An infant photoshoot is one of the most beautiful and heart-melting works in a portfolio but at the same time one of the most difficult ones. Your model does not listen to your requests, does everything in own way and at any time can cause a scandal or a wet accident with your props. But on the other hand, tiny babies are simply created for adorable pictures and nothing can cheer up a parent like albums of their cute babies.

Usually, this work can take hours to be completed. Because the perfect image takes some time and patience. It happens that you are not able to take winning shots until the last minute. Go to photographers who charge per session instead of an hour basis. Prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally for a family portrait. Take a big pack of wet wipes while you’re there. Planning such shooting soon, remember some important tips and newborn photography ideas for its successful implementation.

Choose the right time to shoot

The best time for such filming is when the baby is from 7 to 14 days. At this age, they often sleep curled up, two weeks after birth they become more active and you will have fewer chances that they will calmly pose in cute baskets and beds.

Ensure a comfortable climate and noise

Small children get cold fastly and it has to be avoided. Use studio with heaters. Set the temperature higher if the shooting is planned without clothes. In case if blankets and covers are used, do not exaggerate with a thermostat. Overheating is not less dangerous than cold. Make sure to have soft music to create a little noise for a child. It helps to avoid his wakening during the shooting from sudden sounds. Before shooting, ask your parents about the approximate daily routine of the child: how often he eats, when he sleeps better, his temperature of comfort. To guarantee the best results, the model must be warm, well-fed and in a clean diaper. The most important thing is the health of the child. Bring a radiator and ensure the optimum temperature in the room so as not to catch a cold and overheat the baby. Ask the mother to change clothes and feed the newborn 20 minutes before the photo, so he will sleep peacefully while you are shooting. Turn on quiet music, so he will sleep better and clicks of the camera will not wake him up.

Correctly set the light

The best lighting option for a newborn is natural light from a large window in the morning or afternoon, without direct sunlight. So you get a warm natural light, absolutely safe. Instead of a flash using a softbox, diffuser or a lightroom effect.

Take care of safety

Newborn children are completely helpless and require constant attention. You should control everything: from how close the heater is and how bright the light is in the studio, to materials for a prop and how reliable baskets and cradles are. It is best if you work with an assistant who holds a model during filming, when necessary. All these cute photos are necessarily taken with an assistant who holds the baby and ensures his safety. Adjust pictures while editing. The assistant’s hands are removed using graphic editors. If you shoot yourself, then abandon such complex a concept in favor of the security of your tiny model.

Think ahead of newborn photography ideas at home or outdoors

When planning to photograph a lifestyle, discuss with parents what picture they want to get, which theme is better. A good option is when parents look internet guides in Pinterest and show you a collection of pics that they like and plan to make with your help. Newborn children do not know about posing and keeping their heads, so if you do not have much experience working with babies, then you should capture a child who lies on his stomach, back or side. These are the simplest and safest options for professional composition. If you have more than one session with children, then you already know unique tricks on how to swaddle babies neatly and cutely put their hands under their heads. The main thing is not to leave the child in a position that is uncomfortable for him and to hold his head when moving. Always remember the fragility of your tiny model. Avoid accidents that may finish in a hospital.

Create a lot of frames

The baby image is very cute and photogenic. You will not be able to guess exactly how you will get that very perfect shot, so shoot general plans, change angles, photograph details. If during the shooting a child wakes up or moves, do not rush to remove the camera, you may catch the moment when he stretches, and maybe you are lucky and you will capture his smile in his sleep. Macro shot of tiny fingers, long eyelashes or small feet, all this perfectly complement the family DIY album.

Get advanced camera settings

Not all smartphones have a good built-in camera. Download additional apps to add necessary effects. Consider using modern camera brands or apps with an easy interface. It permits us to save time on post-processing. Use the full potential of a digital device due to such a tender and important model in the frame. Shoot in RAW format to adjust light, contrast, and sharpness.

Use more accessories

It is not easy to fit a newborn with a suit or dress, especially talking of a newborn girl photography ideas. The point on details, atmosphere, and background. Create an artistic look with the help of imagination. Otherwise, order personalized clothing tailed for a small model.

Adjust the pose of a newborn

All children seem to be perfectly photogenic. Change their poses by yourself if you see an obvious perfect picture. Move hands and legs gently to avoid hurting them. Froggy image is in the list of comfortable and quick options due to its natural bend.

Control details before posing

Make sure that your prop and chosen accessory is adjusted and only after that place a baby. Children sleep well but they change their position regardless of photographer and plans. Adjust backdrops and camera settings to ensure completed space for shooting. Try a shot aiming straight on to the baby’s face. Use various angles to capture, before moving the model.

Focus on crucial points

Smartphones ease the task of focusing. But being professional means knowing what is the focus point. In our case its eyes or eyelids if the baby is slipping. Be creative concentrating on lips, toes or hair. Get your perfect photo with the right focus.

Download the professional editing app

A good advantage of phones is a possibility to choose a photo editing application. Among a huge variety of options, choose the one to make life easier. Avoid expensive software with heavy tools to retouch. Choose light and low-cost programs available for every device. Keep it simple and remove flaws like acne. Reduce red spots on the skin with no extra skills.

Be calm and patient considering newborn twins photography ideas

Not all children sleep calm and allow you to wrap them into blankets and dress them in suits. Some babies are not so serene at all, they cry, they are naughty, they demand food, and sometimes they can ruin your props if you capture without a diaper. It is worth taking a break and asking mom to feed and change clothes, especially if there are twins. Change props at this time or check the camera settings and continue shooting with renewed vigor. If you do not panic, the model will also calm down and allow you to finish shooting.

Newborn photography tips

Now let's look at some interesting newborn photography tips for a Christmas card or a couple of an anniversary:

  1. Creative family portrait. It is an eternal classic of any shooting. Photos, where the whole family cuddles or lies on the bed or sits in a comfortable armchair, will always be touching and relevant.
  2. Older brothers and sisters. Attract older children to the frame. Get cute portraits. Ask the older child to pick up the baby to increase the level of tenderness in the frame.
  3. Themed costumes. Dress your child in a nurse or little fireman costume, or maybe even a superhero and you will get many wonderful pictures. The suit must be of a necessary size, otherwise, you will get an incomprehensible pile of fabric and a simple option of newborn photography tips for beginners will be spoiled.
  4. Quality props. A mandatory component of shooting is a quality safe props. Kids who are lying on fluffy rugs or wrapped in beautiful diapers or looking out of the nest from branches will look just super cute. Books will also serve as an excellent prop to take pictures of how he sleeps on them, propping his head with his hands.
  5. Hats and jewelry. Tiny flower dressings, hats, hoops, knitted hats, and other tools will complement the image and make photos even more touching. Small glasses or a pince-nez or even a monocle will help him turn into a tiny gentleman or book lover.
  6. Food. Donuts, muffins, cakes, fruits all this is not only delicious but also looks beautiful in the frame. The main thing is that the food in the frame is clean and not too hot or cold.

When choosing accessories, always remember the safety and gender of a model. Make sure that the child does not accidentally injure or swallow part of props. Give preference to details from safe environmentally friendly materials. Separate newborn baby boy photography ideas from the one for a girl.

Everyone should get ready for such nice but responsible work as the creation of the baby album. That is why there are some newborn tips for parents as well.

  • Get relaxed but keep control. Do not get overwhelmed by the process and preparation. List all the items you need to take with you to guarantee maximum comfort for all of us. If this list includes some wine for parents, take it.
  • Stay simple and natural. Avoid complex ideas for the first shooting. Try to realize a small but essential collection of shots of the family without roles and stories. Natural emotions and feelings make the overall effect even more emotive.
  • Pay attention to equipment. Pay professionals to be sure that all the tools are safe. Consider the sensitive body of your child and avoid possible damages to his or her health. Interrupt the process if you see or feel the discomfort of a model.
  • Enjoy posing together. Think of a nice moment you are living in this instant. Imagine looking through this baby album twenty years after the shooting. This image will help to enjoy the process and feel calm. Get your best smile to make the baby feel relaxed with you.

These are general options to keep in mind when shooting a child. We hope our article was useful and you found some inspiration for your future shootings.