Sometimes it is necessary to step away from classic approaches of shooting and add variety to this artistic process, using some interesting effects. Some of these ideas maybe really difficult to realize, that is why we will take a look at something easy and creative.

What is crystal ball refraction photography?

So let us look at a relatively fresh technique to capture breathtaking spherical photography.

Shooting through crystal balls usually gives magic results. The sphere's surface reflects the surrounding beauty, refracts the sun's rays, and you just get an unusual picture. When the “inside” of the photo ball turns out to be a beautiful architectural structure, a flower or a statue, it is associated with figures and snow inside.

Basic settings are the following:

  • ISO value should not be high.
  • Adjust the aperture to 2.8 and set a short focusing distance.
  • Use the exposure of 1/250.7
  • Take a tripod with you in order to avoid shaking. It will permit photography with longer shutter speed.

It is best to consider poses and plots in advance. Because shooting with photosphere is different from other pictures, due to its shape and variety of sizes.

Which sphere is better for portraits, landscapes, and creative images? Frankly speaking, the most impressive shots are obtained thanks to a large and heavy crystal ball. Photography guides always advise to bring it with you but do not consider its weight. That is why start with a small 5 cm prop in diameter, and then, if you realize that this direction is really yours, you can try other sizes to create a new image gallery.

Lensball photography is a tempting activity with a number of tricks. Let's look at three classic options of 40mm, 80mm, and 100mm.

Forty millimeters diameter is considered a small one.

Spherical photography advantages

  • small weight. It practically does not increase the weight of your bag, facilitating the use for manual photos.
  • reduced size. Due to its size, it is simple to pack, providing more space for other objects. Smaller size allows to install it in places where large photo lenses will not fit.
  • convenient. It is easy to hold the sphere between the index finger and thumb.

Lensball photography disadvantages

  • small weight. Yes, it is a problem sometimes to keep it still, when it tries to escape all the time. Heavier items remain in the same place where they were installed.
  • focus and distortion. This size will have a smaller zone of the best perception of the focus, and most proportions will be distorted. Using a smaller aperture may help little

lens requirements. If you want to fill the entire frame, you will need a macro lens.

Medium orb photography

Refers to balls with a diameter of eighty millimeters. Many photographers consider this size to be perfect for both beginners and professionals. Among its benefits, there is, of course, its weight. Even if it is slightly heavier than the small one, it does not make you feel a powerlifter. A standard lens is enough and a macro option is not needed. A focused area inside the photography sphere dominates, and distortions on the edge are less noticeable.

How to make refraction photography with a large glass ball?

Large orb is the one which is one hundred millimeters or even more. This is the prop which belongs only to artists convinced about their working style. Because such an accessory is heavy enough to make you doubt the intentions. Still, if you are one of these professionals, then you will definitely obtain great pictures. Photographer who shoot using such a sphere will get sharp focus and stunning masking of background. There is no fear that the frame will seem empty, because 100mm is the right diameter to fill in the frame and edges, guaranteeing numerous reviews in social networks online and inspiration for the future reflection images. Obviously a camera bag will feel the presence of this item, which will make you choose between another optical lens or this magic accessory.

Crystal ball photography ideas

There is no picture where lamps, sun, and flash would not play an important role. This case is not an exception. There are several tips which are difficult to find in common tutorials and video lessons. Because the only experienced artist can learn these hacks to improve the shot. When you find the right source of light, make sure that it will be located in front of the camera. Otherwise bright light behind the photographer will likely ruin a great picture.

1. Elevate and enjoy sphere photography

Do not consider this spherical accessory to be just a simple subject to use without any effort. It can definitely add a touch of magic to every image gallery, but some smart ideas are always good to use.

Keep in mind that everything which is upper and lowers the ball will be definitely included in the picture. This item will give you a general view of the landscape, not only what you see checking the frame. If you have a great floor in the kitchen, then put it there. In case you are not willing to include it, just raise it. It is not easy to find the right place or angle to make it seem elevated, that is why you can use a winning option of horizon level.

2. Take care of ball photography

Do not consider it as another part of your photo equipment or decoration. It has to be cleaned as often as possible. Good news is that it does not require specific liquids or powders. Only a microfiber towel and several minutes of your precious time will be enough to keep it ready for work. Do not forget to make the cleaning and remove all the dirt and fingerprints from it. Because being a powerful lens, all the dirt will look multiplied on your picture. Try to use special gloves and enjoy the process.

3. Hire a responsible person

It is not a secret that most successful shots are made with this lens on the hand. Not all photographers are capable of doing both tasks at the same time. That is why it is highly recommended to find someone who can become your assistant. Only a hand holding the ball will be enough to create a thematic image with no effort. You will feel free to search for new locations and ideas when there is someone else to take care of elevation.

4. Watch out security questions

Surprisingly not all shooting equipment is secure and nice.Glass ball photography is awesome and tempting, but you have to remember some security problems associated with it. One day you may find out that airport staff may find it a deadly weapon! This means that you will have to put it in your checked-in baggage, hand luggage will not work here.

So what are these security issues?

Danger of fire. Keep it away from the sun. The glass will act just like a magnifying glass, focus rays and cause even fire. And by the way, you can burn yourself when you hold it in your hand, be careful. Everything can end up a disaster when you get all your professional equipment damaged. Do not spend too much time practicing new poses and places. Put it back into its bag as soon as you have finished with a picture.

Gravity. Because of its spherical shape, it can roll. If it rolls off the edge of a tall building, it will definitely damage everything it falls on.

Download simple apps

Before purchasing any accessory for your shooting, take a close look at works of outstanding experts and their recommendations on every single tip. Sometimes it is enough to try the necessary effect with the help of modern image editors. Small and professional software tools will immediately give you a deep understanding of the technique. Professional SLR is not needed, but only an iPhone or Android device. Among the huge number of various programs and applications online, watch the review of famous artists and follow their advice, uploading something for yourself.

The question of size for crystal ball photography tips is similar to the choice of a good tripod. Most of us know that the bigger it is the more stable it is and will permit to try more locations and poses. Still, it is good to consider yourself carrying it all around and getting tired before you start working. Try to choose the medium size and shape. It is good for everyone who wants to try for the first time or to continue professional shooting. Do not think of obstacles and problems which you may face. Keep yourself positive and the result will make you happy. Practice and keep learning something new.