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10 Landscape Photography Tips and Techniques
30 May 2023
We will never stop surprising ourselves with our planet and its secrets. There is no better way to remember the perfect moment, but making shots with your camer...
How to take good photos with phone
30 May 2023
Did you know that digital cameras are not in fashion anymore? Almost none remembers why it exists, because our smartphones have become the perfect device for ev...
How to Understand the Scanography
29 May 2023
We have learned a lot of kinds of different image representations from printing to photographing. We would not say that scanography photography is the next leve...
How to turn a photo into a painting in photoshop
29 May 2023
Photoshop allows you to do a lot of things with your photos. Most of the tools allow you to get rid of unnecessary parts in the picture and add up some improvem...
How to use vanishing points in photography?
29 May 2023
What is vanishing point? What is perspective using two vanishing points? How to get dynamism and movement using the magic of vanishing points? Wo...
How to take sharp images?
29 May 2023
Focus on a depth of field Pay attention to how you hold the camera Set the sharp image ISO Change the shutter speed Narrow the diaphragm Use...
IPhone Photography Tips
29 May 2023
Focus and choose the angle Don't use magnification Work with exposure and HDR mode Keep in mind iPhone camera tips for an image processing Explo...
Photography tips: what is a "Gobo"?
29 May 2023
Search the gobo. Learn shades of the gobo effect. Prepare for a do-it-yourself creation. What is a gobo lighting scheme? What is gobo technique...
How to take aesthetic pictures?
29 May 2023
Correct the background Master the manual camera settings Find a suitable distance from subject Blur and explore Make the most of your phone or c...
What is perspective in photography?
29 May 2023
Photo art is a way to transfer three-dimensional space into 2D using visualization. To keep the picture realistic, you should emphasize the depth and volume. Yo...
Best ways how to improve photography skills
29 May 2023
Photography is the art of painting with light. No professional studio light is required, but the right angle and time of shooting, when natural light will show...
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