It's time to figure out which trends are relevant this year! Whether it's wedding photography, stock food digital photography trends. Talking about colors it is impossible to avoid mentioning Phantom Blue and Saffron. In addition to blue and its shades, photographers also recommend looking at Saffron, a warm yellow-orange from Pantone.

Each year, the Pantone Color Institute names the top color for the next year. This time it is the versatile Classic Blue, a shade slightly darker than the basic blue, elegant in its simplicity. Nobody forces you to use only blue and orange, but this choice will make it easier to interact with other projects.

1. Bright colors and unconventional ideas.

One of the best ways to captivate an audience, especially if that audience lives on social media, is with bright colors. This trend plays an important role and is still relevant in 2020. Next to brightness, there is another option - an individual approach.

The time for monotonous advertising is over. You can't offer clients the same ideas. This will only work in one case: if you take a passport photo, there is no room for creativity. Go outside the box, take unnecessary angles, try new filters. Even if it doesn't work for the client, you will have free shots to update your portfolio.

2. Catch people fighting for a safe future.

Common freedoms have for quite some time been a significant subject for current photography trends. Presently, they're more pertinent than any other time in recent memory. Basic liberties can include legislative issues, social changes, sexual orientation equity, and considerably more. This altogether shows what customers need to find in photography.

One of the best approaches to catch this is to get included. Join a walk, archive a typical day for somebody battling creature misuse. To put it simply, attempt to figure out how to catch individuals battling for a more secure future. Try not to take pictures as a cameraman, however as somebody who's inspired by a current issue.

3. Be eco-friendly.

This motto is topical and will be important for several years. Environmental issues and concerns play an important role in the life of our society. Use this idea to create impressive announcements. Publish your works online to create a necessary atmosphere and collect people with similar ideas.

This point contradicts the previous one. But this is the tip, you can always go in contrast.

This is a fairly wide range of shades close to natural. Such pale tones will not distract from the story of a photo but will create an even background. Do you have a bright model with an unusual appearance? Take a picture of her against the background of a monochromatic nude.

5. Avoid the head.

It might sound rather peculiar, yet numerous brands use photographs where the model's face is blurred or she has no head. It allows organizations to show that their items aren't tailored to a particular kind of individual, however, will suit numerous personalities. Stock picture takers likewise adhere to this pattern, as they can shoot indeed the very same individual without getting confused.

Wedding photography is used to be an exceptionally formal act. Everyone has to be presented in the right way, still and professional. These days, an increasing number of couples are getting captured in motion and with expressions of various feelings.

We realize that wedding photography is a costly endeavor. One has to capture one of the most significant days of your life. As it is such a major cost, we go to self-catching thoughts, for example, decorations and a visitor book.

Look at a wedding as a narrative venture and less like a formal meeting.

7. Be aware of the essential things.

Points like psychological and mental well-being have seen an expansion in recent years. The idea of self-esteem is reaching out to grasp and destigmatize emotional well-being, a genuine medical problem is now a part of the standard discussion. Photography is reexamining the manner in which it imagines social life and individuals.

8. Create a fresh approach to old issues.

Such thoughts as body inspiration, women's liberation will be on the ascent. As a matter of fact, they are overall patterns that will influence the photography business, in addition to promoting, publicizing, and even legislative issues. Simply attempt to introduce these ideas in another light. For instance, you have to photo a family in their routine. Adjustments in configuration, garments, and their usual activities will alternately show a family, and this is the "new" pattern.

9. Make photos with smartphones.

Let's clarify right away: this does not mean that DSLRs are not needed.

In the quality of images, no smartphone surpasses a weighted camera. But they don't need it - their main advantage is mobility. They are compact, easy to take with you, you can take both photos and videos. The new gadgets have huge functionality for the photographer: wide and ultra-wide angle, a telephoto lens with night mode is all in one phone. These gadgets have gotten something beyond an approach to speak with others, however an augmentation of ourselves. They have changed the manner in which we collaborate with the world. Speed and usefulness are essential to clients, however, featured experts use phones to memorize outstanding events and moments. From selfie youngsters to experience picture takers, most buyers will utilize their phones to take photos. With significant enhancements in altering applications, picture takers will command in 2020.

10. Utilize colorful smoke bombs for surreal images.

One of the most popular photography industry trends 2020, spotlights on a particular instrument as a smoke bomb. Smoke bombs are an incredible method to add oddity to any picture. They can make your photos look more beautiful and create a great visual contrast to your scene. Utilize smoke bombs successfully in any photography mode. It is generally a famous technology in filming. Make sure you generally utilize a smoke bomb outside. Avoid combustible articles and ensure you're shooting in an open space. Likewise, abstain from shooting on breezy days with the goal that you can observe the smoke in your picture.

11. Produce more vertical content.

It's hard to imagine that the orientation of images could become a part of current trends in photography. But these are realities of the market. In the era of selfies and Instagram, there are more and more vertical photos. Take a look at photo stocks. Sometimes finding a suitable horizontal shot is very difficult. Simply "expanding" the photograph will not work. Due to the verticality of the content, priorities and accents change: instead of landscapes make portraits, instead of panoramic photography try a square. And if you are creating content for a website, ideally you need to work out two versions: for those who look at horizontal monitors, and for those who use smartphones with vertical orientation.

12. Get inspiration for watching a woman.

Female centers describe the possibilities of women in the world and help them to realize themselves in career and life. It likewise features the significance of positive self-perception. Ladies in all shapes and sizes deserve being remembered in photos.

Shoot ladies working, doing sports, adjusting family life, wearing strong garments, or going to bat for their privileges. Don't need to take arranged photographs for this idea. You can deal with it like a narrative where you follow ladies as they work. Along these lines, you'll get more genuine pictures.

13. Use video as a draft.

Not everyone knows that 2020 is a year full of composition images cut from video files. It is amazing how deep the picture may become if it was part of a complex video plot, created by the author or model. Use a tripod to record a video of high quality. It will help you to avoid long hours of retouching, eliminating noise and errors online.

Film photography art not only returned but also began to develop. This is not quite a fresh trend, but every year it only gets stronger.

Five years ago it was easy to find a film SLR or medium format, but now you need to hunt for them. People love filming because it's a completely different experience. You have one reel, and in those 36 frames, you need to put as many good shots and stories as possible. This is a good retro workout, it teaches you to think and observe first, and then just press a button.

Love the film because of its color and grain, one hundred percent atmospheric picture, and the way the light falls on it.


15. Forget the age.

New photography patterns empower individuals of any age to pose. Comprehend that the impression of maturing, which was ordinary for a very long period of time, is altogether unique in relation to how things are going on now. Maturing exquisitely is not, at this point a fantasy, yet a reality that is demonstrated in numerous photographs. Organizations need to show what advantages life has in some years. This promoting strategy has become a significant idea for many fashion picture albums this year.

16. Discover secrets of cinemagraphs.

A trick like this can spice up a boring and monotonous site, or create the right accent in a design. A cinemagraph is among the latest photography trends, in which minor repetitive movements occur. Most often, these "moving photos" are presented in GIF-format and create the illusion of viewing the video for the viewer.

17. Use less remascara, to look more natural.

The era of plastic faces without signs of skin texture is replaced by the era of a total and healthy nature. In France, for example, advertisers are required to indicate if a photo is retouched. No one is (almost) confused by the lack of retouching in catalogs of online lingerie stores, because almost everyone has stretch marks and bumps on hips.

The trend affects not only commercial product photography trends but also private shooting. The subtle question is: should we use a plastic tool if we are not asked to? Do we think that a couple of brush strokes in specialized software can be the starting point for complexes or development of an eating disorder?

18. Create your nest.

Make a space at home that you like to remain in, rather than going out. In the case of perusing, weaving, or cooking at home, more individuals are enlivening their homes with candles and comfortable covers to give them a hotter vibe. Catching this way of life moves with shots of individuals planning food at home, and staring at the TV. Everyday life is always interesting to see and imagine in pictures.

19. Remember simple family values.

The long-term trend in interior studios near Christmas trees and fireplaces is almost extinguished. It was replaced by shooting in natural habitats and the work of clients or models.

Previously, a chic sofa and a fireplace with candles in a studio were considered super-atmospheric and authentic. Now there is nothing better than a cozy corner of a client's small apartment, even if it is a mattress lying on the floor. Showing a person in interaction with his native environment and interior means showing him as a personality, taking into account his background.

20. What is your symbol?

Pictures with a secret meaning attract viewers. Take a picture with a complex meaning adding various graphics and collages to transmit a deep meaning. This is the best way to be popular in 2020, using unique objects and accessories to realize the artistic plot. Play with different fonts, items, graphics, and patterns.

Rules and criteria for evaluating photography are changing and becoming softer.

It is used to be like this: composition and framing should be according to canons, the skin-tone is ideal, the exposure is balanced, and so that it is necessary without gaps in shadows and overexposures. And white must be white! All this is taught in photography schools. But now photographers have finally begun to remember that it is not about the rule of thirds and the laws of color.

Until a few years ago, an accidentally cropped brush, a focus miss, or a blur was the verdict. Now, for many, this is a creative technique and that trick with the help of which people begin to recognize your works from thousands.

This style will be relevant not only in 2020 but also for the next couple of years.

Even though quadcopters are becoming more affordable and easier to operate, we have not yet had time to get tired of shooting from the height of a birds-eye. We are still looking at landscapes in photos with interest and sticking to videos from drones on YouTube. And most likely, we will continue for the next few years.

23. Learn food shooting service.

Food is a model that can not surprise. Therefore, we have to come up with new perspectives. Surprise clients with a different approach and make food shooting more fun and appetizing. Try shooting diagonally so that your subject starts in one corner of the frame and ends in another. Or tilt the camera to the right, for example, so that the viewer literally wants to bend over for a treat.

Close-up photography makes food, real estate, portrait, and product more attractive and gives the impression that it is right in front of the viewer.

What close-up serves for? As with other types of macro shooting, such shots give a sense of reality. Customers are confident that photographers are using tinted and glued layouts. This style proves that they are not! Show a slightly cracked hamburger bun or a broken lettuce leaf. Such close-up photos only add beauty even to adobe houses

25. Play with storytelling.

Everything has a story. By telling it, you make the picture more intimate and attractive.

Any product feels better with additional details. Therefore, storytelling is essential not only in photography but also in other areas of visual art. The audience is curious to know what's going on behind the scenes. Satisfy this curiosity. A beautiful dish is only part of the process. Who prepared it and how, from what products?

26. Start lighting hdr experiments.

As the criteria for evaluating photos change, photographers have more room for daring experiments. Hard light, soft, natural or artificial lighting, there are many variations in light, why limit yourself to one? Experiment and try. Even if you don’t like what you see, it’s a valuable experience and a few extra shots to try in retouching.

27. Find your people for shooting.

Capturing men and women of all ages and nations is more than just trendy. It is essential for most magazines, web-portals, and social life in general. Include these models into your photo album and be sure that your works will get even more likes and comments. Human diversity has been in fashion for a long time.

28. Add vintage painting photo.

As often happens, well-forgotten old things return to trends.

This genre was extremely popular in the 1920s: people in the pictures stood with faces without emotion or did not look into the frame at all. For example, already now the fast-food chain uses such photos as advertising: visitors take pictures with stone faces and post them on Instagram.

Photography future trends of different styles intertwine with each other, so you can feel free to try to apply trends without looking at your direction. In 2020, all the rules and frameworks are becoming less visible, allowing photographers to create bold experiments.

29. Tell the direct statement.

Realism and snapshot come from amateur shooting and works according to its laws: they document some fact or event. The photographer may not know anything about the composition, or about the expressive means of artistic photography. In his photographs, both the foreground and background are always sharp; in the middle is exactly what the viewer should see. Such a picture is characterized by a direct statement. What the viewer sees is what the artist wanted to say.

30. Buy an old filming device.

The visual language of our time is largely determined by technical means. Amateur photography appeared along with automatic film cameras in the 90s, everyone was shooting with "simple gadgets" and thought that this is how a photograph should look. Now everyone is filming on the phone, and the idea of ​​photography has changed. Filters and processing are left behind: now it is not fashionable to make your attempts to improve the frame.

The generation of millennials, those who were children or teenagers in the 90s, is now the main target audience of many advertising campaigns. And the slight feeling of those times for childhood and adolescence associated with this time helps marketers to draw attention to the product. Polaroid-style shoots, live film shots, flash pictures, neon colors are trendy again. A good excuse to shake off the dust from old albums and share inspiration by pictures taken 20 years ago.

32. Take honest close-ups.

In the 19th century, the idea of ​​photography was to share with others what our eyes see. A century later, the technological revolution has also allowed us to share what we feel and make a series of images that tell whole stories.

Instagram storytelling is going to be a huge way to become fashionable. You can communicate a lot with one shot, but now the storytelling aspect makes it possible to do it in series. This requires a different type of thinking and content with your images. The goal could also be to share a moment or experience in a way that builds a deeper connection with your followers.

33. Clean your pictures from art.

Contemporary photography seeks to cleanse itself of all artificiality and artistic entertainment, which was filled with magazines in the 2000s. Today you look at it and think: "Why is everything so ceremonial?" Previously, we were shooting “how cool we would like to live”, but now we are shooting just “how we live”. In fashion and candid photography, realism is the edge. It is not clear what will follow next because there is nothing easier and more natural.

34. Imagine brutalism and digital decadence.

Brutalism can be disliked but cannot be ignored. It is closely associated with architecture and shooting, but style and ideas have taken over the digital world. Thanks to the increased attention to architecture on Instagram five years ago, brutalism gained recognition. Today it is a growing rebellious trend that pushes both designers and audiences out of their comfort zone.

Rough aesthetics is often used in web and graphic design, and while brutalism may not always look appealing, it stands out among polished layouts, exemplary compositions, and versatile artistic choices. Brutalism can be defiant, but should not be confused with anti-design.

35. Add magic touch.

Magic realism inherited features of art photography. Only in it is "splendor" achieved through the color that the film gives. And since this is a film, then everything is real. Film color is one of the most important expressive means of magical realism. The delicate color of film pictures will never be achieved by a digital choice.

36. Keep in mind the dawn of muted shades.

In contrast to rich, futuristic colors, soft and delicate palettes are attracting more and more attention. You may already be familiar with beige undertones and monochrome shades this year. Against the backdrop of bold designs and challenging art solutions, muted hues convey the sophistication that comes from minimalism.

Neo-mint is a new choice as the color of the year. It resonates not only with futuristic moods but also with the growing popularity of muted is good to see more color trends that will help find and emphasize the balance between nature and technology.

37. Use RAW beauty.

It is impossible to get this color with the help of Photoshop. They have some kind of magic scanner, after which RAW files from the film are “twisted” in a special program and suddenly they get unknown beauty. And this is pure creativity: if there is something wrong with the light in the photos taken with a digital camera, you can simply tweak the exposure and apply it to the whole shot. Here, all the frames are different, and each must be adjusted manually, relying on your taste.

38. Discover illusions of perception.

All great design projects get attention. Optical illusions or visual deformation of composition and typography are more catchy than a perfect picture. It is impossible to take your eyes off such a design, simply because it is non-standard and has no predictable framework.

Our minds are programmed to search for patterns and if they are not there, we will have to stop, think, and look wider to understand the big picture. Use distorted fonts and elements and the audience will slow down to appreciate and understand the photographer's intention.

39. Change frame style.

It is not only how the person looks and the clothes that are important. The style of a frame as a whole is important. Now the photographer is working on this as well. You can even shoot not fashion, but something in general from another area, but if you have a stylish frame, you are a great fellow. And if not, you're not doing well at all.

It is clear that there has always been composition, we tried to make the frame beautiful and artistic using different methods. And now there is only one method, this is the style within the frame: when the colors converge when a person in beige clothes seems to be accidentally standing against a monotonous background. Without this, now it is generally impossible. So the tasks of the photographer have expanded greatly.

40. Include nature into your work.

Natural landscapes and effects are the most used items in photography of all times. This year will not be an exception. Test various locations, seasons, and times of the day to create the necessary atmosphere without great expenses for studio and lighting. Nature and the sun will do all the hard work.

41. Experiment in motion graphics.

With the right tools, you can create designs that both respect and violate the laws of gravity. Continuing last year's trend is a transition to 3D, photographers are experimenting in animation with smooth movements, fluid shapes, and disassembled into fragments.

Combining animation, technology, art, and design, artists are often inspired by nature and natural forms. They invent new elements or visualize chemical reactions through animation. As a result, hypnotizing works are born, with vivid 3D elements that defy the laws of gravity. By doing this, they grab attention and envelop dynamic online pictures with a mystical veil.

42. Follow all the modern styles.

To stay up-to-date, it is important to constantly monitor what is happening around. The culture is changing at an insane speed, and being witnessed allows you to better navigate and quickly grasp new things. Stay informed on the latest fashion and technology ideas and start-ups to realize trendy photography.

43. Get candid portraits.

Portraits are always in fashion. Classic poses and serious faces are not that lucky. Play with your models to obtain a real inner picture of the personality. Shoot when the model does not pose at all and get perfect candid images. Include accessories which help to create a complete composition.

44. Use minimalism all the way.

Minimalism has always been in trend over the past decades. Minimalism is a way to "remove" everything unnecessary from the frame and to focus the viewer's attention only on important objects. This applies to portrait photography, fashion, landscape photography, and JPG formats, etc. The more minimalist you can make your images, the better.

45. Create 360 ° pictures.

There is an opinion that shooting 360 ° panoramas will gain popularity in 2020. Basically, this kind of shooting is used in real estate, google maps, and subject photography, when you need to "twist" the subject from all sides. Another interesting variation is the creation of spherical panoramas like a miniature globe.

46. Get closer to details of a bigger image.

When focusing on the big picture, it's easy to overlook something really important. To emphasize quality and emphasize their openness and honesty, brands show products in close-ups.

This trend means that there will be less post-production not only in advertising but in photography in general. Use a minimum of retouching and focus on details to show the essence of the project.

These patterns in photography are pointing out more of the field than any other time in recent memory. Web-based media, for instance, pressurizes individuals into taking a greater number of photos than what was recently esteemed fundamental, with the desire that the nature of those photographs is stunningly better.

The desire to share photographs via web-based media is pushing every single couple to pick proficient picture takers whom they can trust to click their wedding minutes adequately.

Society itself is likewise turning into a more visual spot. Photographs are utilized frequently in marking and web-based promoting, opening up entryways for both expert and hopeful picture takers to get their work out there.

The line among proficient and amateurish is additionally getting obscured. New programming makes it workable for beginners to alter photographs to approach proficient norms. That implies that aster picture takers are being clutched at a more significant level. As beginner picture takers improve, proficient photographic artists need to demonstrate that they are offering a genuine incentive to their customers and that they are a craftsman, not just a person with a camera.

Visual communication trends are the starting point for interpreting, adapting, creating new styles, and improving those that already exist. Regardless of the industry in which you work, photography trends introduce you to the ideas and topics that will live on the web and, ultimately, end up on your screens.