It happens very often that a pretty girl, making photo, looks weird, with a long nose or a second chin, too short or curved. And instead of a fresh, light makeup – a mask with bruises appears in the picture. To pose well, you need to know the tips and to ‘work on the camera’. There are several general ways to improve the photo result.

Preparation for shooting

Look attentively at your pictures. Which is the best one and which is the most awful? Can you point out the difference? Check pictures of other people and try to understand why they look good and what are their general secrets and tips. These could be the most common problems for the photo camera: lighting during the shooting, blurred or closed eyes, wrong angle, lack or a fake smile, face defects (pimples or pores, haircut or clothes that you do not like). Something can be easily corrected by controlling your movements, but there are body imperfections, which sometimes are too annoying. Still there is always a comfortable and fast body retouching app ready to rescue your picture.

Switch on the light

The first thing to think about is lighting. It is better to take pictures in natural light, since most colors are getting lost in a semi-dark room or with too bright lamp light. Try to keep the light source in front of you, above the eye line. If the sun is too bright, hang a thin curtain to scatter the rays. This will help to make the lines of the face softer and smoother. If natural light is not enough, you can use artificial light or a cool photo editing application.

Practice pose in front of a mirror or camera

The best way to discover your most advantageous pose is to find it. Check your reflection and you will understand which poses you are getting the best, and how you should smile. Faces are not absolutely symmetrical, so, as a rule, each face has a ‘strong side’. In case you are not yet convinced about the best angle of your face, use an awesome body editing app, which will definitely help to get the desired satisfaction from the picture. Try different poses and remember how you should turn to the camera. The majority Hollywood stars and photo models use the simple pose worked out for years: standing turned halfway to the photographer, one leg slightly put forward, leaning on the other leg behind. If you put your right foot forward, then use your right hand. So it does not hang along the body, try to slightly lean it on the right hip. This little tip is a guarantee that you will look more tall and slim.

Use your dress

Playing with clothes is a great idea, if you want to make natural photographs. For this reason, for example, it is better to use shawls, scarves, gloves, hats, capes. Therefore, the girl in a summer light dress is absolutely adorable. Photo sessions are not another part of your everyday routine, so why not celebrate it properly as a small holiday. Think of taking several pieces of clothing that you can easily throw on your shoulders or remove completely, when it is needed. To emphasize the décolleté zone, you need to lean slightly forward to the photo camera. As you know, items located closer to the camera – visually look larger. You can also help yourself, pressing your chest with elbows.

The key rule is to choose clothes that make you feel confident and to be ready to use the body shape editor, to be sure of the best result.

Just smile

A fake smile can ruin a photo. It looks tense, and eyes do not smile at all. Taking pictures, smile as naturally and sincerely as possible to make it look perfect. Try to smile in many ways: mysteriously or Hollywood style, sometimes gently, arrogantly and tempting. You can also laugh at something and remain cheerful and carefree in the picture. True smile requires positive emotions. If you do not feel like having fun right now, think of something pleasant, imagine your favorite food or something that makes you laugh. Real smile involves the eyes. Try squinting slightly, lifting the lower eyelid. This will help you look more natural. Press the tip of the tongue against the upper teeth inside. That easily prevents the transformation of your smile into a wide grin. The crazy option is to let someone stand behind the scenes and make you laugh. Practice in front of the mirror. Learn to feel the difference between natural and fake smile.

Traditional tricks are always in fashion

Using a modern body retouching application, every model can become a star. Still, there are many secrets, which can be easily applied. First of all, it is not necessary to hold your breath making pictures, because photos will look tense and artificial. It is better to breathe calmly, so that the session and the picture in general will be relaxed and natural. Famous models use a very interesting trick: taking a snapshot of a feminine and sexy look, they breathe with the mouth, thus creating a passionate and exciting image.

The second trick is in your toes. If you are not wearing heels, then always stand on your toes. Owing to this trick your legs will look much longer and visually give an impression of lightness and grace. Do not pose with both feet on the ground, try to move your body, carrying the weight from one leg to another.

And, of course, your hands on the photo are incredibly important. Model's hands should never be in a symmetrical position, but always in motion.

Relive the hair

Before shooting, tilt your head and shake the hair. This way, the hair will get extra volume. Do not use a lot of hair styling products. Hair that appears wet or glued into ‘wires’ will not look beautiful in the photo. Control the curls so that they do not stick and do not ‘crumble’.

Feel free to express yourself

Be yourself, try to look natural – then the photo will be the one you get in love with. Smile and do not get embarrassed, because there are many retouching tricks to apply and photo-editing lessons to learn. Be trendy and use face editing apps, then the picture will please you and your friends. And certainly collect a lot of ‘likes’ in social networks!