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What is the difference between basic and professional photo retouching
05 Jun 2023
The perception of photo retouching and its quality, like the photo itself, is highly subjective. It is obvious that every request is individual, but in general...
8 Tips for taking a perfect selfie
05 Jun 2023
Taking a selfie and making a photo have surprisingly nothing in common. You need to master this art if you want to achieve striking results. Taking selfies can...
Photography Prices — How to Create Photography Packages
04 Jun 2023
Making a new startup is always a headache for a beginner, no matter the area. But when it comes to such popular segments as photography, things become even more...
How to airbrush a photo in few taps
04 Jun 2023
Before going any deep into airbrush photography, we would like to discover how it becomes into existence. A bit of history The term airbrushing appeared l...
Tips for Telephoto Photography
04 Jun 2023
When you see someone with a DSLR and a huge lens, you form the opinion that the bigger the lens, the better it is. There are actually three types of lenses: Wid...
How to 360 Photography
04 Jun 2023
Shooting panoramas is one of the most commonly used techniques in landscape photography. If you do not limit yourself to the academic definition, then we ca...
Darkroom photography: the guide for beginners
04 Jun 2023
1. Troublesome process of film printing. In the modern world, almost every family has a digital camera that can easily send photos to a computer or laptop. P...
Still life photography
04 Jun 2023
Still life photography can rightfully be called one of the most difficult genres in any kind of fine art. To create a good landscape, the artist only needs to f...
Smoke Bomb Photography Guide
04 Jun 2023
For everyone who loves beautiful special effects, color smoke bomb photography is a popular idea for a portfolio. Perhaps, not everyone knows that the pyrotechn...
DIY newborn photography: best ideas & tips
04 Jun 2023
An infant photoshoot is one of the most beautiful and heart-melting works in a portfolio but at the same time one of the most difficult ones. Your model does no...
Neon photography: the ultimate guide
04 Jun 2023
Lights of the night city always look bright and fun, like a holiday which comes after the sunset. Shop signs attract and promise pleasant shopping, the comfort...
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