Basic list of female portrait pose references

  1. Avoid military posture, just relax, take it easy
  2. Try putting only thumbs in pockets, instead of a whole hand
  3. If you support a face with a hand, make sure that it smoothly continues the shape of a face. The palm should not be turned towards the lens
  4. Lower shoulders slightly so that the face becomes more open, and neck is visually lengthened
  5. If you are taking pictures from the side, bend your knee. In such case, this pose will look nice and simple
  6. Do not stare at a camera, tilt your face slightly
  7. Smile with a natural and radiant smile

Nowadays, professional photo equipment and image processing programs allow you to create amazing albums and gifts for relatives and friends. It is almost impossible to find a girl who has not imagined herself a famous star in a film or Hollywood fashion celebrity. Awesome professional pictures can help to try this unforgettable experience. Moreover, a large number of social networks are simply pushing women to post beautiful pictures. However, preparing for such an event, there are always a lot of questions to answer:

  • How to stand?
  • Where should my arms be?
  • Is it better to smile wide or mysteriously?
  • Which clothes to choose?
  • Is there a need for accessories or special talent for posing?

Taking into consideration all recommendations of photo professionals, the main rule is to prepare in advance. It is necessary to carefully consider each posture, picture and makeup for a memorable collection of snapshots. When you choose some poses or read about them online, practice some of them in front of a mirror at home.

1. Make a sample collection

Look through popular websites and blogs to find successful shots of celebrities. Many of those are classic postures. Save as many options as possible to practice in front of the camera. Galleries of pictures will help to make your mind about key trends in portrait posing.

It is a common belief that most vivid ideas for shooting are realized in a prepared studio and outdoors in a lovely park or forest. There are many tips to remember and to use, while travelling for pleasure or work all over the world. Winning poses are recognized by standing against the wall or leaning on it with a bent knee. Professionals recommend women to choose relaxed poses. However, among key rules to remember is the one that tells you to keep your hands near parts of your body you would like to emphasize. In case there is a need to hide a defect, then change the location of hands and focus on another part of the body.

It is a very common feminine posture to lay down or sit on a chair. Keep in mind that such an option is a must for curvy girls. Because, having chosen a successful position, you can hide some curves you do not like.

It is good trying unusual locations and funny roles. Such an idea will entertain both photographer and client as well. Tiredness is very well transmitted to the picture. Especially if girls choose to make pictures with children. If you are not afraid to experiment, then you are ready to make this day even more memorable.

2. Start with hands in female poses

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the location of hands. It may sound strange, but it is crucial for a successful photo. Men can afford to lower them along the body. A woman can not neglect its importance. All girls need a bend. Even a slight bend in the elbow and palm will visually make you and images more attractive.

3. Support the head and hide elbows

One of the most common poses for shooting is a hand near the head. Here we need to take

into account some issues: make sure that the elbow is not facing the camera. It's not as nice as you might think. Elbows are smooth and nice when you are 6 years old, but with years, become dry and not attractive. Turn elbows aside and avoid these sad mistakes that may cause a disaster.The same is for t-shirts and sleeveless dresses. Every model must know that area of ​​armpits for a woman is a bad option. Try to hide these areas as much as possible and you will never regret.

4. Watch your facial expressions and lips

Talking about winning photography poses, it is better to mention that models can feel shy and nervous. And if you may be a talented actress to avoid crying, stressed lips and hands over face will definitely show what you really feel. If you want to bring hands to the face, try soft invisible touch, almost imitating it. As for lips, better to completely relax and even slightly open the mouth. This will add a certain charm and sensuality.

5. Be careful with folds on the neck at the photograph

When turning the head, neck folds automatically appear. There is nothing to do with it. Practice several turns or hide it with appropriate hairstyle and clothes. Right angle and slight help of post-processing applications will become useful in this case. Try to turn your body a little more towards the camera.

6. Avoid hiding

When you cross arms on your chest, do not try to hide. Such a popular posture is good for men, but women should pay attention to their palms. It is the most beautiful and attractive part of the picture. Keep it visible and relaxed. 

7. Choose right clothes

Be careful with wearing short dresses or skirts. Frontal looks may reveal much more than you want to show. Lines and picturesque designs are not appropriate, because these details usually distract attention from the image and create unnecessary volume. Watch the lens and think positive to avoid a frozen face. Simple outfit and positive thoughts will contribute to the best harmonious result.

8. Pose around for inspiration

Lady will look smaller if she is not facing the photographer directly, but with a half-turn, having slightly turned her hip back, and chest with face to the lens. Plus, if there is a tummy to hide, then this is the best and unique option for photoshoot. Because outdoor or studio lights with wrong angles make a great sad emphasis on critical points of our appearance.

9. Move the weight

When you make a profile picture, try to move your weight on the leg, which is farther. And the leg in front should be easy. If you are leaning on the front leg, the thigh seems two sizes larger. Such an effect is rarely appreciated by female models all over the world.

10. Keep the posture

Do not think that feeling relaxed means twisted shoulders. It is obvious, but usually it is often forgotten. This defect will make ladies look smaller, destroy the waistline, lower the chest, and highlight the belly. Every time you prepare to be captured, repeat yourself to keep the back straight.

11. Show a great waist

Waistline is the narrowest part of a woman’s body. It must be visible in the photo. Therefore, models often put their hands on the hips, lift them up, or otherwise. If you pressed your hands to the body, the waist will merge visually with sleeves and no curves appear. Always ensure that there is at least a minimum space between the waist and elbow.

12. Take off your hands

Do not forget that everything located closer to the camera seems larger. That is why, making a woman portrait with addition of light and in comparison with other objects, one hand will look wider than the other. Watch carefully mirror reflections and decide on a better position for hands.

13. Lift the chin

When there is a need to write a guide for beginners, regarding portraits, then it may become a long story. Pay attention to the chin. Lifted chin will help to show a simple and open face without unnecessary emotions and exclude emphasis on non-existing defects. When ladies lower their head, a second chin appears even if it does not exist. When you tilt your head forward, your forehead seems to be wider and larger.

14. Experiment with hair

If the model has long hair, capture it in motion. Ask her to turn her head quickly so that her hair becomes vivid and continues to move after turning the head. You can experiment with shutter speed to get clear or, on the contrary, blurry and motion-emphasizing shots.

15. Take a seat

Surely, the most familiar idea for a photo shoot for girls indoors or outdoors, is in a sitting position. However, usual pictures with beauties in a soft armchair on the background of a gorgeous carpet can seem too simple or staged. Make some shots which reflect your personality and mood. There is a big possibility that you are one of those beauties and you have never suspected that before.

16. Be spontaneous

Honestly speaking, standard portrait photography poses for females are annoying, and photographs which pretend to be fashionable and sensual, without any artistic or emotional value, usually end up in trash. But there is a possibility to rescue the situation, when women look natural. They do not require perfect make-up, sophisticated outfits and hairstyles. This picture option wins popularity with its sincerity and simplicity.

However, having captured your routine wake up will not make you look like a model. Distract yourself from a thought to be captured by a camera. Forget about the presence of other people and shooting purposes. Try to pose while you paint, drink coffee or do morning exercises, the main thing is that you do it with pleasure, and not for a spectacular shot.

Dynamic shots that catch you in motion, capturing a unique moment, can also become an amazing image to enrich photo art galleries. How to achieve such a result? Do your usual work, play a musical instrument, even killing virtual monsters online you can achieve the desired photo effect. Use an extraordinary approach and find right contrasts. Emphasize diversity between situation and appearance. For example,wash dishes in an evening dress, or wipe the dust, wearing high-heeled shoes.

If your sense of sensuality and natural beauty is not that strong to become a feature, use additional accessories and ideas. Pose with umbrellas, microphones, chairs and everything you may find around to enrich the frame. Stills are also a particular option for original and trendy looks of female model poses.

Abovementioned advice can be used as a starting point, modifying options during the shooting. Try to help yourself or a model to look better. A huge part of success depends on the confidence of the photographer. Each idea has an infinite number of variations. Just experiment with the body, arms, legs and head, and do not forget to change angles and light sources. Good luck!