Handposes in the frame are those aspects of photography, which remain absolutely unknown for both professionals and amateurs. Newbies and models usually have no idea how to improve the final result with minor affords. This detail can have an incredible effect, changing mood and image quality. It is unbelievable but if you do not follow several tips below you will easily spoil the most expressive look and stunning model. The truth is that usually people think that their hands are just ok for everyday life. Of course, we have got used to our body parts and do not pay much attention to them.

The problem is that our body language, as well as facial expressions, straps, dirty hair and wrinkles, caused by too tight clothes, remain memorized by pictures forever. This fact should not be ignored. There is nothing worse than a long preparative process with epic failure in posing. So let us just avoid it.

Our hands are used to express emotions and feelings. They can always emphasize specific mood and posture. Unfortunately, they are not the most attractive part of a human body. Sometimes they look not natural and attract attention to the wrong photo elements.

In fact, there are no rules in any guides. Every person is different with its own advantages and disadvantages. You just have to learn to see the best angle, and not just watch and shoot as it is, unless of course you are creating a documentary. This type of work requires natural looks and simple frames.

So, let's jump into this scary and deep guide of hand that poses references, and find something new.

Generally speaking, female hand poses should always be elegant and sensual. It does not matter which plot was planned. Males have another type of body language, which should demonstrate strength and masculinity. Since women are more curious about interesting tricks and hacks for a memorable portrait, this article will tell more about female creative photoshoot ideas.

Various artists follow their trends and working styles. Many of them are fully convinced that a good photograph means careful attention to every single detail and small element. Hands have to work in the frame, not just to be present. They may hold props, frame the face, provide support to the whole body, guarantee direct attention, or contrast graceful curves.

1. Control crossed arms pose references

If you are new in this difficult task, then it is better to use some accessories to interact or just hold it. Avoid crossing arms on chest. It is not that nice for a lady and will suit more a man. Better choose an object, which matches the plot. Because it has to add meaning to the image without covering the model itself. Try to invent some process with a prop in the hand of a model. It can be a bunch of flowers, umbrellas, pencils and even her own shoes.

The idea is to make a girl feel relaxed and calm having her hands occupied. In case she can be distracted with a drawing process or dancing is much better, than a nervous look and freezed hand holding poses. Just give some time from the moment you give an object to your model to the photo shooting process. Do not permit nervousness and tension in the frame.

If crossing hands suits your plot and model itself, then just make sure that every arm, wrist and finger look natural and are well visible. Walk around looking for the best angle to shoot.

Not every arm crossed body needs a portrait shot. Play with sides and lighting.

2. Avoid frightening hand on hip pose reference

This position does not give any chance to improve the picture or enrich it with a plot. There are no retouching apps, which are able to correct this serious look, even adding contrasts and colors. Therefore, if you still need to take a picture of that type, then make sure that hands are lying gently and wrists have slight bends. Make sure that a lady does not lift up her shoulders. It shortens the neck and changes proportions of a whole body. Neck of a female is a very sensual part of her body, so be very careful if you decide to hide it. It can play a very important role in the plot.

3. Feel calm and go on shooting

Smart variations of the same posture can impressively change the final result. Unique rule is to provide as much relaxation as possible. It always helps to achieve necessary shots. Not all of us are able to feel calm and natural in front of the camera, that is why we try to cover ourselves with items and clothes, feeling shy. Some models consider their bodies not good enough for beautiful demonstrations. Instead most female shots, made by professionals, emphasize the exact feature and character of every single woman.

4. Do not bend wrists, trying hands in different positions

Sometimes, looking at photo albums of various people, you can see a number of examples of “broken” wrists. Although this position seems to be very comfortable for many girls, it is better to avoid it. Picture with such an effect destroys every idea and mood. It seems absolutely artificial and even scary, to see such unnatural bends. All photographers should remember that each female body is all composed of smooth curved lines. That is why every angle and bend should be softened as much as possible, if you are not shooting fashion pictures for a trendy magazine. This is, probably, the only option, which permits the above mentioned approach.

Examples of wrong angles clearly demonstrate how originally beautiful models can look like a mannequin or a robot. Learn to locate hands without creating sharp bends and unnatural positions. Be careful with fingers, which should be relaxed, as well the girl herself. Tight straight fingers mean nervousness and anxiety.

5. Stand-up to try right hand poses

A task to find a great location for hands in full-growth portraits is one of the most difficult.

The most common option with one hand at the level of a thigh, and the other slightly bent down along the body. Usually the right arm is in front of the camera and the left one sometimes may be almost invisible. Better to control that all body parts are present in a frame.

Still, it is important to pay attention to the fact that there are no easy choices to make in this regard. The wrist will look better, when it is slightly rotated so that instead of bending the elbow, a graceful line is visible from shoulders to palms. A slightly bent right wrist will give a feeling of dynamics. Movement in this case is visible through these small tricks, which makes a difference for most experts of photography art.

6. Use head on hand pose for sitting position

When ideas are likely to end up in disaster or your model is not willing to demonstrate a full-growth figure, choose a nice armchair. Sofa, bed or even an office table permit imagination to fly high with new options and posing. In seated poses there are more options of support not only for a whole body, but for specific features of appearance, which should be emphasized. In particular, the portrait of a working or reading person is easy to capture while seated. It is not only comfortable, but also includes a secret attracting attention rule of triangles. This triangle is formed by elbows and face. Such a hack will guarantee maximum attention to a portrait.

What you shouldn’t do while sitting down is putting your hands on your hips. This posture looks dull and sad.

7. Practice two hand poses at face level

There is no unique rule to judge if hands should touch the face of a model or not. Only looking through a lens, a person can decide if fingers improve the picture or decrease its possibility to reach success. Right position can either attract the viewer's attention or distract it. Consider composition, plot and models features to decide what is the best solution for each situation.

8. Learn smart tips by professionals

Do not put arms on your knees, while sitting.

Add some space between fingers. Squeezed fingers will make an overall effect of a flat picture.

No curves and absence of emotions are not allowed in professional photography.

Get ready for a photo shoot in advance, paying attention to nails, its color and skin care.

Use natural attraction of already existing props, like hair. There is nothing so sensual and elegant as a hand in hair pose for women. In some cases such an option may work well also for males.

Do not neglect the variety of clothes and inspiration it can give. Jeans, skirts and dresses with accessories and pockets will definitely permit more interesting shots. Hand in pocket pose will work for every occasion and gender. There is no situation where this trick cannot be used. Watch your fingers, whether those are visible or not.

Keep practicing and sharing your experience. Learn new tools to improve pictures with the help of visual aids and professional software. Enjoy obtaining new knowledge and positive feedback from your work.