How many disappointments we face sometimes, watching our bad shots. It may cause low self-esteem, and even depression. A successful photo makes you feel confident, improves your mood and brings positive emotions. In a word, everything that contributes to our success with the help of makeup and hair professionals!

Start with your photographer

Please yourself and find YOUR photographer, who can easily analyze your appearance, find the best perspective for you and show your best side. A photographer, which has its own approach, does not use thoughtless brochure ‘100 basic poses’. For a family album – everything should be natural and comfortable. The slightest tension and insincerity is caught and looking at the photo you will never like it. An experienced photographer will always help you to relax before the shooting.

Prepare yourself

Remember that 70% of a successful portrait is the merit of the model, so you will also have to work hard. The day before the photo session, try to rest and sleep well, the camera is good at catching tired and sad faces. Take a contrast shower, make a refreshing mask – it will cheer you up and improve the mood. If you want to show some tan, do not exaggerate with sun on the eve of shooting, especially if this is the first time. The dull skin is easier to correct with new skin photo editor, than the sunburn. But it is always better to refresh manicure and hair color.

Face touch

The main problem that becomes visible in the photo is the shine of the face. Using lighting equipment in the studio, the air temperature is increasing fast. In addition, photo position often requires physical effort, that is why the skin starts reacting. When you look at the picture, the face shine looks very ugly, but owing to modern face retouch application, its removal can be easy and enjoyable, without additional professional skills. Therefore, take care of your skin beforehand: preferably a few days before, start using matting skin care products.

Watch the eyes

Pay special attention to the skin around the eyes – no bruises or wrinkles should appear on the photo. Choose a special corrective pencil, powder, and nine hours of sleep the night before making the photo. Avoid ‘sleepy’ eyes in the photo, just look at the camera for half a second longer than you think is sufficient. People often underestimate the time it takes to get a snapshot, and look away, creating a ‘sleepy’ effect. To be absolutely sure about your look, it is highly recommended to use the brighten eyes effect, offered by photo editing mobile apps.

Hide your double chin

There are so many frustrating photographs, because of the double chin that destroys everything. Meanwhile, this error is easily avoided. Instead of lowering your head and pressing your chin to your neck, it is better to slightly move your head forward to the camera man, lengthening your neck.

Hip editing

Women seeking to hide some figure imperfections, often try to cover the problem areas with their hands, thereby visually increasing them. You can put your hands on the waist, gently pull elbows back (this will lift your chest) and step forward with your foot. This will give the body a graceful S-shaped bend, make hips fluffy, but proportionate. Two arms, located symmetrically on the sides of the body, make it visually wider. But do not press a hand on the hip, otherwise you will create an ugly bulge that attracts attention.

Avoid sitting in front of the camera

Frontal shooting of a person sitting on a chair, reveals fat on the thighs, shows knees and calves inappropriately. Try to sit half-turned to the photographer, put your knees aside and cross your ankles, which will give you a touch of grace. Hold your knees together, and put your hands on your hips or touch the chair. If you put them on your knees, it will make your legs look shorter and wider. Slightly unfold your shoulders toward the camera to remove the tummy. The most important advice for a model, which is sitting in front of the photographer: is not to lean back. Try to sit as close as possible to the edge of the chair or sofa.


If you do not want to emphasize the huge chin and nostrils on the photo, do not let yourself be photographed from low points. The best result is achieved when the photo is made from the eye level of the person being portrayed. This advice is also important when taking pictures of children: to get successful shots, the photographer has to sit down or even lie down on the floor. It is not a good idea to take pictures of children from above, except when you want to emphasize how small they are.

Hair retouch

Even the perfect face will look ugly with messy hair. The hair for the photo should be clean, shiny and well-groomed. You should not excel with complex hairstyles and do not even think about the horsetail. It is better to leave it as it is, because simple and natural is always fashionable and trendy. Enjoy the process and imagine yourself an actor or a Hollywood star.