The first thing that comes to mind thinking about an autumn landscape photography

is a beautiful park, picturesque forest, romantic bridge and even sad rain.

However, some fall pictures are far from being successful: the contrast maybe exaggerating, irritating with abundance of details or dull and gray.

One of the reasons for such an inexpressive result is a lack of experience in choosing the plot, improper use of lighting and atmosphere. Sometimes air is perfectly transparent, but when it is extremely saturated with moisture, it can destroy the chosen air perspective.

Focusing on a specific plot, you get the best pic

In order not to get lost in colour variety, you need to choose the best suitable option. The most advantageous tones are some shades of green and blue:

  • Cool shades of blue and green contrast well with warm colours outdoors. The model will stand out clearly and distinctly against the backdrops of yellow-red.
  • Purple, the same as white, makes up a perfectly harmonious combination with black, and yellow with violet is another wonderful couple.
  • Black. This color is universal, because it is impossible to get lost in a bright, colorful background.

This way you will definitely pop out in the amazing landscape. Take with you a soft scarf, warm blanket, favorite book or a beautiful cup and become a part of this stunning season!

In addition you can always count on a bright umbrella, rubber boots, large bright apples, grapes and flowers.

To prepare for autumn photography use following tips:

  • Try to stand out or fit into the natural scene
  • Use a polarizing filter to reduce the amount of reflections
  • Catch a side lights
  • Choose up a right brightness

To create perfect autumn photo you can choose one of follow ideas:

  1. Moon light and magic
  2. Autumn wedding photography
  3. Correct light for the best autumn twilight photography
  4. Use suitable props
  5. Autumn rain photography
  6. Catch the fog
  7. Invite all family members to participate
  8. Right moment for every child
  9. Autumn forest photography atmosphere
  10. Add colours to avoid annoying empty spots
  11. Use reflections to demonstrate additional touch of magic
  12. Focusing on autumn lights photography
  13. Use vintage style
  14. Become professional with your camera

Autumn photography tips

1.Try to stand out or fit into the natural scene

Use all possible props and accessories

Most of the pictures taken in the park or forest are full of tree leaves. Be creative and remember that leaves can also be used to hide. This option will be nice for children or love story heroes. Try to imagine a dress made of tree foliage and you can easily become the season queen!

2.Use a polarizing filter to reduce the amount of reflections

This will avoid unnecessary details on the surface, as well as enhance brightness. In addition, the use of polarizing filters allows you to make more saturated photos.

3. Catch a side lights

Light and colour guarantees juicy look

Direct lights allow you to take clear pics, but due to the lack of shadows in these images there is no volume.

The volume is usually obtained by side lights. The lateral rays give angular illumination to autumn leaves falling photography. Such an effect is easy to achieve in the early morning.

4. Choose up a right brightness

When shooting in the forest during the “golden autumn” period, shadows are well illuminated by yellow foliage, so the interval of brightness in this case is also relatively low.

Autumn photography ideas

1.Moon light and magic

What is the difference between moon and leaf captions? The fact that we are picturing a very fast moving object. If you photograph it, using long exposure, it will be greased.

In order to have the opportunity to insert the moon in some kind of themed image, use the night magic of the city, nature or clouds.

It is important to choose the right location for mages. Make sure to have a good place with the best view. Autumn moon photography is your chance to demonstrate skills and talent.

On the other hand, if you just want to take a picture with black background, then it is better to go for moon hunting late in the evening, when it is high above the horizon.

At night, the moon is brighter than any other object around it. Therefore, there is a choice to make: to picture the moon or surroundings, overexposing the night light. If you are using a wide-angle lens, better focus on landscape.

2. Autumn wedding photography

Get ready to be an essential part of marvelous season

Quality of festive pictures depends on the weather. And when it is really difficult to predict sunshine or fog, then you need to accept it and to get the maximum. Even a pouring rain can give unforgettable images and frames.

Weddings or engagement is a good reason to go out for a walk in the forest or park. It is not necessary to hide from the rain all day long, if you can get prepared in the appropriate way. For example, a beautiful umbrella will save your hairstyle, dress and mood. And one umbrella for two is so romantic!

Rubber boots is another photogenic picture and outfit "rescuer".

Nature is so beautiful that additional decorations are not necessary. However, interesting accessories will add a special mood and only improve the final result.

Correct light for the best autumn twilight photography

Capture the moment you are looking for

The importance of light should never be neglected, when it comes to choosing the timing. Start your own photo hunt at sunset when sun rays turn to be golden. Pictures taken at this moment will not need colour correction.

If you want to stay dramatic and capture quiet sadness, choose cloudy or rainy days. The only thing you should avoid is shooting in bright sunshine. This rule is valid all year round, because excessive sunlight can spoil the picture.

Use suitable props

Try to connect season objects with your plot

Any season is good for portrait pics with well-chosen props. The main task is to organize the frame so that the prop looks naturally in the picture and is included in some action.

So, instead of making a staged photo with apples in your hands, ask your model to play with an apple. Attention can be attracted by everything: romantic streets, cute families of mushrooms, mountain fog, etc. But before pressing the shutter button, make sure that you choose the most advantageous angle.

Do not be afraid to sit down or even put the camera on the ground in search of a better angle. If necessary, use macro mode.

Autumn rain photography

Water provides an amazing sparkling and contrasting effect

Cloudy and wet weather has many fans. Capturing a rainy gray day is a good idea for both city landscapes and park views. Such weather charges images with a special charming mood. Be sure to vary your portfolio, adding muted, melancholic and sad pictures to the gallery.

Catch the fog

Foggy weather is your chance to win

This is the right time for thick fog. Almost every morning field, forest and street is covered with fog. The difference between day and night temperatures, causes this magic natural phenomenon. This effect is very useful if you want to stand out with your shots.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to get out early in the morning closer to the river or lake, go hunting with your digital camera. The most fantastic pictures can be taken from a hill: you will be above the cloud, and not inside it.

Invite all family members to participate

Best time for your autumn portrait photography

There are plenty of places where the whole family can go out for a photo walk. Take a look in the park or go on a country picnic with all the necessary equipment and accessories: baskets, blanket, beautiful snacks and smiles, of course.

Having fun and spending time all together can improve the picture quality without any post-processing. Make sure to be dressed well and get enough hot drinks with you to get warm as soon as you need it.

As an option: take your beloved pet with you and make its portrait. The surprised look will get thousands of likes in social networks.

Right moment for every child

Pets are traditionally an important part of a your story

Children are always happy to spend an awesome time outdoors.

Going on a picnic is a very popular idea nowadays. However, this does not mean that images are going to be boring. It all depends on a range of games and contests you are able to organize. For example, a baby up to one year old can be put on a warm blanket, spreading his favorite toys next to him.

Adorable children are perfect with any backdrop

Active games. When it comes to older kids, it is better to add a bit of dynamics to pictures. After all, not every kid enjoys sitting on a bench admiring lovely nature. That is why, breaking limits, let go your mood.

Looking for unusual autumn model photography with children, there is a great choice of additional equipment. It can be rollers, bicycle, ball or scooter. Little girls are unlikely to refuse to pose under a beautiful multi-colored umbrella, or to try on a beautiful bright hat with a big balloon.

Get active and enjoy it

Mom and baby. There are many ideas for a marvelous family look, full of colours and sweet bliss. Choose the right option among a variety of costumes and characters and create your own family memory card.

Autumn forest photography atmosphere

Concentrate on the composition and unique characteristics

Most experts believe that atmosphere conditions are key elements in composition. If you want to make a picture not far from a lake in the forest, a river or stream, then most likely you will have a beautiful haze or even thick fog over the water. Colors will be very beautiful and interesting, much more interesting than on ordinary days. When shooting, you should always use weather conditions.

Trying to make the best picture you must check the location a long time in advance, to capture the right moment in a forest for the most stunning image. The right weather conditions may arrive only after days or weeks. Be patient and projects you have on your mind will realize with great success.

Add colours to avoid annoying empty spots

Beautiful fall landscapes

Every time when there is no bright sunshine in the sky, and it is covered with clouds, you can take pictures all day long. But often the huge area of ​​gray-white sky looks very sad.

Even if you use an expensive camera with a good dynamic range, such an effect will destroy the plot and lose its idea. That is why, when shooting gray days, it is better to create a composition. Choose trees or large areas of meadows. Get closer to objects, trying autumn trees photography angles with various effects.

Use reflections to demonstrate additional touch of magic

Fall landscape photos

A rather interesting technique is not to capture objects or landscapes themselves, but water reflections. It doesn't matter, if you are looking into a lake or just a big puddle, you will catch the right moment.

It is better to shoot reflections of nature in the surface of the water with a long-focus lens. In this case, the image of its reflection will look isolated. But if you shoot the same story using a wide-angle, the length of reflection is going to be emphasized.

Focusing on autumn lights photography

Get appropriate lens and use shift and tilt

Display all colours with a help of a wide range of focal lengths. People often underestimate lenses with a focal length of 70-200 mm.

Modern professionals usually shoot with zooms or lenses with a fixed focal length from 24 to 300 mm. Sometimes one can use several lenses, for example, macro lenses or shift and tilt options. It is important, when you need to make pictures as diverse as possible. And it permits you to practice your creativity.

Use vintage style

Vintage is in trend and easy to realize

There is no reason to underestimate the beauty and rustic touch of small towns and villages, immersed into nature. Such a vivid landscape can help to create a vintage image. There is nothing easier than taking a retro bicycle and creating a new personality by getting new fascinating photographs.

The awesome rural views will contribute to the successful result and avoid long post-processing hours. Such an idea does not require specific skills or settings. You just need to find the most appropriate location with all necessary accessories.

Become professional with your camera

Learn and practice as much as possible

Being an expert with a digital camera will never guarantee always right angles and images. But when you know that nature helps, just be patient to feel the fresh breeze and start your new life. There is nothing easy on the way to be an outstanding professional, but learning from well-known experts and following their advice, there is a bigger chance to win your memorable picture prize. Take a look at some works and stories by Autumn Harrison photography and discover a wide range of possibilities to express yourself.