Instagram is a visual platform, that is why aesthetic and neat photos are gaining popularity. Pictures differ from profile to profile. Interestingly, that pages in social media differ by its contents and pics. Everyone tries to post the image of a lifestyle, fashion or summer trip. Most of the users use their photo albums to promote themselves and get more followers. Find your niche and think about how interesting it is for you to develop in this direction. Remember that pictures should always be of high quality. It will not work with the bad Instagram photo ideas in a popular niche.

Some accounts are easier to promote because of the subject.

  1. Personal blogs. These are people who have something to tell: they are the best in their field and share secrets. The subject their photographs depend on their life: home, selfies, events, trips and much more. The main thing is to attract the audience.
  2. Traveler profiles. Vivid pictures from around the world are curious, and people want to watch them more often.
  3. Motivating pages. In the era of rapid self-development, only a lazy individual does not set a goal. Everyone needs incentive and support in a form of inspirational quotes, photos of slim figures, sports victories, happy families are always in demand.
  4. Moms with children. 60% of Instagrammers are women, some of them are young mothers. They like to share tips on education and share details of the life of little ones. Their pages are quickly gaining success.
  5. Animals. The favorite theme of the majority of the audience is a cute cat and dog. Their playful mood or pranks cause them to smile and understanding.

1. What will you need for Instagram photo ideas at home?

Let us look at a short but important list of items to realize the best photo ideas for Instagram.

  1. Phone with a good camera. The best option is Apple and Samsung for shooting content. But there is a chance to "take photos" of great content on Huawei and other digital devices as well.
  2. Lightbox. This is a light cube. It will help to take beautiful pictures of individual objects, for example, an outfit for shops.
  3. Tripod. It’s better not to rely on your own hands. It will make you spend much time to fix pictures. Therefore, for posting simple and great photos, it is better to get a tripod (not to be confused with a selfie stick!).
  4. Shine bright. For shooting in a lightbox, light is simply necessary. But rushing to the store is not necessary. Everything is possible in daylight, but find additional lighting equipment to rent.

2. Get a throwback image to start

Throwback pictures are in trend nowadays. Because it is really funny to see the places and locations you visited with friends. Those great moments you posed to capture instants in the memory. Invite everyone to join this great flash mob with old photos. It is the best way to make your Instagram followers enjoy looking at your profile dreaming of places they want to come back to.

3. Remember general photo ideas for Instagram

Use a built-in grid on a phone’s camera. So you can create a picture by the rule of thirds. The principle of photography is based on a golden ratio. It is divided into 3 parts vertically and 3 horizontally, forming only 9 parts. You have an area with 4 intersections. If you place the object in the intersection zone, the picture will look much more natural and more pleasing for eyes than in the center. Because eyes usually look in a golden section.

It’s better to place one subject on the left because our eye is trained to read from left to right. The main object should be located in the lower right intersection.

4. Focus on easy Instagram photo ideas

Working with one element helps to concentrate on a concept. Many of the best photos include only one interesting object. Using almost any perspective, you need to identify the nature of a subject and study its nature. Focus on it. Some professional photographers say that it should not fill the entire frame, and two-thirds of a picture should be negative space, which helps the subject stand out even more.

Negative space is part of the image around the subject. It emphasizes its characteristics: size, shape. Focus the camera and optimize lighting. After taking a picture, you can use filters and applications to make the subject even brighter or crop to fit the proportions correctly.

5. Find different perspectives for Instagram photo shoot ideas

Taking photos with a unique, unexpected angle can make them more memorable. It creates the illusion of the depth or height of objects. Some photos have a line that draws the viewer's eye to a specific part of a frame. It allows you to lead the reader. It can be straight or curving: stairs, railway tracks, roads, paths in the forest. Leading lines are great for creating a sense of depth in every image.

6. Include your feet in a picture

Why not capture a specific floor of a house or museum or sand during the vacation. Feet do not require special makeup or filter. It is always ready to get a perfect image. Such photos will help to stand out from a number of same poses and shots online by popular online stars. Hands and feet are a new trend for great Instagram photography.

7. Look for symmetry and patterns

In photography, this usually means an image that can be divided into two equal parts - mirror reflections of each other. Paintings that contain symmetry are pleasing to the eye. Do not forget about the grid: it will help to arrange the photo neatly. Some patterns appear when strong graphic elements are repeated over and over: lines, geometric shapes, objects and colorful outfits. These patterns can have a visual impact, and photographing a beautiful tiled floor pattern may be enough to create a vibrant image.

8. Show your body and skincare day

There is nothing so important as body care. Yoga lessons or skincare products will help to attract more followers and interesting comments to your profile. GIve advice and show your tricks to become popular. None wants to see professional stylists and sportsmen, but real simple people doing an everyday routine.

9. Use natural light and boomerang style

A simple example: it would be difficult for you to find a great smartphone photo taken with a flash on. It negatively changes colors, people look blurry. Use natural light sources that you can find even after dark. This gives you an opportunity to play with shadows or create a silhouette with other light sources, such as traffic and surrounding buildings. Once you have taken the picture, play with exposure in a photo editing application to see if you can make the image a little brighter without turning it too grainy. Boomerang’s idea is of a great trend in all social networks. It is fun to make pictures move and jump.

10. Create cool Instagram photos ideas for girls

  • Share your style. For example, which rings do you wear? What bows do you collect from in your wardrobe? People like to look at someone else's style.
  • Flatlay. This is the layout of things beautifully. The simplest: show what is in your bag. Work, sports, clutch bag, artist’s briefcase, cosmetic bag, bag from a supermarket. Make sure it is neat and interesting.
  • Flowers refresh any look, decorate poses, attract and hold attention. They will add brightness to photos and make the atmosphere more “tasty”. Create a cool pic that will show the difference between Instagram photo ideas for guys and lady life.
  • Use kraft paper or wooden backgrounds to depict needlework or any other detail.

11. Make selfies with family and friends

Despite the banality, it remains the most relevant, since you can take selfies yourself. Do not neglect this type of insta life. Find your selfie and do it every time you feel the need. 1 out of 10 photos will turn out perfect and will be worthy of showing to the public.

A good shot with other people is not so easy to do. Especially if you do it with someone from the older generation. However, these photos are often very emotional and attract attention. Take crazy selfies with your parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, wife or husband, friends and other people you love.

12. Enjoy cute Instagram photo ideas with little kids or pets

Small children and pets are funny and lovely. Take many lively, sincere, interesting photos by shooting them for a while. Use this opportunity to create good content. Animals are natural creatures that always attract attention and likes to all internet pages. It is a free prop and backdrop for all styles and ages.

13. Show the book or magazine you are reading

Tell your followers about a new book or magazine. Share with them moments that you like or dislike. Perhaps some people do not know what to read and you will become a good inspiration for them. Staging a picture in a process of reading is a great idea and looks very attractive for Insta page viewers.


14. Find old and trip pics for creative Instagram photo ideas

Do you have an album with old photos? Each of your pictures is a memory for you. Show these pics to the public and tell about them. When traveling through a city, park, seashore or elsewhere, remember to capture the place. Emphasize images with the environment, but do not forget that you should be present in a photo.

15. Catch reflections and interesting buildings

Reflection is a good and eye-catching photo. Look around and find objects which are reflected interestingly. Unusual structures of your city can become content on your social media pages. At different times of a year, different times of a day, and weather conditions, as well as angles, the same structure can look completely different. Maybe you can capture some architectural structures more creatively.

16. Publish photo in a restaurant, cafe or bar

Having visited a restaurant, cafe, bar or another place of public catering, do not forget to take a photo at the table. Just wait until they bring the dish or drink that you ordered. It can be captured also while you are eating to get more fun and comments afterward. Use such shots to promote the location and tag it in a post.

17. Start IGTV with simple steps

Come up with the daily stories. Place and pick photos for each Story. Tell 10 facts about yourself or arrange a quiz. For example, in which two facts are wrong. Or post 10 photos of a product and ask for some people interested in it, using comments. In response, send an interesting description. This is a good way to engage your audience. Tell about your hobbies and leisure time activities. Analyze audience questions. What would they ask you or what is most often asked? Choose one question and dedicate a post to it. Pick a photo depending on the answer. Show your friends' followers. Break this story into several, telling in each post about one person or combining them. One of the options for snapshots with a text is a famous quote. And if you have excellent handwriting, then write by hand. Food and drink is a well-known trend. Engage special preparations as if you are using Lightroom effects or else, or take pictures of homemade dishes. Imagination will tell you the most unusual angles. Each cooking process is welcome. Do not forget to leave the recipe. Teach your lifehacks and show them in the video.

18. Inspire followers to move more

Organize a flash mob: tear yourself away from phone screens and go outdoors. Attach pictures from a gym, in sportswear. Go for a bike ride, do exercises in a pool, or just have a lesson with dumbbells or a hoop. Even a short trip on a bus can provide something to share with followers, and create many posts in advance. Even if it is not possible to go to another locality, arrange a trip around a city. Even an unfamiliar street is a good location for shots and posts.

19. Do your everyday routine

How do you start your day: with meditation, with a book or with jogging and hot coffee? What is your mood of a day? Followers will be happy to learn new facts. Take a view from a window. Capture a picture with a person or thing that inspires you and tell us more about it. Transmit the atmosphere and your mood with necessary props. Share recipes of your favorite dessert: cake, bakery, smoothie.

20. Use all smartphone features

Crop photos, unnecessary details that spoil pics. Stylize images with built-in filters, but choose them wisely. Make sure that camera settings have a maximum quality resolution. Sometimes users forget about this detail and take pictures with a camera set to medium or low quality. Use additional applications and services that expand the capabilities of Instagram. For example, create original collages and practice photoshop skills with easy free of charge apps from the phone app store.

Pictures of all styles and colors are always in fashion. Choose own way of capturing ordinary objects and your routine to inspire followers of your page to add more likes and comments. It is never too late to start an active social media life.