Getting prepared for an inspiring summer vacation, do not forget about a great occasion to plan memorable family beach pictures with a nice fresh tan and happy relaxed smiles. Sometimes it may seem easy to plan, but not to do. In fact, the seaside is a perfect background for any kind of appearance or activity and you will be pleasantly surprised looking at a picture with an amazing view. Some poses and ideas can create a splendid image without any kind of effort and retouch.

This article will give you several family beach photography tips to realize an ideal album of memories to look through for many years.

Plan it

Schedules, time frames and to do lists are highly important

If you are following our photo advice blog, then you probably know that every event should be well-planned, especially if there are kids and other people engaged. You may never know what mood your husband or wife will have, but you must be ready for every unexpected change of plans and be creative. In this way your awesome album is not going to be destroyed by a little fight.

Get prepared

There is nothing worse than an expected event, destroyed by force-major

Going outside, check well all possible weather changes. You may never know if you are going to need to tie your hair because of the wind or due to a desert heat. In any case, do not ever forget to use sun protecting cream for everyone and moisturizing skin oil. This event does not need to be suffered, but only enjoyed. Keep in mind that some lotions for face can make it look too shiny, so try to use other brands or put it on at least one hour before getting to your location.

Clothes and poses

Get well dressed, but not too complicated for a simple sandy coast

Of course, it is always better to show your tan, but try not to exaggerate, because you need to look natural and match others. Choosing your outfit, wear items that hide your tan lines. It is important that everything you put on, makes you feel free to pose on any rock or sand. This is a great occasion to get a total white or total blue look for all of you. You may play with colors and invent your own beach trend with clever swimwear. The only rule is to feel great and shine bright.

Family beach portrait ideas time

Get your best smile and create portraits to be proud of

Unique beach family photo ideas include not only outdoor items to be included into your album, but a good portrait as well. Usually we do not have time and wish to pose in front of the camera with boring faces and usual frames, lights and flashes. That is why relaxing vacation is the best place to have a lovely facial expression. This is the only secret to have a great portrait result.

Foot and hand prints

Nice printed palm or foot can be the most memorable card you have ever done

Interesting games and entertainment is a good tool to keep involved kids. Play funny games with the sea as well, leave some footprints or send messages written on the sand to someone you love. It can become not only a good memory, but a perfect greeting card for every holiday. Another idea is a bottle letter, which may look absolutely amazing in a sandy ocean coast.

Try different locations

Move and search new places to be your great background

Do not stop at only one location, because the sea coast is different from one side to another and you will never know where you can find the best photo shooting scenes. In such a way you will definitely get new impressions and various ideas to pose together. It is important to bring some food and water for you and your family, not to destroy magic moments with hunger and thirst attacks. Children can get tired and bored much faster than adults, so be ready to give them some snacks to cheer them up and continue.


Invent your own novel or a funny cartoon with simple objects or toys

Invent a story or even two or three. This idea looks well not only with a family, but with toys and beach items. For example get several shots of your kids making a castle and destroying it after. Use your beach shoes or sunglasses to play the part. Some unexpected ideas can become a great trendy rule for many instagram followers. Free your imagination and create a story you have never seen before. It can become surprisingly stunning in a final result.

Decoration and lights

There is always something to correct with lights and shadows

Everything can become an essential decoration or pretty backgrounds for your picture. Towels, umbrellas, lotions, glasses, shoes and toy boats can create a good couple with such a famous item like, sea, sand, shells, rocks and palms. Try adding these small, but significant details and you will get a variety of nice landscapes to shoot.

Sunset and sunrise

Magic moments are everywhere, we just need to know how to capture them

It is common to tell that there is nothing more beautiful and romantic than sea sunsets. Still, it is obvious that sunrises on the seaside are not less awesome. The most important moment is that exactly this time of the day is the most comfortable and appropriate for photo shooting, because of the best light and shadows. That is why get plans to make some nice family pictures doing yoga or running and jumping, and you will definitely get the most impressive result.

Active activities

More exercises and get charged with energy for all year

Ocean coast is the best place for outdoor games like beach volleyball or beach ball to play. Be sure that such an idea will be enthusiastic not only for children, but adults as well. Tanned skin and an awesome mood after a day of such photos will definitely guarantee a 100% satisfaction. Jump, run and laugh to get your best picture.

Get wet

Enjoy the sunshine and sea views getting into the water, without excuses

Water is one of the most easy and cheap assistants for a nice and memorable picture. Reflecting light, it can add a final missing touch. Jumping and running covered with a number of water drops can create a splendid effect without any effort. Feel free to enjoy the sunny water splash in vacation with your loved ones and nice sparkling drops will help you to be even more magic.

Be natural

Take off all your routine masks and bring yourself closer to nature

There is nothing better than a natural smile and look. Do not use too many details or decorations. Remember that seaside is the only best background and accessory to be used, so make it work for 100%. Complicated family beach photo ideas and artificial tan can easily spoil even the best professional picture. Keep it simple and nice, stay relaxed and natural. Let go of your routine stress and smile at the camera like it is your old good friend. This advice is widely used by famous top models to get quality shots.

Have fun

Do not think about a picture, but concentrate on happiness and joy

Sunny vacation at the seaside is always a happy and lovely time. That is why try to have fun as much as possible, because it is also your perfect time to relax and live. And despite all useful tricks you have learned from this article, leave your personal cameras at home and let your photographer, whether paid professional or amateur, do the clicking. Don’t get stressed without any valid reason. Because this is the only way to get amazing family beach photography with stunning scenery.