Articles: Post-processing

How to take good photos with phone
30 May 2023
Did you know that digital cameras are not in fashion anymore? Almost none remembers why it exists, because our smartphones have become the perfect device for ev...
RetouchMen Abs & Body Editor
30 May 2023
Ok guys, let us admit that modern world sometimes looks like more girls-oriented with all fashion tips and ideas. But it is not a secret anymore that men need l...
Wedding Photo Editing Tips
30 May 2023
Here you go with a full disk of images to choose and process, deciding which are the best for printing and promotion of your service.Making pictures in color yo...
How to Understand the Scanography
29 May 2023
We have learned a lot of kinds of different image representations from printing to photographing. We would not say that scanography photography is the next leve...
How to Succeed in Black and White Portrait Photography
29 May 2023
Let us admit that our life is full of colors. But is it true that real emotions do not have all these shades and tones? If your response is ‘yes’ then, probably...
Fantasy Photoshoot Ideas & Editing Tips
28 May 2023
What is a fantasy image photography? What is clothing in a fantasy photoshoot? Combine makeup and a hairstyle Pose with props Choose a right lo...
What is infrared photography: definition, techniques, tips
28 May 2023
How to shoot infrared photography? Modify your cam following the infrared photography tutorial Use a low ISO trying infrared photography techniques...
46 Photography Trends 2020
28 May 2023
It's time to figure out which trends are relevant this year! Whether it's wedding photography, stock food digital photography trends. Talking about colors it is...
How to take pictures of clothes
28 May 2023
Nowadays, there is a huge number of online stores around the world, among which there are excellent examples of perfect visual e-commerce. When viewing a site w...
Top 7 photo retouching mistakes that will destroy your photo
28 May 2023
The art of photography always starts from the right camera, so when it comes to photo editing, it helps you to create the image. Editing is used to improve the...
What is the difference between basic and professional photo retouching
28 May 2023
The perception of photo retouching and its quality, like the photo itself, is highly subjective. It is obvious that every request is individual, but in general...
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