Pregnancy is a wonderful period in the life of every woman. That is why recently it has become so popular to get lovely pictures of a future mom. This article will share interesting and unusual maternity photoshoot ideas for unforgettable experience and heart melting memory.

Preparation to make photos during the last trimesters is not an easy task, but it is worth trying. Because when you see the result, your heart will beat faster and happier. Therefore, it is better to prepare a good mood and enjoy the process.

Here are some a successful pregnancy posing tips:

  • do not hold hands too close to your body, unless giving a hug to a tummy. Hands over the body will add extra volumes;
  • try to bend arms and put them aside, to create the illusion of long, thin hands;
  • make face thinner, try to point chin a little towards the camera;
  • do not get tired, posing as well as you can. It is important to get beautiful pictures, but health of a model and her future baby is the most important thing;
  • all women are different, and postures, which are beautiful and comfortable for some of them, may be difficult for others. Listen to yourself and be guided by comfort and confidence;
  • keep hair style simple, avoiding complex roles and makeup;
  • the more kisses in the frame, the more beautiful photos in the album.

1. Watch your belly

It seems that a whole world is now moving around your future baby. Take a closeup picture of your belly. Even if it is an early period to see it round, this is the best mode to emphasize such a happy fact. Use zooming and blurring effects to keep eyes of a viewer where you want them to be.

2. Find a perfect place for maternity photography

Many pregnant women may feel nervous and tired without any reason. There are many small details that can destroy a festive mood. If you prepare in advance the location for shooting, it will guarantee successful results. This may be an indoor studio, seaside, city or forest landscapes. Also, every location must reflect general concepts planned and discussed before.

3. Experiment with flying images

This is another fashionable trend not only for a pregnant model, but for everyone who wants to feel himself in a fairytale. Professionals can create a unique effect with a few tools, to make the moment even more magic. Pictures will seem like you are flying and the result is going to be amazing.

4. Frame only a mother

Too many elements in a frame will definitely distract attention from a child. A couple of accessories and a beautiful smile is more than enough. Concentrate on the feelings of each woman, waiting to meet her newborn son or daughter. Try to show these emotions capturing the right moment.

5. Enjoy portraits with a dad

Among the most popular maternity photo ideas, the image of a husband, giving a hug to his pregnant wife is definitely leading the top 10 poses. Such pictures are very touching, especially captured during a tender kiss, where his hands are on a wife's belly.

Is it a boy or a girl? If you already know the gender of a newborn child, you can use a great number of original accessories and props for children. For example, you can take: a tie, a mustache for a boy or a crown and bows for a girl. You can also use various signs with different words like "Favorite son", "Best daughter" or putting a blue or pink bow on a belly.

6. Use the best poses

Every lady wants to express herself in a picture. But it is better to remember that comfort is a must for a woman, who is expecting a baby. Easy and winning photo is obtained by placing a model half turned to the camera on a sofa or warm floor with toys and flowers.

7. Hair and makeup tips

There is nothing so fascinating and attractive, like expectation of a new life. Women usually have unique light and magic charm in this period without any additional help. But, if there is a need to adjust appearance to match the plot of a shooting process, then it has to be as natural as possible, not to ruin the image of a future mom. Some light on a face and weightless hair curls can create a heavenly beautiful portrait.

8. Be simple in maternity photos

Sometimes there is no need for additional tools, materials and accessories to capture a great moment. It is always a good idea to wear clothes, which make the model feel not only a simple female creature, but beautiful in her simplicity. Use casual images and shoot dreamy pictures.

9. Include all the family

Practice various family looks to include everyone in this memorable event. Choose some color matches for everyone or just for a model alone. Amazing results can be realized without preparation as well, but why not to have fun together.

10. Older children in pregnancy photos

Every child is an important part of our life, that is why it is a great idea to invite older kids. They bring joy and happiness to every minute, spent in front of the camera, even if models have no experience in shooting. Older sisters and brothers look very sweet, thinking about their future relatives to be born. This invisible connection is an essential element to capture.

11. Look for a good angle

Even the most beautiful shots can be spoiled if you choose a bad angle. Of course, tummy has to be the star of the moment and variety of angles can help to find the right one. Do not cover it with too much clothes or accessories. It will cause unnecessary volume without an obvious reason.

12. Paint yourself. Have fun with colors in a frame

Do not be afraid to get dirty with other family members. Make drawings or hand prints on a belly. Write a diy letter with greetings and wishes for a future family member. A good and funny design on every model will connect everyone with a unique plot.

13. Use a simple guide for additional props

Every item can become an essential part, emphasizing maternity poses. Pictures, decorated with colorful balloons will popup in every album. Toys, bows, flowers and glittering objects will easily create a festive mood.

14. Shoot outdoors, use season natural effect

Every season can be beautifully demonstrated in each picture. In summer, models can use light dresses or pose near the lake or river. In spring, a perfect location will be found in the middle of a blooming garden. Winter will become a white fairy tale for your family history and autumn is a great opportunity to capture yellow leaves. The key rule is to take care of comfort during such hard work for all participants. Every season requires different outfits and accessories.

15. Put on flowers

Fresh flowers perfectly complement photo shooting. This natural decoration emphasizes tenderness of a future mother and improves all frames. A flower crown will create a special atmosphere of a magic fairy-tale princess.

16. Have fun on maternity photography

A good mood is a key to interesting and unusual photos. Have fun by yourself, make fun of each other, joke and laugh. This mood will be captured by a photographer. So that afterwards, watching these photos, you will remember those days and pleasant memories.

17. Make mysterious silhouettes

Shooting silhouettes of a pregnant woman always look amazing and very intimate. In order to make such a frame, you need to stand against the background with a source of light and focus the camera. Great silhouettes can become best poses with natural simple light in front of a window, sunset or a simple lamp. Such frames are fascinating and provide mysterious effects.

18. Show creativity

Use mirror surfaces or unusual angles, reflections in car mirrors and water. Simple postures and bright smiles can surprise with unusual results. Such an interesting technique is widely used by experts all over the world.

19. Create profile of a belly

Profile pictures allow you to estimate the size of a model's tummy. When a model is ready to have fun and laugh, then it is good to offer a nice posing option. She has to look out of the door or tree, when only her face and belly can be seen. Such an image will definitely create a mood of happiness and joy.

20. Capture ultrasound pictures

Creative poses can be used not only by future moms, but also their children before they are born. Ultrasound machines permite to stamp out images of a baby and use it in an album or during photo shooting in a studio. Placing it near the faces of parents or on the tummy will give a chance for a great shot. Make a close-up picture and get a great visualization of the nearest future.

21. Find an appropriate name

If you have already chosen a name for your child, you can also use this idea to make interesting images. It is possible to write the name on pieces of paper or cards and distribute among family members. The option to put this card in front of a tiny toy or small shoes will enrich the plot of a picture. Design with balloons and welcoming signs for a newborn is also a lovely idea.

22. Stay home, stay relaxed

Arrange shooting at home, in a familiar atmosphere, where you can relax and feel calm and confident. If you have already started to prepare a room for a child or to buy clothes and accessories, you can use them as a prop.

23. Prepare pets

Many people, who own different pets, confirm their ability to understand that things are going to change in a period when a woman is expecting a birth. Most pets are very curious about the tummy. Do not lose the chance to capture this moment,when they are close to you. It will create a home atmosphere and will fill your heart with warmth.

24. Keep hands on a tummy

It does not matter which location or season you choose to make new pictures. The main rule for successful pregnancy images is to keep hands on a growing belly. When a future mom puts her arms around her stomach, it looks gentle and touching. That is why you can ask all family members to put their hands on their tummy and make a close-up shot.

25. Take a chance with a water picture

If a season and weather conditions permit to make a trip to the sea or river side. Then it is better to use such an opportunity to capture a great picture inside and near the water. Many beautiful shots can be made using various angles and reflections. This work is to be done during the "golden hour", because the light has to be perfect. Take a light scarf or dress with a bouquet of flowers, holding hands and take a walk along the beach. Be sure that beautiful romantic pictures are guaranteed.

26. Make happy a future mom

Ask a photographer or someone from your family to make you laugh. This will provide a relaxed atmosphere, a good mood and, as a result, many beautiful photos. Natural smile is always the best makeup and editor for every model.

27. Think of plan “B”

Most outdoor images are likely to become your favourite. Still, there is a risk of bad weather or wind, which can spoil even the most happy day. If shooting takes place in a well-equipped studio you are not afraid of rain or snow, it is always warm and cozy there. It also allows you to use different backgrounds and high-quality lighting, decorations and props.

28. Take a walk

There is nothing so simple as walking. This idea may sound old, but a nice and relaxed walk around the city or park will give a number of possibilities for successful pictures. Big city or small town, mountains or seaside — these are all you need to show the beauty of a model's body, expecting a baby. This will create an atmosphere of love and family happiness, which will remain in minds and albums forever.

29. Include a hobby

Make your favourite leisure time activity a part of a process. Fitness, cooking, musical instruments, dancing tools and other items will become a great addition to your shooting. Such pictures will demonstrate the personality and individuality of a woman.

30. Memorize it before and after

Be sure to take a picture, which you can repeat after the birth of a baby. For example, when a mother hugs her tummy while sitting on a sofa, and after the baby is born, you will need to take a picture in the same pose, on the same sofa, hugging the baby’s belly.

31. Keep it white and black

Black and white shots are classic for every age and nation.This option perfectly conveys the mood. Do not neglect importance to demonstrate the depth of emotions with such pictures in an album.

32. Capture this magic moment by yourself, with friends and relatives

Every movement and breath has to highlight the life inside the woman. Small errors can be easily corrected in post-processing programs and with the help of professional equipment. Have a great day with your family and enjoy moments of feeling yourself synchronized with natural processes. Start a new chapter of your life with great impressions and lovely pictures.