylish and original. Colored images are of great popularity in social networks, try original blue and pink colors to impress your friends.

Get to know an asymmetrical approach. This option always attracts attention, looks playful and, at the same time, elegant. You can carefully create an elegant, smooth image, or do a slightly casual styling.

Keep in mind that retro styles are in fashion. Retro looks are equally good both on long and short hair. They are characterized by smooth waves of medium or large size of an ideal form. Elegance is guaranteed with no efforts.

We hope that you have learned some useful information from this article and you will find these tips useful when preparing for an important event like a wedding, graduation, birthday, etc. Remember that hairstyle is as important a part of a photo shoot as makeup and clothes. Spend enough time and energy on its creation and your image will become complete, and photos will turn out even more beautiful.