Who has not dreamed of being in a fairy tale? Dragons, elves, unicorns, waving magic wands and flying on brooms, unattainable fictional worlds captivate us from pages of books and bright screens. The fabulous style is firmly entrenched in all areas of art, and photography is not an exception.What is meant by editing an image in the genre of fantasy and how to create stunning fantasy photography.

The photo fantasy has its origins in myths and ancient traditions. It is based on an alternative reality, a world completely invented by the author. The boundaries in this style are rather arbitrary, because the fabulous universe obeys only the imagination of its creator. However, you will never confuse a fantasy photo with any other. Why is this happening?

What is a fantasy image photography?

This concept is a direction of the literary idea that goes back to the stories of folklore and ancient myths. The image of a fantasy photo shoot has always been nature, which implied the presence of dragons, elves and other incredible heroes. Huge castles and palaces, where such creatures lived, harmoniously fit into the world. The style has always described a beautiful life, where magic, tragedy and beauty reigned. Today, such a dream scene has become incredibly popular not only in literature, but also in art.

What is clothing in a fantasy photoshoot?

This is, of course, a magical world of a secret story and real images. These are all kinds of space suits, costumes, long cloaks, hoodies, blisters and swords, fur capes, elongated dresses, as well as a huge number of massive accessories. On the way to creating a style look, fabric velvet and chiffon dresses, which, with their airbrushing, resemble this theme, will help you. Come up with your own image to create. It can be a literary hero or your favorite magic creature.

Combine makeup and a hairstyle

Choosing a hairstyle for fantasy photography ideas, you need to be sure that such a hairstyle would be worn by a fairy princess or dark hero. If you have long hair, you can make multiple ponytails and tie them together to create a coarse mesh. The main thing is creativity, where there is no place for ordinary and standard hairstyles. When you apply such a style to yourself, don't forget about the importance of makeup and accessories to help you create a complete look. However, it is imperative to do everything as naturally as possible, not intimidating.

Pose with props

Decorations can become props. These are huge bracelets, massive rings with multi-colored stones, necklaces and earrings. If you chose the image of an elf or a fairy, take care of the wings. They should be bright and colorful. If the choice is in favor of a dark fantasy photography, use darker accessories and black fabrics.

Choose a right location for your fantasy photo shoot ideas

Think about where you want to shoot. After all, it can be a park, a forest or a street in your city. However, the season is important here. You can also shoot in a photographer's photo studio or in a beautiful palace, if you have the opportunity. Always ask a photographer for help, as he can help you not only with choosing a place, but also with your image. Because it should match with a plot.

See the art

Art in a fantasy style is distinguished by a special atmosphere, as much as possible separated from the reality we are familiar with. Photoshop experts often include fabulous objects and characters in the image composition, model new locations, or simply replace the background. However, this is not at all necessary, because you can achieve the desired result due to competent color post-processing.

Remember distinctive tips of fantasy photo manipulation

  1. Several color accents may be present in the picture.
  2. High contour sharpness makes the portrait look more like an illustration.
  3. The highlight is usually on the character's face.
  4. Glare and light effects create the illusion of unreality of what is happening.
  5. Toning in warmer or colder shades plays a key role in shaping the mood.
  6. Overlaying texture and footage (smoke, fog, snow, etc.) make it possible to develop an intra-frame plot in the picture.
  7. For an even more amazing result, you can use themed props when shooting. You can buy, rent, or make your own. Look for unusual locations and try to shoot outdoors. Combine these techniques and you will turn your photo into a real work of art!

Use a simple editor app for a fantasy photo effects

If you are experimenting with artistic processing for the first time and want to get high-quality results in the shortest possible time, some online Android software is what you need. Specialized editors were created specifically so that beginners can easily create striking stylizations with minimum settings. The program includes filters that can transform a picture beyond recognition in just one click. Among the built-in processing profiles, you will find dozens of fantasy portrait photography options.

Create a fantasy fashion photography effect

All styles you can edit: weaken or strength of the entire group of effects at once or reduce the intensity of a single processing layer. The app also allows you to design your own filters, change a dress or add a flower. In a step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to create such a filter from scratch transforming a woman in an unreal creature or a man into an animal.

Make your own vision of the process

The main element in making enchanted pictures is having a picture of what your completed photographs will resemble. You at that point can utilize your area, presenting, and handling to recreate that vision. To make your vision, you need to find the right area, arrange the correct outfits and embellishments and furthermore control all the factors and props to suit the plot.

Correct colors if needed

Working with the post-processing software you will be using an editor. Here you can combine different effects, adjust parameters and intensity. First of all, adjust the colors in the picture, especially if you need a certain shade of a moon, pond or a wardrobe door. Increase the contrast of the image and increase the overall color saturation. You should be guided by your photo, note which areas of the picture you want to emphasize and which colors prevail in it. Increase the intensity of the orange, green and blue colors.

The program offers to process the photo using a uniform color, gradient or texture. By adding one color or another, you can completely change the mood of the picture. By toning the image in white or yellow shades, you get a light and fabulous atmosphere, and by choosing blue or green you will give the picture a mystery.

Use different locations with different models

While envisioning your area, consider places that have an unusual or supernatural feel. A lake or woods area are extraordinary spots to begin. When imagining your last picture, consider the editing you add (like wings and lights) or compositing you need to accomplish for your picture. Would it be charming for success to play with a child, or would it be better that the model confront the camera? Pixie wings and lights can be added to practically any picture, however doing a little pre-arranging will guarantee that these enchanted impacts upgrade your last picture in the most ideal manner!

Try a contour sharpness

Add some dimension to the image using some unsharp mask effects. Move the slider to the maximum, because the goal is to achieve a "cartoon", fantasy picture. If you want, you can enhance the illusion of the painted image by adding an engraving effect. Set the blending mode and adjust the processing intensity to your liking. Enhance the highlight in the photo by adding a mask with effects.

Prepare in advance for the shooting

After you make the vision for your process, it's an ideal opportunity to make a move and complete the pre-arranging. You should finish your area and affirm the clothing theme. Whenever you've settled on your area, it's consistently a smart thought to go there ahead of time. This will give you an idea of what the lighting will be around that day. It will likewise give you thoughts regarding where you might need to put your model. In some cases it is good to bring a friend to step through exam pictures, anyway a doll can even be ok as a try for this reason.

Next, you will need to affirm the dress. You should affirm whether the customer is bringing their own closet or you need to put aside the best possible dress from your prop.

Choose to request or lease a dress for your dream picture meeting, you should try to permit enough time PRIOR to the meeting so the things will show up as expected for a model to try it and ensure it fits appropriately.

Unite all the efforts in your fantasy photography

After you've invested energy making the vision and set aside the effort to ensure all that will be awesome, it's an ideal opportunity to unite it all and execute that shooting.

Close your eyes and tune in to the sounds around you! Envision you are a photographer in the wonderland!

Would you be able to hear the wizardry? Open your eyes and search for all the wizardry around you!

Remember that kids can be eccentric and can change their looks rapidly so remember to create some test shots ahead of the time of the meeting to get the right introduction.

In simple terms of a fantasy photo, this is a representation of the future as the past. The action most often takes place in an old medieval setting, various castles and caves where people or mystical characters live. By the way, it is on mysticism that the main emphasis goes, people and other characters must certainly have some kind of supernatural powers, which are perfectly illustrated by cool and unusual pictures in the style of fantasy. Try your own fairy tale or a dark world of wizards.