From day to day we have various events and memorable moments we enjoy to spend together with our family. Some of these events are captured by digital cameras and images, others are secretly kept only in our minds. In case if you have decided to make your family more public and establish a new type of connections, then unique holiday photo cards ideas can become the right diy tool.

Use following tips how to create your holiday photo card:

  • Try new approach and get public
  • Choose the best picture for your card
  • Think in advance of the best location
  • Happy faces and friendly design
  • Avoid random people
  • Discover photo processing apps
  • Personalize greetings with quotes
  • Select the most appropriate photo for each occasion
  • Use pictures of high quality
  • Get ready before the festive rush

This type of festive greeting is not that common for every family, because it requires a certain level of confidence and sometimes even humorous approach. Working together does not mean that we have to be that close to share our private life details. Still, many companies try this cheap tool in their team-building corporate strategies, to create strong connections with employees. Of course, there is no need to be a great CEO, to try this entertaining process. You can surprise your friends or relatives with a cute postcard, whenever you want. This article will mention general crucial points of this creative idea.

1. Think what you would like to see on a picture

Get that one shot to memorize all year

We all know that, when it comes to creation of funny holiday photo cards, we want to include everything. Sure, our kids are adorable and lovely, but it is better to choose one single successful image to be placed on the front side of a future Christmas card. Make as many shots as you can with a photographer, but choose the only big one to use for publishing.

2. Locate well your models

Right place and mood will make it work

It is essential for unique holiday photo cards. Various seasons offer different landscapes and colorful places. Going out for a walk, it is possible to get in love with some red and purple parks and lakes, or even your backyard with beautiful accessories. Take into consideration that every detail will be noticed by accurate eyes of professional photographers, but not by you. Thinking of memorable shots, check settings and weather conditions. Shadows can play an important role, much more significant than you think.

3. Concentrate on essential objects and friendly design

Be simple and get fun with holiday card ideas

There is no doubt that the best images are made in a beautiful landscape or during a great summer holiday, visiting local sights or having a good time at the beach. If you want to make sure that every friend, colleague and relative will remain inspired and happy, watching your funny holiday photo cards, let them see your happy faces. Background is only assisting you in such a creative process, do not make it a luxury protagonist.

4. Think of people you want to include

Do not make it too crowded for festive shooting

Considering that such a delightful present will be sent to some relatives and colleagues, it is always better to get captured only by your kids and sometimes nature with pets. Nephews, aunts and cousins are important for us, but should not be necessarily included into our personalized modern holiday photo cards. You will definitely find the right cute picture to publish.

5. Do your homework with post-processing

Practice your skills in photo editors

Modern technologies not only permit you to become a photo expert, but also to create awesome homemade results online with the help of picture editors. There are no limits for perfection, that is why some quick retouch of lights and vintage contrast is appropriate. It is good to make even more serious editing, when some portraits are not that successful as you wanted. So, read well the instructions and tutorials and start improving your future stylish holiday photo cards.

6. Share best wishes and some news

Old school type is a classic choice

Everyone would love to read some lovely quotes and wishes together with pictures and smiles. Try adding some information about your family members to transform this message into a more personal magic greeting. You can also make it creative with a fast help of specific apps and font editing, to make it seem like real handwritten text. Of course, you can sign it by your hand, but if you plan to publish hundreds of items, then it is better to use smart programs to assist you. Envelopes have also to be perfect to be a great couple for the best holiday photo cards.

7. Get the best picture you have

Feel the necessary mood

Do not think that everyone loves your children the way you do. Because knowing your family does not mean being familiar with your routine home life or leisure time activities. That is why when you decide to choose an image with funny faces or weird poses, think well of the effect it may cause, while someone get such a surprising congratulations email or New Year night party invitation. Create holiday photo cards with joy, thinking of magnetic emotions it should raise. Make it as sweet as possible, to demonstrate festive mood and style.

8. Choose less, but high quality

Make it look simple but professional

We all know that making pictures is not that difficult any more, since so many gadgets and devices have appeared these days all over the world. Every tiny moment of our lives can be captured and downloaded in social networks. When it comes to such an important business tool as best holiday quality photo cards, then it is better not to forget that cell pics are not going to be a great idea. Every festive event is important not only for you but to everyone, who is going to receive your picture collage. Try to choose the picture of the highest quality, to be sure that it does not look like discount sale offers of cheap low-cost goods.

Is it really better late than never?

Keep your time and get prepared in advance

Well, you will never know what can be a real reason for late delivery of your happy holidays photo cards. Postman illness or weather conditions, but at least you can find time to prepare everything. Do not wait last week before Christmas to hurry up with sweet festive wishes. Get prepared and do your homework before you know of possible force-majeure circumstances or a drastic price change for printing service. Unless your aim is Easter, make holiday photo cards in advance and relax watching the result.

Enjoy the process of holiday mood creation

Summing up, it is necessary to mention that your sweet wish to please friends and colleagues is already a great thing to be done. Fashioned engagement or wedding invitations are always sweeter, being handmade. Not everyone nowadays can permit thinking of others with such a passion and good will. Among all good gestures it is probably one of the most rare and most appreciated signs of affection. Work with love and do not think of commercial effects, even if it is going to improve your business cooperation with foreign partners. Sincere feelings can be felt in everything you do or write, being far away from your viewer or reader. Such a memorial gift can make others believe that open hearted and lovely people really exist.