A few years ago, boudoir photo outfit ideas were popular with brides, on the eve of their main event. Now such photography is in great demand among girls and women to focus on their female beauty and sensuality, to see themselves sexy and unique. Models for such an artistic photoshoot are mostly women, but couples, husbands, and men can also participate.

The popularity of such photos is growing, and this is not at all surprising, many girls and women want to try on the role of a model, with various looks, make-up and dressing up. There are several points besides lighting, clothes, hairstyles, and makeup, which can significantly affect the final result.

To begin with, let's take a glance at the concept of boudoir photo ideas. The term came from the French language and means a small room, elegantly decorated, where the hostess of the house received guests. This image style involves a partially or completely naked body and a beautiful interior of a small place.

How to prepare for a boudoir photo shoot?

Here are some tips to make your picture session a success:

  1. Make creative boudoir photo ideas interesting for a woman model. Get acquainted with a girl you need to work with. Look through her pictures in social networks, understand her inner world and hobbies. It will help to have an idea of ​​her age, appearance, and physique, to understand her plasticity and gestures, to see how she moves.
  2. Prepare for an intrigue shooting. Three main points of preparation are makeup and clothing for a model, choice of location and theme of the album.

  1. Choose the right outdoor or indoor location. Have an idea about the place for shooting to know if additional light, prop, and the tip is needed, which accessories you need to take with you. Give some advice so that during shooting you will not be disturbed by unnecessary objects.
  2. Find the topic you want to create. Portrait shooting can be of different types, tender for the bride's morning, sensual for black or red lace underwear, couple roles at home, etc. Every session requires special preparation, post-editing, and background.

  1. Shine bright like jewelry. Light is an important part of a model itself. Excessive light will spoil the entire process, and too many shadows will make pictures dark and blurry. The ideal issue is a lightroom effect which can be achieved at home with DIY accessories. All this should be prepared by a photographer in advance.
  2. Work with the model to get a tasteful silhouette. Classy boudoir photo ideas imply a nude or semi-nude look. It is not an easy task for a common lady to show her lingerie to an unknown person with a camera. It is important to provide a relaxed atmosphere: a warm room, nice music, pleasant conversations to make everyone feel comfortable. Demonstrate good frames, choose successful poses together, this will hide scare in front of the camera. Create trusting relationships and models which will work better.

  1. Decide on the most appropriate background color and type. Beautiful furniture, expensive linens, high-quality bed, jewelry, and covers are essential requisites of boudoir photo shoot ideas. Install interesting props and ensure their presence during shooting.
  2. Take care of your hands and skin. A bright manicure will be fun in everyday life, but a photo can play a cruel joke. It will turn small girls into a teenager, and instead of an erotic tigress, you will get a child in unnatural pose and adult underwear. In addition, bright nails attract eyes and destroy integrity, especially acid colors. The same for skin. If you want to clean your skin before shooting, all procedures should be done no later than a week before the event.

What to wear for a boudoir photo shoot?

The plot does not have to be obligatory too nude. Some clients choose such sessions as gifts for their fiancees and husbands for the festive day. That is why Christmas boudoir photo ideas are topical in winter. It does not request much imagination, because of all the props ready in every house or studio. The tree, lights, decorations, and red clothes can be found in every location to realize magic and sensual shooting.

The same trend is for some VIPs in showbiz and sports. Not all of them are ready to pose in various provoking poses. But if the photographer is good enough to convince his model and make them feel comfortable then the result becomes awesome. Sports boudoir photo ideas are based on publicity for youth and the attraction of more people to a healthy lifestyle. It helps to demonstrate to people the advantages of sports culture in another more intimate way. Otherwise, you can just use sports t-shirts and accessories to wear during the shooting.

How to do a boudoir photo shoot?

We have listed key which absence can destroy even the best location and skills. Let us move on to cute boudoir photo ideas that will inspire you and help during the process.

  1. Shoot in a suitable place. This type of photo service has clear requirements for space and interior: a small room, furnished bed and vintage armchairs. Because, there is no way to take the right images in a huge loft-style hall left or at home, with small windows. It will take too much time to retouch, improve and adjust without getting perfect shots. 
  2. Choose the right makeup and hair for the model. As a rule, wedding boudoir photo ideas request a light makeup that does not the change face and mood of the day. If the shooting is with artificial studio lighting, then the make-up may be a little brighter, since the light “eats” make-up a little. The hairstyle also should not be too complicated, careless ringlets or a slight mess on the hair will look very natural and harmonious.

  1. Take pics from the back. Take a few shots from behind so that you can hardly see the face, this will give photos mystery and uniqueness. Make the model look down, up or to the side to find a perfect angle.
  2. Attention to the hands, legs, and floor. Non-professional models behave constrained and do not know where to look, how to move and where to put their hands. Offer to play with hair, take some kind of props, correct makeup, allow her to occupy hands, bend knees or put legs on the floor. This will help to be distracted, will move and change poses, which is always good.

  1. Take pictures from above. When shooting from above, the model will look taller, legs will appear longer and thinner. Stand on a chair above when she is lying on the bed and it will seem like she just woke up. Take a ladder or chair when you are about to shoot. Such a bulky, but necessary prop will help you take beautiful photos from unusual angles.
  2. Get exactly the right accessories. Details can be anything: a flower, a shirt, jewelry, an apple, etc. Ask to bring your own accessories. This will add emotional depth to pics, and the model will be able to focus on a subject she knows. Props should not be expensive or too complicated, but they should suit the moment.

  1. Use a veil. Fun boudoir photo ideas are organized with a certain dress code: a beautiful set of underwear, full or partial exposure of the model. If you are shooting not a professional model, but a mother of two children or a stock broker or a waitress, then the need to undress can be a problem. Therefore, she may need a beautiful lace robe, something to be exposed exactly as much as she feels ready inside.
  2. Practice the right pose. Do not request complex poses, because they look unnatural and forced. One of the simplest, but at the same time, spectacular poses is when the model sits on a bed, leaning on her arm, her knees are slightly bent and looks over her shoulder. It turns out a beautiful bend of the back and a mysterious look that looks beautiful in pictures. Here's another pose that draws attention to long eyelashes, chest, and legs: you need to stand on top of a model that arched its back and chin at the same time. Ask her to lower her chin a little, until the frame is perfect, then take a breath and exhale, which emphasizes the chest. This will add movement to pictures.

  1. Use chairs as a required attribute. Beautiful chairs and armchairs with plain dull look good in the frame are suitable for relaxing pics. A model can comfortably sit on a chair, propping up legs, lean on the back, lift her chest and cover it with her hand. Or sit on the edge of a chair, put your chin on a hand and look directly at the camera.
  2. Include mirrors. Some accessories tend to be not appropriate when mirrors are always in use by all photographers for every type of shooting. No frame that could not be improved by the presence of a mirror which adds drama. Try various poses and angles to find the one that suits the model you are shooting. Do not be surprised if people enjoy looking at themselves in reflection and forget about the session. The same works for male boudoir photo ideas. Though men seem to be less comfortable in such a theme, their own reflection helps to get more confidence.

A special part of these types of pictures is devoted to pregnant women. This is the most tender shooting moment which one could imagine and a nice belly is a free accessory. This period of time is of high importance for every couple and the task of a photographer is to demonstrate that a woman is even more beautiful than before. It often happens that pregnant girls do not have the idea of being attractive. That is why boudoir photo ideas for plus size models will help to find the right angle and pose to look great and enjoy the shooting. The session is real and will help to remember a unique moment in life. Moreover, the rules for constructing photographs are exactly the same as in other cases: open hands, satisfied smile and natural look.

Indoor or outdoor boudoir photo ideas are aimed to give portraiture another mood, allowing people to reveal themselves, look from another side. The task of a photographer is not only to take beautiful pictures but also to help the model gain confidence.

Create a charismatic look. Fatal beauty in red lace or innocent Lolita in seductive stockings is only your choice. Relax and enjoy your role. Take comfortable poses and natural angles: lie down on the bed, spread out in an armchair, lean against the wall, dance to your favorite music. Feel free and independent, not concentrating on your clothes, because it is your self-confidence that is the key to beautiful and interesting photos.

To create the right mood and choose the best pose for a perfect shot, study a couple of men's magazines where there are many necessary pictures. In addition, many girls in social networks are happy to share their pics with light eroticism with subscribers. As a rule, they choose a beautiful background, get up (lie down, sit down) in a most winning pose and make excellent results.

Editing is good for every type of photography. Do not completely exclude filters and editors, because they help to improve images and hide defects. But do not overdo it willing to enlarge lips, making hips or breasts bigger.

You will need much practice to find your style in this type of shooting, but happy faces of customers who see themselves differently in photographs are the best incentive to practice and get better with every shot.