Festive days usually make a difference with unique emotions and magic spirits. Everybody can believe in miracles and try to be more patient and kind with others. Adults and children receive gifts and sweets, enjoying festive dishes and forgetting about diets. The world seems concentrated only on having fun and exploding fireworks.

A simple inspirational phrase or a funny message will change the situation and mood in one hit. This article will help you to decide what to write in a New Year card.

Colleagues, friends and relatives would love to receive personalized congratulations. And it is not important how this greeting will be written: poems, songs, famous quotations or humorous expressions. Sincere wishes will surely come true and last long in our minds and hearts.

If Email is your only way to communicate, then creative Christmas greetings are quite acceptable. It can be a photo collage or a beautiful picture with animation. In case if you have a mailing address of those you want to congratulate, it is surely better to sign an awesome postcard. You can also design something absolutely personal, using favourite colors and photography editors.

How to create the best new year wishes message:

  1. Select a postcard template. If you do not have such, choose among samples available online.
  2. Change image. Create a unique design by uploading your own images, or choose from a stock library.
  3. Add your text. Choose fonts according to your style and mood.
  4. Change background, colors, other elements. Express yourself!
  5. Download a postcard, print it or share it!

Check on pretty quotes and cool happy new year card ideas:

  • I wish you to succeed in everything you do. May happiness and love be your true best friends.
  • May your life sparkle. This will guarantee that amazing success and rapid achievements will knock your door soon.
  • May love, wealth and fortune settle down forever in your home. Let this new upcoming year fill you up with wonderful hopes, sincere smiles and laughter.
  • I wish you to become the most lucky person, a money magnet and a fountain of energy. Wish you happiness, career growth and financial success.
  • This year will bring new hopes, expectations and inspiration for all of us. Best greetings and joy of the season!

New Year Cards Messages

When it comes to choosing a unique card for someone to impress, it is never good and natural enough. The Internet suggests a number of options in detailed search of various resolutions or promises to make. There is nothing easy in creating a unique greeting with emotional effect, but there are some samples to try before giving up.

To create the best new year messages follow steps:

  • It is the best moment to start a new page of your life book and create new goals. Enjoy your beautiful story filled with hopes and blessings.
  • Prepare for new adventures and success together with true friends and family.
  • It is a true time to think of new beginnings and courageous decisions. Do not ever lose your faith and will to reach your destination in everything you do. Happy holidays and season’s greetings! 
  • On the way to create a positive future, keep in mind past experience and lessons you have learned.

Happy New Year posts

Include social networks in your holiday mood. Do not neglect a wonderful possibility to congratulate people you can not meet for various reasons. Create festive posts and publish them. Show others appreciation for memories and opportunities shared together. Special people remain special even far away. Writing a nice cheering post will touch their hearts. Heart melting wishes and great words can help to create a festive atmosphere.

Nice posts with Christmas trees and carefully wrapped gifts will contribute to the beauty of one's social network page. Number of picture editing apps can suggest various decorations even for simple images.

You just need to take a picture or select a photo, and then apply one of the filters to it. The photo will be processed very quickly, and you will immediately see a ready-made image. You can also add different stickers or labels.Each picture can be processed first. You can add brightness, contrast, color saturation and remove red eyes.

Happy New Year Quotes for Friends

How many friends do you have? How many of them know the importance of friendship and life with you? It is the right time to tell about affection and gratitude in the form of a cool phrase. Share and experience adventures you faced together. Remember important moments of your lives, which made you appreciate friendship with this or that person.

There are ideas to write New Year quotes for best friend:

  • It is an honor to be your friend and to have so many memories to share. Wish you can feel my affection and all the warmth of blessings I am sending to you.
  • I wish you to reach all goals. May every day give you unforgettable impressions and brightest emotions, and the coming 365 days will be the best in your life.
  • Throughout the year, you showed to be faithful and wonderful friends. I wish you many waves of happiness, love, health, well-being, good luck, success.
  • We are used to promising each other different resolutions. This time the most important resolution is spending as much time with you as possible.
  • I would like to congratulate an incredible, creative, charismatic friend. I wish you new bright ideas, amazing adventures, fun and interesting weekends!

New Year Family Quotes

It is important to remember family members and their contribution to your happy life. With their help most of us have reached significant success. They are ready to show support and warmth when we really need it. We need to thank our beloved ones often. Every moment is good. Use it to be grateful for everything they do. In case you have missed several occasions, it is better to write a beautiful quote.

Watch and try samples below to create new year family quotes:

  • Owing to your constant support and understanding I managed to move forward. Your participation in my life is essential and I wish to be at your disposal every moment. Ask me and I will be there to help. Thank you so much and happy holidays!
  • Only true feelings and positive emotions inspire me to congratulate you with this family holiday and new chapter in our lives. Keep smiling and enjoy breathtaking surprises.
  • Keep on dreaming and grow your wings to achieve goals. Living every moment to the fullest is an only option for a happy and unforgettable experience.
  • I Hope you always be the most positive member of our family. This will guarantee your company and laughter for many years.
  • Our family is a synonym of sunshine. We are fully charged batteries of positive thoughts and jokes. It is great to be a part of this community.
  • You are not only my brother, but my friend, my tutor and my constant support in all life issues. Thank you for your presence and help and wish your dreams come true. 
  • Thinking about the future it is impossible not to think of past years and gifts from my parents. Emotions and expectations they provided, created a huge will to achieve every goal in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Make a search online or on the bookshelves for clever thoughts. If you are not able to use classic books, then choose a Bible. Every page contains an important lesson, which describes family problems and everyday solutions. Use practical examples from your life and collect your own gallery.

New Year Wishes Photos

There is no friend or colleague who would refuse to laugh and smile on every occasion. Post a pretty picture with a nice holiday wish and join the annual fashion trend for everybody. Do not miss this chance to congratulate people who deserve it. Use images of you together, to tag friends and personalize such a card. It is easy to add some funny frames or new effects with the help of apps online. Add animation and snow to create the necessary effect.

Try to create great new year wishes photos use following tips:

  • Many of us look forward to starting our old habits in a new way with a new year. Wish you to enjoy your life and get maximum from it.
  • It is the right moment for the season's greetings and celebrations. I enjoyed it so much last year, that is why I hope we will rock this party again this time. 
  • I wish to make new announcements and resolutions, but there is nothing to change in my perfect life. Hope you are going to reach perfection in all business and beauty spheres.
  • What is a great gift? It is an endless credit card and tickets to travel all over the world with you. I hope to change many backgrounds and make the best captions of our lives.
  • Another year to pretend we enjoy our job and office. Wish you all people cheers and smiles all the 365 days and only true positive emotions.
  • Here it is! A perfect reason yo eat, drink and have fun as much as possible. Let us make it as true professionals, not baby newcomers.

New Year Card Sayings

Waiting for fireworks to explode there can be a small detail to make a difference. What can be missing? A right word. If it is a bottle of sparkling wine, then the moment is mostly destroyed. But if you need a smart quote, then there is always a solution. Tips to create memorable New Year card sayings and impress guests with wise phrases:

  • “Write the first page of your 365 page book in a most memorable way.”
  • “The sense of a new year is not in the past, but in new knowledge and skills.“
  • “Remember that bad feelings today will not last forever. Tomorrow is another path and decision to make.”
  • “Every year we promise to stop activities that made us happy before.”

Concluding the story, try to be sincere and honest. Do not invent words which will seem artificial and common. Think of characteristic features of every person you need to congratulate. Use it in your greeting, to avoid copy pasting effect. Unfortunately this result is usual every year.

To personalize more, try to change some words with images and symbols, painted or downloaded online. This trick will make it look original and unique. Use imagination to write poems or even songs devoted to the person of interest. Use every tool to stand out and pop up.

If you are good and talented in handmade art, then it is your moment to impress. Because only handmade cards can demonstrate real individuality and affection. Use colors, scissors, paints and different strips to create.

Such techniques like scrapbooking or quilling add necessary details. You will need: colored cardboard, scrapbooking paper, scissors, glue pencil, red ribbon and other decoration elements.

Steps to create handmade New Year card:

  • Fold cardboard sheet in half and set aside
  • Cut 4 cardboard strips and fold them in half
  • Fold edges of strips and paste them inside the card
  • Make a snowman and three Christmas trees with snowflakes, then paste them inside
  • Decorate the card to your taste

Number of video tutorials will teach you to become a professional step by step. Who knows, you might become a future handcrafted store owner, thanks to this occasion.