Everyone who has ever applied for a passport can share only regrets about the photo it has. Moreover, sometimes the picture is not just bad, but weird and artificial. There are always some passport photo tips to take into consideration, because it is better to travel with a good mood, looking at your reflection in such an important document. 

Close your eyes for a minute and try to imagine your face. For sure the face which is going to pop up in your imagination will look more like a self-portrait painted in 4 years. Getting a picture of yourself, you are trying to reproduce the visual image that has developed in your head. You remember what your smile looks like and try to repeat it. To get the best picture you need to remember not how your smile looks, but how you feel when you smile.

Sometime before the only ID image could be done in a specialized office,nowadays we have more freedom with our own new modern technologies in iPhone and Android.

1. Get prepared

Think ahead and you will get the best result

Do not leave this procedure for the last minute! When you urgently need to get this picture, you usually rush to the first photo studio without makeup and hairstyle. It is completely wrong, because you need to plan everything in advance! Practice your look and try some images. This will definitely help to identify possible mistakes and correct them. Pay attention to your lips and do not clamp, otherwise they will look like a thin thread.

2. Get rest before the moment

Getting your ID makeup look in the mirror and think if it is your everyday look

It does not matter which life you are used to. The day before you have to renovate your ID or passport, just get as much sleep as you can to look fresh and nice. Getting out with your friends is a great habit, but avoid getting drunk and eating salty foods. Be sure that you will never get a perfect shot after a whole fun, but sleepless night.

3. Make-up rules for serious and natural look

Better to check all possible restrictions for makeup and accessories

There is no surprise that makeup has many elements to be careful with. And your personality has to be definitely reflected, but without causing confusion when it is compared to your everyday face.

Each type of document has its own requirement, but all of them usually recommend avoiding extreme makeup with excessive colors. It means, no sparkling and glittering faces. It is really much easier to look simple but nice instead of trendy and aggressive. Keep in mind that this photo may serve you for a long time, so it is better not to think of any fashion styles.

4. First of all, take care of an ideal healthy face

Emphasize your advantages

Of course, it's good to try some procedures in time to acquire a perfectly smooth tone, and take care of your skin with natural remedies. In case of an urgent response, it is better to use some toning cosmetics. Treat all areas of your face, including the area under eyes and neck.

If you can not boast with perfect skin, use some of our tips for passport photos. A good concealing cream will remove visible defects, all smile-sized wrinkles and wrong tan.Draw your eyebrows. This will add your appearance's necessary expressiveness.

Do not use colored shadows. Only natural shades or a little dark brown or gray. Blue, purple, green shadows can look funny on the photo, but they are too noticeable. Also we recommend to use only matte shadows.

5. Think carefully about your quality image

Make several snapshots and choose the most appropriate

It is common to stay with a business style than in your favorite grunge or hippies. Avoid deep decollete and significant accessories. And try not to exaggerate with a smile. Definitely you can be a funny and friendly person, but keep yourself calm without showing off your teeth. Just think of something nice to relax your face and make it naturally attractive.

It may not seem obvious, but having at our disposal a variety of tools to improve the final picture, there is always the right application. Using your camera, you just make a quick shot and everything else is to be done online. This mode will be able to demonstrate the result you are looking for. Additional editing techniques are always available at clients’ request. That is why, if your image needs a small retouch, it will be greatly done by experts.

6. Watch the background

Try more options for a perfect picture

Practicing to pose, have you ever thought of location importance? Of course, not. Because none can expect that our face tones and mood can depend on such a detail. Upload your picture using your computer and try to change the background. This way you will create absolutely unexpected results.

7. Everything you need is a natural look

Get the top you were looking for and use it always

Summing up it is important to mention that none knows you better than you do. It means that whatever is your intention to look at the picture, everything you have to do is to look natural. You will easily notice some artificial signs and will correct them in a most appropriate way. It is always better to ask for another picture, so you could have the right choice to do, before confirmation.

Just get all above mentioned tips and you will see that soon you will be the one to teach how to take passport photos. Because creating a new image is not as simple as it may seem, though there are no restrictions for healthy enthusiasm.