Taking a selfie and making a photo have surprisingly nothing in common. You need to master this art if you want to achieve striking results. Taking selfies can remain just a funny way of entertaining yourself, but you may also enhance your level of photography art. So, here you will be able to get some helpful tips on how to create amazing selfies to make it perfect.

There are 8 tips for taking perfect selfies:

1. Get the right selfie angle

The way selfies are taken differs from the way that ordinary photos are taken. The first important thing is to hold the phone at a 45 degree angle and as far from you as the length of your arm allows or use a selfie stick. This pose is known to be a classic selfie pose. As experience shows, capturing this angle allows looking much more younger and slim. The models are known to choose it very often. Also, when holding the phone almost above your head, your eyes will look wider unlike if you hold the camera lower than head. It also tends to accentuate the cheekbones making people look better. 45 degree is considered a classic angle, but don't be afraid to change angles, for example, move your head to different sides. Focus on the most appealing side of you. It is always more exciting than just a simple shot.

2. Make good selfie poses

Besides the mentioned above, there are a lot of different photo poses. Since selfie was invented as a new form of photograph that is intended to reveal and imprint person’s emotions and positive features. History of selfie remembers numerous accidents, when while taking a selfie, people were injured or died just to take the most suitable pose. There is definitely no need to die in order to take the picture, though try some unusual selfie poses to take a great photo. For example, put the camera angled down taking a shot of the valley under your feet when standing on the top of the mountain. Be ready to do something interesting for a perfect image. Ride a boat, jump with parachute, take a picture with wild animals in the background or take an underwater photo. Taking unusual photos instead of typical tourist photos is a great way to grab a lot of likes. Pictures taken in some unusual places can motivate and help to make your life more interesting and full of joy.

3. Make perfect selfie lighting

Another useful selfie tip is about the light. Photographers would say that lighting is a crucial element. It helps to enhance the quality of your photos a lot. Be sure to have a solid light source if not natural, than artificial. Natural light makes your face look softer and brighter. Avoid shadows that can make your features appear shadowy or blurred.

4. Smile

If you are smiling on the picture, be sure you’ll get a perfect shot. A beautiful smile with a shiny lipstick can help you get a lot of thumbs up. Think of something happy when your photo is taken to relax your facial muscles and make a smile. You obviously want to look like you are having fun at the moment.

5. Highlight one feature

Selfies are often taken focusing on one particular feature. If you are proud of your hair, complexion or color of your eyes, highlight these charming features. When focusing on the most pleasing features of you, you begin to love your body which makes you feel more and more confident.

6. Pose with some new item

If you have bought new shoes, glasses, jeans, t-shirt, etc – it is a great chance to take a nice selfie. Show off the flowers that have grown in your garden, your new haircut, etc. Combine these things together, changing angles and the whole composition.

7. Try a natural look

One more tip on how to take a selfie is related to appearing natural. The level of your popularity in social media will definitely increase, when your visitors see the photos of “natural” you. Take a picture of yourself when you are watching movies, cooking or just having fun with friends.

8. Set the background of the picture

If you are aimed at taking your amateur selfie, draw attention to the background since it sometimes is a clue to snap a good photo. To cover more space in the background, use a selfie stick fixing your phone in it, instead of your hands. Distractions may spoil the total impression of the image. So, pay attention to things around and behind you, where nothing can be seen.

One of the most harmonious backgrounds is nature. If you are wondering about taking a picture that would be flattering and impressive, pose yourself in front of some lively or magnificent nature landscape such as sea, snowy plain or a spring field covered with blossoming flowers.

Add a final touch to your selfie

You may wonder how to enhance your selfies after they are taken. There are different ways, for example, whenever you need to create some romantic or gloomy or even vintage look, apply filters set in your phone in order to change selfie’s shade. Though if you would like to get professionally edited photos, you may use photo editing app such as RetouchMe.

RetouchMe photo touch up options include complete skin retouching and body shape editing. You can change your skin tone from bronzed to whitened, remove dark circles under your eyes, slim the waist, remove belly fat, cellulite, fat folds and shadows, reshape any area of your body or enlarge breasts.