Articles: Techniques

How to take aesthetic pictures?
29 May 2023
Correct the background Master the manual camera settings Find a suitable distance from subject Blur and explore Make the most of your phone or c...
What is perspective in photography?
29 May 2023
Photo art is a way to transfer three-dimensional space into 2D using visualization. To keep the picture realistic, you should emphasize the depth and volume. Yo...
Best ways how to improve photography skills
29 May 2023
Photography is the art of painting with light. No professional studio light is required, but the right angle and time of shooting, when natural light will show...
How To Photograph Smoke
28 May 2023
There are many kinds of photography, most of which are well known, but there are also niche areas such as smoke art photography. Such a natural phenomenon as sm...
What is infrared photography: definition, techniques, tips
28 May 2023
How to shoot infrared photography? Modify your cam following the infrared photography tutorial Use a low ISO trying infrared photography techniques...
What is moire in photography?
28 May 2023
What is moire in photography? Decrease the lens aperture values to avoid distortion. Change the focal length with a different lens. Play with a fo...
What is f-stop in photography?
28 May 2023
What is f-stop in photography? Open the simplicity of an F-stop photography definition. What are f-stop and double effect? What is f-stop on camera...
Autofocus modes - Guide for Beginners
28 May 2023
Nowadays everything can be captured and filmed automatically. The selection of high-quality shooting equipment is impressive. Each manufacturer does it best to...
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