To become a professional photographer, you need to constantly improve your skills, learn new types of shooting, and constantly practice. Perhaps this morning you got out of bed, went to brush your teeth, and then you thought: “which are action photography tips?”. Or most recently, you tried to take a photo in motion, but instead of a cyclist hovering in the air, you got something more like a colored cloud.

Maybe this has not happened. But we believe that you just need to know how to capture action photography: people, cars, and animals.

A closer look at stopping action photography definition and fast tips.

1. If you put a short shutter speed in settings of a camera (approximately 1/1000 second), you can freeze time. The camera instantly captures the subject and as a result, you get a clear good frame. If you want to get an artistic blur, then set a slow shutter speed: 1/15 second will be enough.

2. There is also one wonderful artistic technique, which application guarantees an interesting snapshot. This technique is called wiring. It creates an unusual effect when it seems that the background behind the model moves on the image. Posting is extremely simple: while shooting, smoothly rotate the camera after the movement of a subject.

3. Birds in flight is a great story for training for action shots photography. Focus in advance on the area where the object is aimed.

4. Autofocus is an incredibly convenient option for action moments photography. Activate focus by not fully pressing the shutter button. And then fully release the shutter at a convenient moment.

Action photography definition: focus modes.

  1. In One Shot mode, the camera focuses itself, autofocus is performed 1 time.
  2. Al Focus mode is when the camera focuses, you can lower the shutter in parallel. True, while the subject moves, you constantly have to catch the focus.
  3. Use Al Servo focus mode, designed specifically to facilitate the process. The camera itself will focus and hold it until you press the button. We can safely say that this intelligence function is used by many photographers because the camera independently predicts the progress of the object.

Blur action photography for children.

Children cannot sit still, and therefore it is very difficult to picture them. Most parents who have basic photography skills often ask themselves how to shoot their children sharp on a photo.

  1. Take a picture with a shutter speed of approximately 1/160 second.
  2. Shoot in shutter priority mode (Tv / S).
  3. Build a frame with a margin.
  4. Take a picture more open in advance, try to capture most of the space. This way you can avoid “cut off” arms and legs. Do not worry about extra space and composition, because post-processing will help you.
  5. In order not to miss an important moment, use burst shooting. Having made several frames in a row, you can choose 1-2 good ones and continue working with them already in the editor.

Learn action photography ideas for animals.

There are two opinions in this reference:

  • Shoot in TV mode (shutter priority)
  • Shoot in AV mode (aperture priority)

Photographing animals and birds is best n TV or S. But everything depends on your creative vision and reflex speed.

Some photographers say that manual mode (M) is also great for animal speedshots. But there is one problem, not all photographers are fluent in this mode. Before you go hunting for an extreme bird, practice using the M-mode.

Try low light action photography in water.

Before describing the tutorial, we would like to warn you that when shooting moving water and outdoor water sport, it is important to remember the basics of landscape photography. Please note that your photos will not acquire the status of a masterpiece just because they are imprinted with water drops. So think through all digital elements and the story.

  1. Make sure your camera is stable. It’s best to use a tripod because it’s difficult to shoot. The ideal option is a remote control or timer. So you can avoid unnecessary movement.
  2. Shoot in shutter priority mode. It is better to choose a small aperture - f16 or less.

What is action photography panning?

  1. Mount the camera on a tripod.
  2. Set the lens to manual focus.
  3. Disable image stabilizers.
  4. Set white balance to Manual.
  5. Use manual lenses, with their help you can prevent flicker. If you are the owner of a Canon camera, then set the aperture value, check the depth of field, and turn the lens a little while holding the button.


Two to one is ideal for the ratio of interval between frames to shutter speed.

The best shutter speed is two seconds with an interval between frames of four seconds. If the weather is windy enough, set the interval to 1-2 seconds.

Do not set ISO value higher than 3,200.

Turn off the function of viewing the shot. This will significantly save battery power.

When shooting with low lighting, use the following settings: iso around 100, f / 8 aperture, and shutter speed for about fifteen seconds.

Take 25-30 test shots and scroll them with the wheel. Thanks to such a simple procedure, you can roughly imagine the final result.

Practice sport mode in action poses photography.

The Sport mode is ideal for automatically capturing xtreme movements and stop the scene. Watch the models and scene before capturing. Get acquainted with a story of shooting to position camera in the right location to be able to shoot every single detail. Selecting this mode optimizes the standard camera settings for shooting and tracking moving body, as well as performing continuous shooting.

  • When shooting distant objects, lenses with a large focal length are often used. In Sport mode, the camera automatically optimizes selected shutter speed for the lens used.
  • When using Sport mode, the camera does not fix the focus when the shutter button is pressed halfway. Instead, the camera will track an object as it approaches, captures, and moves within the frame.
  • For the camera to be able to effectively track the subject, it is best to first position the subject in the center of the frame displayed in the viewfinder.

Choose telephoto lenses or best camera for action photography.

Long-focus lenses shoot with a narrower viewing angle than the angle of view of a human eye. Typically, these lenses are used for shooting sporting events and wildlife. When shooting with lenses with a longer focal length, distant objects look much larger in the frame, which allows you to get closer to the action. Lenses with a focal length exceeding 70 mm are telephoto lenses. Most options are adaptable to every modern camera, that is why you do not need to think of the best cam to use for such shooting. Just choose the optimal lens and go looking for adventures.

Get moving and timing for best memories.

The image stabilization function allows you to take clear pictures, compensating camera shake, which, as a rule, occurs when shooting with telephoto zoom lenses. To get better pictures when shooting using a maximum zoom, try to hold a camera still with both hands.

  1. Use a large capacity memory card. For shooting indoor or outdoor activities in summer or winter, it is best to use burst mode. This will allow you not to miss the best shot and pose.
  2. Set camera to high-speed continuous shooting to take a series of shots while the shutter button is pressed.
  3. Use high-speed memory cards with a high recording speed so that the camera can take as many pictures as possible in one shooting session.
  4. Shoot with wiring, moving camera simultaneously with the movement of the subject

Shooting cyclists while driving is a great way to improve your skills. To create a perfect shot with wiring, you need to move the camera at the same speed as the main subject to capture its movement in pictures and at the same time get a blurred background that conveys dynamics and speed. If you photograph a vehicle in motion, it is the wheels in the picture that will create the feeling of this movement, while the body will turn out clear on a beautifully blurred background. For shooting subjects moving at a slower speed, use the shutter priority (Tv) mode and set the shutter speed yourself.

Use free tips for advanced users.

If you are good at advanced features of your EOS camera, try experimenting with a shutter priority (Tv) mode that allows you to capture the movement of the subject, or create a beautiful blur. Manual exposure mode (M) provides full control over the exposure, which is why some professional photographers prefer to use it. For best results, try taking a series of shots with different settings and determining which ones are right for your style of photography.

  • Set the shutter speed and flash.

Shorter shutter speeds allow you to capture the movement of the object, while slower one allows you to transfer motion using blur. However, when choosing a value, it is important to consider the speed of the subject.

  • Image stabilization mode for wiring.

Many telephoto lenses have several image stabilizer modes; if possible, select “Mode 2” using the switch on the side of the lens to shoot with the wiring. Remember: shooting with wiring can be performed in any direction: horizontal or vertical.

Tracking an object when shooting with wiring is best to start before pressing the shutter button and continue for some time after the exposure is complete. This will ensure a stable speed of the camera during shooting with the wiring.

  • Multiple exposure shooting.

Some of the latest EOS camera models has also a multi-exposure feature. This function can be used in burst mode to capture several stages of an event in a single frame.

The built-in multiple exposure mode is best suited for shooting scenes with a bright background and a dark subject or a dark background and a bright subject.

Find your own way to perform amazing pictures and do not neglect the commodity of editing applications and software which permit you to download every type of image to improve and correct in several minutes.