Many of us like to make photos and to pose for a picture, even if there is no particular reason, even if instead of a professional camera you have a simple phone in your hands. Usually we give green lights to our imagination and creative potential. But sometimes it’s just boring when you take pictures against the background of white walls. It is normal to have a wish to somehow decorate image, add an interesting accessory, more colors and more fun. To do this, it is not necessary to run to decoration store and buy expensive curtains or ready-made scenery.

If you decide to create backdrops for photography for a holiday or a home photoshoot of a newborn or just arrange a homemade photo studio, we will tell you how to make a backdrop. You can make all necessary items with your own hands, it will not take you much time or effort and you will not have to spend much money. But it will provide definitely more satisfaction from planning your artistic activity. Plus, you can do everything to your taste. All this will make your photos interesting and original.

In this article you will find many background ideas for every taste and all kinds of events, from a birthday or a family picture shooting in love story style or self-portrait. And you can easily realize any of these ideas without extra efforts, but with pleasure and good mood.

To begin with, you need to decide on the idea: where it will be installed outdoors or indoors, think about its size and content, whether it will be attached to the wall or stand alone and much more. Maybe it will be just a beautifully designed wall or you will use interior elements in your photo zone. Think if you need additional details (furniture, dishes, fans, frames) or will it be a simple wallpaper.

Ideas of mobile photo zone with your own hands

If you plan that the wall is going to move, then you need to consider several options for a mobile option:

- Steel pipes. Simple design, which is based on a frame made of steel pipes. All necessary components can be bought at any hardware store. You will need light metal tubes, a drill and screws. With the help of purchased materials you need to make a rectangular frame on legs, drape it with a cloth and your diy photo backdrop is ready for use. The advantage of this option is its mobility and ease of transportation and assembly. The disadvantage is difficulty of attaching other materials, other than fabric to metal tubes and specific appearance of the structure.

- Wooden bars. The idea of creation is the same as metal pipes: rectangular frame on legs. Such a frame will cost less and any material (cloth, paper, ribbons) can be attached to it with a hammer or drill. But wooden bars are not as convenient to assemble and transport as pipes.

- Plywood shield. It is an inexpensive and affordable material, durable enough for repeated use and easy to assemble. Using tools, you can give it various shapes and cut curly elements. The base itself can be painted or pasted with paper, cloth, self-adhesive film or other decorative elements. To install finished shield, wooden supports made of timber or metal are used. But despite reliability of design and low cost of materials, the main drawback of this option is difficulty of transporting such an accessory.

- Wall of balloons. Original and bright option, which will look great for both wedding and birthday. To create it, you will need a large number of inflated balloons, tape or rope and much free time. Balloons are inflated and held together with a tape of 4 pieces. This option is inconvenient in transportation and not very stable, but inexpensive, colorful and very original.

- Flowers. This is not only the most delicate and beautiful design option, but also the longest in assembly time, expensive and troublesome. To make such an elegant wall from flowers you will need a metal frame with a large grid stretched, flowers and a wire for fastening. Flowers are attached to the grid stretched to the frame with the help of wire, such a background is mounted immediately at the place of celebration and cannot be transported.

- Murals and emoji. An original and simple idea for every holiday. You can attach it to a wooden frame, or simply attach it to the wall using double-sided tape. The most difficult thing in creating wallpapers is to find a photo, to print the format you need in high resolution and print it in a specialized shop. All you need to do later is attach it in the right place and you can start taking pictures.

Now you know that with the help of imagination and construction stores you can realize a big number of creative backgrounds of any complexity and beauty, with almost no effort.

Ideas for decorating a immobile photo zone with your own hands

Further we will consider some interesting and useful tips to finalize both mobile or immobile constructions:

  1. Floral wall. This is the best among portrait background ideas due to its romantic look. The flower wall always looks very gentle and weightless and gives photographs a special mood. You can use fresh flowers, artificial or dried bouquets. It is possible to attach flowers to a grid or string them on a fishing line and hang them to get a rain effect. If you use paper flowers, you can choose items of different sizes and stick to paper using double-sided tape.

  1. Vintage style. A universal option, suitable for bridal shooting, engagement or baby showers. A vintage wall can be an old rustic door, which was painted, a garage or just a wall of wooden boards. Sometimes you already have such an option in your yard. You can easily create this style with a wooden door or boards and a piece of sandpaper.

  1. Photozone to celebrate nativity. Any of ideas will look great at a birthday party: with flags, garlands and ribbons. The best thing for a birthday party will be a frame made of metal tubes, covered with a light cloth and decorated with letters with the name of a birthday man and large multi-colored numbers. Also, all this can be supplemented with balloons or a composition of paper or fabric flowers.

  1. Wedding backdrop ideas. Light flying textures should prevail in wedding photo walls. Of course, it all depends on the theme of every wedding, but if we talk about the celebration in classicstyle, it is better to find arches from fresh flowers and a light translucent tulle. Such a composition can be decorated with names of newlyweds, cut out of paper or wood. Instead of tulle, you can use a printed paper with names of newlyweds and the date of a wedding.

  1. Crumpled wall. An original and interesting version of decoration. You can use wrinkled foil, paper, cloth, and even multi-colored napkins. You need to use correct items for the crumpled wall, depending on material you choose. For example, cloth and napkins are best fixed with glue, and metal staples are better for foil. If you put a flickering garland in folds, you will get an amazing effect. Also try using materials of different colors to get different effects.

  1. Paper chains. The easiest option among almost all the photo booth backdrop ideas. With the help of several garlands of multi-colored flags and double-sided tape, you can turn any, even the most boring wall into a colorful neon accessory. The more garlands you take, the brighter and more beautiful the wall will be. During shooting, get a little further from the wall with flags and closer to the camera, so you get a beautiful bokeh effect.

  1. Light curtain. An easy-to-use option where you will need a curtain, rope and nails. Assembled curtain will create beautiful creases and textures and give some elegance to photographs. Get a beautiful light from the window if you take pictures against the curtain. Use an interesting shower curtain with original drawings to get interesting original pictures.

  1. Balloons. A great idea for designing an angle for any celebration. Balloons can serve as an excellent material for creation. Make a wall, an arch, various compositions, bouquets of helium balloons. Play with different sizes and place at different heights. They will look great in plain and multi-colored, pastel colors or bright neon colors. And they are best suited for masquerade, rainbow and unicorn parties.

  1. Newspapers. This version is more suitable for thematic photo shooting. It is not necessary to look for tones of newspapers, just two or three will be enough, they will need to be parsed and glued to a wall or frame using tape. If necessary, you can wet it with water and dry newspaper sheets, this will give them the appearance of old issues.

  1. Garlands. It is an irreplaceable thing to create magical mysterious atmosphere. You can leave them hanging from the ceiling or arrange in any order, hang them on a curtain or just on a frame, take monochrome or multi-colored, stunning photos are guaranteed. To get beautiful bokeh, you will need to get closer to photographer and further from garlands.

  1. How to make a photo backdrop from fabric. There is such a huge number of fabrics of different textures, colors and patterns, each of which is beautiful and original in its own way. You can buy fabric in a specialized store or use home sheets, silk scarves and even tablecloths in your shooting. This background will look good for headshots and newborns. Make an unusual background from yarn of different lengths and colors. You will need yarn in different colors, glue and sticks of different lengths or a metal frame. To begin, wrap the right amount of thread from the palm to the elbow or more, fold in half and cut on one fold. Gradually lay the yarn on a greased stick, wait for the yarn to dry and trim the threads if necessary. Using nails or screws, attach sticks in a different order to a photozone. If the number of threads allows, you can attach threads directly to the frame and avoid cutting.

  1. Multi-colored paper. Multi-colored paper will give a possibility to create bright and original wall, which is perfect for birthdays or fun photo shoots in hawaiian, jungle, tropical or Easter style. You can cut geometric shapes, make colored fans, valentines, do not limit your imagination. All this will need to be glued with glue to a sheet of paper and you can begin to have fun with pictures and videos.

  1. Photography wall. With the help of photo you can take pictures, pretending to be among arctic ice or hot tropical beaches, with celebrities or in scenery from cartoons. You will need a frame, a huge printed photograph and an adhesive tape. Print a picture with characters and cut an oval in place of the head so that you can insert your head and get funny photos.

  1. Multi-colored napkins. In stores you can find not only simple white napkins and napkins with patterns, but you can also find multi-colored awesome napkins. They will make an original bright point for holiday photo shooting. It is enough to attach multi-colored napkins to frame and unusual photo zone is ready.

  1. Colored ribbons and lace. Another version of a romantic delicate background for pictures. It is more than suitable even as a photo zone for wedding photos. All you need is many meters of ribbons and lace attached with glue to metal frame. You can complement compositions of fresh flowers or balloons and enjoy beautiful handmade creation.

  1. Confetti. It is a festive and vibrant backdrop for many events, but Christmas is among favorites. You will need a white background, felt-tip pens, fishing line, glue and circles of foil and colored paper of different sizes. Using felt-tip pens on a white background, draw colorful dots, glue foil and paper circles on the fishing line, attach the fishing line to white background with dots. The more confetti, the brighter and more beautiful photos will be.

  1. Wrapping. A very simple and quick way to turn a wall in a room into a bright background for thematic style of Hollywood or mermaid. You will need several meters of brown paper, scotch tape and scissors. Cut the paper into pieces and use tape to attach it to your wall. Use strips of paper of the same color, but of different subjects, it will look interesting. Beautiful and smart idea is ready.

  1. Rainbow curtains. Brilliant festive tinsel will cheer everyone up and help make beautiful photos. On a dark background using sticky tape, glue colored stripes of Christmas lights of different lengths, decorate with luminous garlands if you wish. Ideal for New Year's photo or Santa style.

  1. Painting on the board. This is the last but not the least practical and beautiful option. You will need a timber frame, boards, paint and crayons. From a wooden bar and boards you need to make a wall, paint with paint and crayons to draw patterns, congratulations, drawings and whatever your heart desires. Such a background is not very easy to store and transport, but it can serve you for more than one year. If you are fond of art, write oil paintings or make cool graffiti, create your own photo background using paper, paints and a drop of inspiration. It’s not necessary to paint a giant picture, it can be a regular piece of paper to serve as a backdrop for your photographs and combine your hobbies with fine art and photography.

We hope you were interested to find out these small tips and ideas to make your holidays even more memorable. We can only wish you inspiration, creative success and beautiful photographs.